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Circular Economy Week for Entrepreneurs

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European Sustainability Academy (ESA)

730 08 Drapanos


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What - and Why - All Entrepreneurs Must Know About the Circular Economy?

From where will economic prosperity come for our 21st Century global economy when we are already confronted with non-renewable resource shortages, resulting volatile prices, stark fore-warnings of impending environmental disasters and, not surprisingly under these circumstances, increased consumer vigilance and cynicism?

The short answer is - from the Circular Economy.

While Sustainability has been a misused term for corporate “green washing” Public Relations, the Circular Economy has become much more than just a buzz word. Rather, it heralds a systemic shift in how all business will be conducted in the future. At its very core, it mimics Nature where all waste serves as a resource or nutrition for new life. However, reducing waste to its minimum is only one part of the Circular Economy. Its transformative principles also include a re-evaluation of proprietorial ownership which will be supplanted by a more service and sharing-oriented economy.

Numerous multinationals and SMEs, several governments (European Commission, the Dutch, the UK, the Chinese and the Indian Government) and even large banks (ING, ABN-AMRO and Rabobank) have recognised the potential behind the Circular Economy and are working collaboratively to make this transformative shift irreversible. Some experts suggest that there is a hidden $4.5 trillion treasure trove in turning current waste into usable wealth by 2030. And, this number is linked only to re-using waste and does not include other potential new enterprise opportunities.


In this week, we are offering a series of seminars:

1: Understand Mother Nature Before Mimicking Her

Lecturer: Dr Suzanna Scott-Drew

2: Circular Economy Bootcamp: Hidden Opportunities For All Entrepreneurs

Lecturer: Dana Petrovic

3: How to Successfully Pitch Your Idea?

Lecturer: Gerry T. Kierans

4: How to Make Value from the Circular Economy?

Lecturer: Dana Petrovic

These seminars will take place in July as well.

NOTE: You can book the whole week or only the seminars of your choice. As you can see from the fee, you will be rewarded with 20% discount for booking the whole week.

Meaningful Work

We have planned a whole work-week in Crete where you will be inspired by the hidden opportunities that await entrepreneurs who are quick enough to adapt to the current systemic shift in business known as the Circular Economy. In addition to recognising new opportunities and creating more value for your business, we will teach you how to communicate your ideas to stakeholders. You can attend just the Bootcamp or all of the seminars and end the week with an excursion to witness the Circular Economy “in action”.

Fun & Inspiration

We believe that inspiration happens when one is having fun and is not burdened by stress. Thus, we believe that relaxing is not only good for our well-being but also a catalyst for inspiration at work and, therefore, ultimately our success. We have planned these seminars around Public Holidays to reduce your time away from your workplace and so you can also bring your family and loved ones with you.

“The Island Inside You” - Crete

Since we believe that we work to live - and not vice versa - our seminars are offered in scenic venues to blur the lines between work and relaxation. The weather in June makes this the most ideal time of the year to travel to Crete and in is surprisingly not so time-consuming - or as expensive - as you might first think and your “return-on-investment” will be memories of a work-week that you will remember for the rest of your life.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any inquiries.

We look forward to welcoming you!

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European Sustainability Academy (ESA)

730 08 Drapanos


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