Compassion Focused  Mindfulness Meditation Practices (Relax and Sleep)

Compassion Focused Mindfulness Meditation Practices (Relax and Sleep)

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A Compassion Focused flow of different meditations tailored to your own individual needs supporting you to relax and sleep peacefully

About this event

There has never been a more important time to include regular meditation in your life; Meditation will not only support you to destress, relax and build your immune system, but as you relax and destress you will be supporting others around you to do likewise.

If you are a regular meditator, occasional meditator or have been avoiding it, I would love to encourage you to experience my collection of Somatic Mindfulness Practices; I offer many different practices to enable you to find the meditation practice that is right for you.

You will have the opportunity to explore

– Grounding and opening meditations

– Somatic mindfulness (working with the body)

– Mindfulness of breathing

– Buddhist Metta bhavana (loving kindness meditation).

– Moving meditations.

– Walking Meditations (with and without mantras)

– Other guided meditations

– And more

My sessions are personalised to your specific needs; E.g. Are you looking to destress; experience increased calm and peacefulness; boost your immune system; find greater confidence, more presence, more happiness, better health etc. Or whatever inner experience you need at this time;

Whilst most of those I teach are new to meditation, I have learned how to create sessions to target both new meditators and practiced meditators from both the mainstream and alternative world that are engaging, interactive and fun.

P.S. In my sessions you also have the opportunity to connect, and share and you can get your questions answered too.

My sessions are beneficial for those who have struggled with meditation up to now; those who are looking for new ways to meditate and those who are seeking to have fun from their meditation practices.

You will experience all the traditional benefits associated with classical mindfulness and more.

Below you can read a collection of recommendations, reviews, feedback and testimonials from my Self Compassion Practices and workshops.!Atnfc-J5p1o4hbw8qbhyzGcK9m3EwQ?e=JrESa4

P.S. You can use this session to take you into a beautiful night's sleep

P.P.S I am offering different price points to ensure everyone is included;

£15 per week (with unlimited access to all my Compassion Focused sessions each week; up to 6 sessions every week)


Pay what you choose for this session


Join without charge (for those without the financial resources to pay)

Everyone is welcome. Choose the ticket that suits your particular circumstances

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