Compassionate Healing Touch IFS (Sunday 9.30 pm UK time)

Compassionate Healing Touch IFS (Sunday 9.30 pm UK time)

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Compassionate Self Touch

About this event

You may know about self compassion as being the number-one tool for our well-being. Within self compassion, compassionate touch is the (or one of the) most powerful, effective and healing practices available.

(This research that backs up the power of Compassionate touch too;!Atnfc-J5p1o4hb9qmOIlFJg9GZ9jUA?e=DxxTB4 )

This work is more powerful when shared and experienced with others in self love and compassionate energy, either in pairs or in a group; where we can benefit from the collective energy of love and compassion.

I am leading twice-weekly 45-minute sessions with a compassionate touch focus. This is a practice with cumulative benefits; which expand over time.

When you join the session, I will demonstrate how it works, you will have an opportunity to practice; to connect and share with others and ask any questions. (The values of freedom and choice support this practice; you will have the opportunity to participate as much or as little as you like)

There is the opportunity to offer Compassionate Touch to parts of yourself that are suffering or parts that want attention, or simply whatever arises.

The sessions take a number of different forms.

If you have parts that feel awkward, uncomfortable, vulnerable, nervous or similarly about the idea of doing this practice, rest assured, you are not alone; Many people do; and find within a matter of a couple of minutes these parts naturally relax and the benefits flow in. Other parts of yourself may be encouraging you to give this a go; I do encourage you to listen to these parts.

This is valuable for everyone and particularly suitable for those who believe they didn’t receive or integrate enough unconditional love as a child.

Note: Details of the different applications of Compassionate Self Touch I offer are below;

Guided compassionate touch

Compassionate touch with words of endearment

Compassionate touch with sounds

Compassionate touch with song

Compassionate touch with movement to Heart opening music

Compassionate touch with reflexology

Compassionate Touch (EFT version)

Compassionate Touch with Reike (Energetic Touch)

Compassionate Touch with food/drink

Compassionate Touch with breath

Free space for compassionate touch

Offered either as a whole group exercise, or in pairs in breakout rooms

I am offering times to suit Australia, Europe and US; UK times 8 am Wednesday and 9.30 pm Sunday. (Both UK Times)

For those of you who like reviewing the scientific research on the value of touch, you may enjoy!Atnfc-J5p1o4hb9qmOIlFJg9GZ9jUA?e=DxxTB4

Do book in and I look forward to seeing you there.

P.S I am offering different price points to ensure everyone is included;

£15 per week (with unlimited access to all my Compassion Focused sessions each week; up to 6 sessions every week)


Pay what you choose for this session


Join without charge (for those without the financial resources to pay)

Everyone is welcome. Choose the ticket that suits your particular circumstances

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