Computer Programming Essentials: Web Design Techniques and Applications (1)

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Computer Programming Essentials: Web Design Techniques and Application (1)

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Module 4

Computer Programming Essentials: Web Design Techniques and Application (1)

Leading to Diploma – Postgraduate – in Computer Programming Essentials: Web Design Techniques and Application (1) (Double Credit)

Course Contents, Concepts and Issues

Part 1:Web Design Imperatives Introducing HTML (HypertextMark-up Language)

 The Internet and the Web;

 Web Standards and Accessibility;

 Information on the Web;

 Web Browsers and Web Servers;

 Internet Protocols;

 Uniform Resource Identifiers and Domain Names;

 HTML Overview;

 Under the Hood of a Web Page;

 Your First Web Page.

Part 2: Web Page Essentials: HTML Basics

 Heading Element;

 Paragraph Element;

 Line Break and Horizontal Rule;

 Block quote Element;

 Phrase Elements;

 Ordered List;

 Unordered List;

 Description List;

 Special Entity Characters;

 HTML Syntax Validation;

 Structural Elements;

 Anchor Element;

 Practice with Hyperlinks;

 E-Mail Hyperlinks.

Part 3: Programming: Web Design Essentials

 Design for Your Target Audience;

 Website Organization;

 Principles of Visual Design;

 Design to Provide for Accessibility;

 Use of Text;

 Web Colour Palette;

 Use of Colour;

 Use of Graphics and Multimedia;

 More Design Considerations;

 Navigation Design;

 Wireframes and Page Layout;

 Fixed and Fluid Layouts;

 Design for the Mobile Web;

 Responsive Web Design;

 Web Design Best Practices Checklist.

Part 4: Web Page Essentials: CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)

 Cascading Style Sheets Overview;

 CSS Selectors and Declarations;

 CSS Syntax for Color Values;

 Configure Inline CSS;

 Configure Embedded CSS;

 Configure External CSS;

 CSS Selectors: Class, Id, and Descendant;

 Span Element;

 Practice with CSS;

 CSS Syntax Validation.

Part 5: Web Graphics Styling Essentials

 Web Graphics;

 Image Element;

 Image Hyperlinks;

 Configure Background Images;

 Position Background Images;

 CSS3 Multiple Background Images;

 The Favorites Icon;

 Configure List Markers with CSS;

 Image Maps.

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