Confucius Institute Taster Sessions
Confucius Institute Taster Sessions

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180 Waterloo Place

Oxford Road

Manchester, United Kingdom

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As part of our tenth anniversary celebrations, The Confucius Institute is opening its doors to our new premises at 180 Waterloo Place and welcoming everyone to come and explore China during our FREE taster week in October!

Mandarin Taster

This session is suitable for complete beginners and will use interactive activities to teach participants some Chinese greetings, numbers and basic phrases. Elements of Chinese history and culture will also be introduced.

Business Mandarin Taster

This session is suitable for anyone who has an interest in how business is conducted in China. Participants will learn some basic Chinese phrases and etiquette and how to converse in a business setting.

Colours and Peking Opera

Participants will learn how to describe some basic colours through language teaching and interactive activities. The popular ‘Peking Opera’ will also be introduced with a focus on the cultural importance of the mask colours.

Chinese Characters

This session will touch upon the history of Chinese characters and the different ways that these characters were created.

Chinese Traditional Festival

Participants will learn some basic Chinese language and be introduced to cultural elements of the Chinese New Year, Mid-Autumn Day and Dragonboat Festival customs through interactive activities including learning a Chinese New Year song.

Chinese Calligraphy

This session will focus on learning how to use Chinese brushes and ink and participants will learn some of the basic strokes that underpin Chinese writing.

Chinese Painting

Participants will learn basic Chinese painting techniques and some elements of the historical, cultural and technical aspects behind it. Participants will be guided stroke-by-stroke to create their own artworks by the end of the session.

Chinese traditional musical instrument

Participants will have an introduction to Chinese musical culture and its significance in China, watch a video of some interesting performances and experience a live performance by the session tutor. Each participant will also have the opportunity to play a traditional Chinese instrument.

Chinese Tea Ceremony

The session will introduce the cultural and historical significance of the Chinese Tea Ceremony. Participants will also be treated to a soothing traditional demonstration of the ceremony from the session tutor.

Chinese Abacus

Chinese abacuses are important in Chinese culture and used widely for a range of difficult mathematical problems. The basic structure and rules of the Chinese abacus will be introduced. Participants will have the   opportunity to practise addition and subtraction using an abacus.

Seminar 'China's Revolutionary Youth before Maoism: Young People at the End of WWII’

‘What was it like to be a young person in wartime China, when there was inconsistent access to  ducation, constant political instability, and the threat of Japanese military violence? Diaries and letters to the Republic of China's Ministry of Education reveal that Chinese youth thought deeply about the country's problems, and did not fit neatly into either pro-Communist or pro-Republic, left or right, political ideologies. Like young people today, they were most concerned with finding their place in the world, whether their leader was Chiang Kai-shek or Mao Zedong’

Dr Aaron Moore

Lecturer in East Asian History, UoM

Seminar: 'The Chinese Diaspora: A Look at Immigration and Emigration in Hong Kong'

The Chinese diaspora stretches all over the world and began hundreds of years ago. As early as the beginning of the fifteenth century, the Ming dynasty sent naval ships to the waters of Southeast Asia and the Indian Ocean, calling at forty states and enrolling many of them as Chinese tributaries. But it was the British empire, above all, which disperses the Chinese across the world. And Hong Kong, an ex-British colony, that has been centre stage in the movement of people from China in the last seventy years.

Ms MW Sun

Writer and journalist

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Date and Time

180 Waterloo Place

Oxford Road

Manchester, United Kingdom

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