Connect 5 : Session 2

Connect 5 : Session 2

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The Connect 5 programme is an accessible, evidence based training that is relevant to anyone who works with people at any level.

About this event

This training course is being virtually via Microsoft Teams

Connect 5 is a evidenced based collaborative prevention toolkit and approach that promotes psychological knowledge, understanding and awareness and the development of skills, which empower people to take proactive steps to build resilience and look after themselves. Connect 5 is a training programme designed for deep learning supporting practice change for the wider helping workforce.

Connect 5 is an incremental three-session programme, escalating skills though each session. The programme underpins the principle of ‘Making Every Contact Count’ and supports the aim of making the best use of the skills and local contacts of frontline staff. Some staff will just undertake session 1 whilst others will go on to do all three sessions.

  • Please note that any emails from Eventbrite may go into your junk email so please do check for your confirmation email and e-Learning package.
  • This is a dedicated link for your person and cannot be used by another person. If you are unable to attend, please let us know in the first instance.
  • To attend this course you must have a camera and have it turned on throughout the duration of the 3hr 30mins online discussion for the comfort and safety of you, the other delegates and the trainers. We have the right to turn you away if you do not have your camera on. (laptop/computer recommended for more comfortable viewing and participation)

Please note you must complete all the pre and post course survey's to get your certificate (please note pre course survey is only for Session 1)

Now that we are delivering training virtually we routinely ask all delegates to provide us with a contact telephone number that can be used to reach them on the day they are attending the training. This is for the following reasons.

• In the event of connection troubles for the trainers, so they are able to contact all delegates and explain the next steps

• The trainer is concerned for the welfare of a delegate and would like to contact them “outside” of the virtual training environment

Connect 5 - Session 2 safety notice

We do take the wellbeing and emotional safety of all our training participants very seriously. The trainers have a key role In supporting participants during the training, if the material brings up uncomfortable or distressing feelings , please speak to one of the trainers. Please be aware there is mention of suicide during this session. We will discuss resources and links to further support.

You must complete Session 1 to be eligible to attend Session 2, and complete Session 2 to be eligible to attend Session 3.

Connect 5 - Session 2 Training outcomes:

Build skills and confidence to work with and improve the mental health and wellbeing of others Support greater insight into experiences of stress and distress How to help people take first steps to make themselves feel better

Who can attend?

• Anyone with an interest in improving mental wellbeing whose role involves interaction with the public, or anyone who has the opportunity to give brief wellbeing advice.

• Individuals, carers, veterans & serving personnel, community groups, teams or organisations, including those working or caring in community, voluntary, health & social care services & education

• Anyone aged 16 or over• Anyone living or working in or around the Plymouth area

If you have any further queries or problems please contact us on 01752 437177 or email