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Copy of EMPOWER 7 Book Released April 2019

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Discover how you can Empower yourself to live a life created by design. You will be transformed wherever you are and at whatever point you are at. Find out the key to your own personal success using the EMPOWER 7 Method I found by complete accident after overcoming thirty years of personal adversity.

If someone had told me that everything bad and good I had experienced (or of thought of as broken) would transpire to bear the fruits of my gifts, I would have said No Way! Using Self Compassion, love, foresight and intuition alongside the tools and tips included, I have created a book that is of unconditional service for the world. Females regaining their Voice and Power are one of my key priorities.

You will not look at your life in quite the same way again and I will challenge not only the story you tell yourself, but also your vision of yourself.

It will take you on a journey of Self Discovery, Personal Development, Forgiveness and help you to package your story as a starting place for your limitless potential not the end point.

Nothing…..yes No Thing will be quite the same again.

Are you fed up feeling as if you were born for greatness but procrastination keeps rearing its ugly head with self-doubt?

Do you know you have so much to give and contribute but not sure what?

Do you love helping people to the detriment of yourself and find it hard accepting or asking for help?

Are you more than your story?

If so, you are in the right place. Now sit back, relax, grab a drink, notebook and Pen and let's work through the stuff that's been holding you back whilst acknowledging it and loving it in a safe, compassionate way.

"We don't have to be victims of our circumstances, We can be Soul Conscious Creators of our Future"

I’ll see you on the other side. If you want to stay the same then put this book back down but if you want to change your story then open up and let's begin…...

PAY VIA EVENTBRITE or BACS and if it want it Signed please specify Name to write to!

Book Retails for £12.99 and ticket includes FREE postage
Please email address after ordering and Paying by BACS Direct to Bank or PayPal Request. Email for Instructions.

Any Problems please Call 07456 713 830 or email soulcc@live.co.uk

UNFORTUNATELY THE BOOK IS NOT AVAILABLE ON AMAZON YET. I am distributing while I source Outlets!

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