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CPD Gateshead: (In-Depth) Treating Intrusive Thoughts (13 Recovery Steps)

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We are delighted to invite you to our in-depth CPD training on (In-Depth) Treating Intrusive Thoughts: The 13 Recovery Steps to Transformation (Accredited CPD course by the NCS):

CPD certificate of attendance will be issued (7 CPD hours).

This course gives you PROVEN strategies to:

  • Treat any form of deep-seated anxiety-related disorder, using a practical, step-by-step action plan that you can start using immediately.
  • Help eliminate your clients' intrusive thoughts and inner critical voice, resulting in peace of mind and confidence.
  • Significantly increase the long-lasting effects of your clients' recovery.

Your learning outcomes for this training are:

  1. Understand the seven major types of inner critics that sustain anxiety disorders, sabotaging the overall results of therapy.
  2. Understand the three major categories of intrusive thoughts and how their effective treatments can improve your success rates.
  3. Master the three elements of the human psyche which underpin total transformation from anxiety-related disorders.
  4. Know how to successfully administer the 13 psychotherapeutic steps for treating anxiety-related disorders such as intrusive thoughts, the inner critical voice, OCD, PTSD, panic attacks, agoraphobia, and depression.
  5. Keys to assist clients protect their transformation post-therapy.
  6. Continuous access to supports, recovery tips, manual updates and other recovery materials for your personal growth and effectiveness.

Other focuses for the day:

  • How to avoid the typical mistakes made in treating anxiety-related disorders.
  • How to help clients with past traumas without triggering overwhelming negative emotions which often result in major relapses.

  • How to manage major relapses with new clients.

Feedback from Previous Attendees:

"Very useful in offering new ways or techniques to clients who are stuck in the process of managing their anxiety." Fiona N., Counsellor

"Good follow up from the FEAR Model as we need tools to deal with more difficult clients." -- Val M., Psychotherapist

"Excellent! I will be able to apply the knowledge gained personally first, and also to counter guilt, negativity, and fears in patients. Very practical and realistic." Anonymous, Counsellor

"The course was extremely helpful and informative. Interesting, excellent and enjoyable. It will enable me to help so many adults and children within the support groups I run." -- J. Morgan, Parent Rep and Support Group Facilitator

More Feedback from Previous Attendees:

"Very good...informative, useful - well worth attending." -- Dr C. Fiddler, Social Psychologist/Hypnotherapist

"Thoroughly enjoyed the in-depth version of this course. I found it engaging, thought-provoking and enlightening. Thank you." Tammy G., Counselling Manager

"Well delivered and very informative. useful tips for those in practice and for personal development." -- D. Daltrey, Clinical Hypnotherapist

"The course was well explained, The engagement was good and any questions/queries were answered well. It was worth spending a Saturday on." Anonymous, Freelance Humanistic Counsellor

"Liked the simplified way anxiety was explained especially with diagrams." - Raj B., Counsellor

"Informative. Enjoyed the workshop." -- M. Hall, Hypnotherapist/Complementary Therapist

"I found the course really helpful practically.It was intensive talk-based. Despite the lovely weather outside and being very tired, I was totally engaged throughout - Excellent content." Jac B., Counsellor

"Very interesting. Thank you." --Anonymous, Volunteer Counsellor

"It was very informative and works with my other therapies." -- A. Crothers, Hypnotherapist/Counsellor/Healing & Massage


Regardless of the therapeutic approach that you adopt, and the quality of work you put in as a therapist, if the treatment of the two notorious sabotaging agents (intrusive thoughts and the inner critical voice) are not included in your therapy sessions, chances are the positive changes in your clients will be short-lived.

Whether you specialise in treating OCD, panic attacks, depression, PSTD, phobias, eating disorder, GAD, or any other anxiety-related disorder, and using various modalities, such as, CBT, EFT, client-centred, psychoanalytic, mindfulness, and other therapy techniques, this course aims to provide you with invaluable therapy skills to further make a positive impact in the lives of your clients, ensuring that their recovery is long-lasting.

Intrusive thoughts and the inner critical voice are not only the most powerful breeders and sustainers of anxiety disorders, but also the most brutal outlets of anxiety that mastermind relapses in anxiety patients during their sessions or after they finish their therapy sessions.

Recent studies show that more than 80% of anxiety patients who have gone through therapy are not better-off after two years than their counterparts who have not received any therapy.

The reason is that almost every anxiety disorder is accompanied by intrusive thoughts or the inner critical voice which continues to generate unwanted negative thoughts, images, and unpleasant ideas that are upsetting, distressing, and causing more anxiety for the clients. And it is this obsessive and disruptive thinking that eventually cancels out the good work of the therapists.

Compulsive intrusive thoughts and the inner critical voice cannot be eliminated by asking patients to think more positively, or by hypnotic auto-suggestions alone, or even by equipping them with distraction techniques. This is why intrusive thoughts and the inner critical voice outlast many therapy sessions.

Why? This is because apart from the fact that these inner critics are compulsive, they are also established personalities within the psyche, having their own emotions, feelings and carrying out specific protective roles of preventing the clients from bigger “subconscious threats”.

This is why they cannot give up their roles unless they are specially accessed and transformed. This is what you will learn in this course.

Using the proven combination of the BEST of several schools of therapies and the MindBody Breakthrough modality, you can orchestrate lasting positive changes in your clients, regardless of the nature of their anxiety-related disorders. You can build a stronger credibility for enduring results as a therapist.

More Testimonials from Past Attendees:

The workshop was really interesting fro me and I will be able to apply the information I gained in this workshop into my practice." -- Sith Ndlov , Social Worker

Great day. Vert interesting...This course information will be useful in therapy." -- Catherine Wallace, Teacher/hypnotherapist

"Enjoyed thoroughly...Many thanks." --Michael Ritchie, CBT Addictions

"The workshop was very insightful and informative." -- Sundeep Kaur, Recruitment and Inclusion Manager

"This will be a great help with supporting children in primary school." Learning Mentor, K. Willis

"Good, you can tell Wale knows his subject very well." -- Anonymous

"Very useful course and informative. Fitted well with my practice. Will be useful to me and I will use the F.E.A.R. Model with clients in combination with hypnotherapy." -- J. Fox. Clinical Hypnotherapists and Psychotherapist

"Very insightful, hope to use the FEAR model in practice." Dr Vishal Banypersad, GP

"I really enjoyed this course and the trainer's style was brilliant as he was very inspiring." -- N. Kheirkhah, Arts Facilitator

"Good training, enjoyed the session." J. Leigh, Homeless Housing Advocate

"Thoroughly enjoyed it. Interesting and informative - allowed me to revisit previous study. Focus on a different approach with clients." -- J. Webster, Counsellor

"Very enjoyable. Valuable opportunity CPD and concept accessible." -- Anonymous

"Good training - Will use in my practice with most people I work with that are experiencing homelessness and anxiety." -- Anonymous, Homelessness Housing Advocate

"Very useful skills and knowledge to have - very interesting and informative." L. Morrison

"Lots of good information. Interesting afternoon. Many thanks." -- J. Collie, CAMH's Counsellor

"Useful tool." -- NHS (Adolescents)

"Excellent. Really opened my mind." -- Anonymous, sufferer

"Excellent, really easy explained." - J. Flower, Counsellor

"I found the course very informative. Excellent! -- S. White, Integrative Counsellor

"Very well delivered and easy to understand." -- Anonymous, Counsellor

"Very informative, very interesting and well presented." -- Anonymous, Psychotherapist

"Inspired." "Thought-provoking." -- F. Astbury, Counsellor

"Very good, informative, eye and mind opening. I wish I had known all that 20 years ago. It would have made my life much easier and successful." --- Anonymous, Sufferer

"Excellent course, delivered interestingly. Covered the facts and very informative. Would highly recommend. D. Bedford, Trainee Counsellor

Really helped me and I know others who would like to learn the FEAR Model. Great. Enthusiastic. Easy going. Nerve calming delivery. Really friendly. Clear points. Felt really inspired." -- A. Price, Sufferer

"Very interesting - brings together aspects of other intervention for GAD and Panic into an easy to use and understand formula" -- M. Parry, Occupational Therapists

"Excellent! I will be able to apply the knowledge gained personally first, and also to counter guilt, negativity and fears in patients. Very practical and realistic." Anonymous, Counsellor

"The course was extremely helpful and informative. Interesting, excellent and enjoyable. It will enable me to help so many adults and children within the support groups I run." -- J. Morgan, Parent Rep and Support Group Facilitator


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All you need to do is to register your ticket to attend this event now. The event is expected to be oversubscribed as there are very limited spaces. So book your seat now to avoid disappointment.

WHEN: 1st December 2017

TIME: 10:00am - 17:30pm

WHERE: Hilton Gateshead

PARKING: Paid parking (Reduced rate)

Cancellation Terms and Conditions

Cancellation charges are applied in all cases. We regret that this has to be done. All bookings involve administrative costs and it is difficult to fill vacant spaces as a result of late cancellations.

Cancellation charges are applied based on when the written cancellation notice is received. See the following refund rates:

  • Over 2 weeks’ cancellation notice: Full refund

  • 1-week cancellation notice: 50% refund

  • Less than 7 days cancellation notice: No refund unless in exceptional circumstances, for which a medical certificate may be requested.

Alternatively, a substitute delegate can be named at any time before the course. There will be no extra surcharge for making a substitution.

No refund will be payable for non-attendance or if no prior notice of cancellation is given.
The refund will be issued after the course.

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Date and Time


Hilton Gateshead

Bottle Bank



United Kingdom

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