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Starting at C'Mon Inn Car Park, East Kilbride

Craigneith Castle and Basket Farmlands

East Kilbride, United Kingdom

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Craigneith Castle Big Historical Tour - 7.25 km ( 4.5 miles )

(Not suitable for children under 14)(Not suitable for prams or wheelchairs)(suitable outdoor footwear must be worn)

SUNDAY 2ND October

Departing at 12:45 Returning for 17:00 (PLEASE ARRIVE 15 MINUTES EARLIER TO SIGN UP)

SINGLE TICKET admitting one person - £3.45  /  Double ticket admitting two people - £5.40 (save £1.50)  


Be escorted by a historical tour guide to see the sights of the ruins of Craigneith Castle, a building of the former estate of Calderwood Castle which has a chequered history ( even reputed to once have been a stronghold where fiesty Laird Maxwell kept his 'many mistresses'..! ). Venture to the likes of the triple-tiered romantic walkways, the drystone retaining walls, and the mysterious Witches Craig with "Craigneith Cranny" and the "Convicts Cave" ; once referred to by John Struthers, the shoemaker's poet, and himself a contemporary of Sir Walter Scott. Experience the terror of the Sheer Crag, ever cast in gloom and itself a former object of wonder to be met with on the dissused trails...  Witness the distant scenic viewpoints of East Kilbride and the ancient lands of Basket, with the Crossbasket Tor, a mound of considerable antiquity. 

Terrain & Attire : This walk utilises public paved areas, with minimal crossing of traffic areas. It follows onto the dirt nature trail of Calderglen, northwards, to meet with the A725 where the group will join with the little used Basket Highway and Calderside Road. Traffic will be very minimal and guidance will be given. From this point open pasture land will be crossed, carefully adhering to the Outdoor Access Code at all times. After visiting the sights at Craigneith Castle, a detour will lead into the abandoned parts of the Glen on the East Bank of the River close to the drops of the Sheer Crag and Witches Craig, which are unfenced, and due care should be taken. A small minor detour to get close to the "Convicts Cave" will be judged on the day as it may not be suitable for all walkers depending on choice. Please Dress for possible adverse weather, and make sure to wear stout footwear such as walking shoes/boots, or robust trainers. Flimsy light footwear will be completely innapropriate and those wearing such will be declined admission to the event on grounds of safety and liability.

NOTE : Unlike other tours, this event is an off-road miniature hike across countryside and unmaintained areas. This alongside the longer route makes it altogether an event suited to avid walkers and explorers rather than those who prefer a casual stroll. Steep hills will be near absent, apart from the very minor detour to get close to the "Convict's Cave" The Field being accessed is nearly always open, but in the event where the gate is locked the group can cross over the adjacent fence with little difficulty. Crossing of another fence will be required to access the dissused East Bank with its landscape features.

This event is a paid-for excursion featuring miniature short hiostorical lecture disseminated around the various features which will be encountered on the trip.

Maximum people on the trip is limited to 18 people + Tour Guide

Duration: This event has a duration of around 3 Hours 45 Minutes - over a distance of about 7.25 km ( 4.5 miles )

Despite this distance, this walk does not venture too far from the starting point and will seem a lot less than people realise due to the direct route mostly making use of public roads, paths, and nature trails.

Disclaimer : Due to the off-road nature and inclusion of an unmaintained area of Calderglen this trip is for avid enthusiastic walkers accustomed to the countryside and is not a casual leisurely stroll. As such a detailed waiver form, reasonable in its terms will be provided on the day to sign, and by purchasing ticket(s) you agree that signing this is a mandatory part of this event.

Starting Point : Back Car Park adjacent to the C'mon Inn and Lantern Chinese off of Alloway Road in Calderwood, East Kilbride. Please ensure to arrive earlier to allow time for signing up and preparing footwear.

End Point : Same as the start point. This route reaches its termination point and then heads back along the same approach route. This has been planned due to other routes posing traffic-pedestrian issues, and so as to benefit from the evening light encountered on the return journey via Basket Farm.

Transport / Parking : The start point is well surrounded by numerous residential car parks, and close to the junction of Alloway Road and St LEonards Road (northern junction) are bus stops served by First Bus services 6 and 21.

Disability : This route is cross country and not suitable for wheelchair users unfortunately or those persons unsteady on their feet or in need of walking aids. Pace will be reasonable and those with other minor impairments such as knee or back issues should decide whether the walk description would be suited to them and whether they can complete it. Slight detours to the Convicts Cave will be voluntary and only for a very brief time.

Obstacles : This route is mostly open access, however at one point (perhaps two) wire and wooden fencing must be crossed. Also a very low-lying fallen tree crossing an old path must be crossed at one point. Cattle do use the field being crossed but they are a very shy easily scared-off herd familiar to the tour guide, and so are unlikely to pose a risk. In the unlikely event they do pose an issue steps will be taken to get around this via a detour all while adhering to the Outdoor Access Code.

Children : Due to the terrain and length of this journey, and steep drops it is a condition that only responsible children aged 14+ under the care of an adult guardian can attend.

Refreshments / Toilets : Refreshments will be available from adjacent newsagent at the starting point. Unfortunately no public toilets are available apart from the adjacent pub, which may not welcome toilet users unless paying for a service.

NOTE: Attendees must adhere to the directions of the guide at all times and not deviate from the planned route. Great care must be taken when close to steep drops.


Do I need to bring a printed ticket?

No, only your name and the names of those you have bought tickets for. It may be helpful if you have your ticket number on the day in case of any confusion.

Can I sell or give my ticket(s) to someone else?

Yes - Although they will need to quote the name of the original purchaser to avoid any confusion.

Will the event really last 4 hours 30 minutes?

It should be about 4 hours 15 minutes, but please provision for slight delays or early finishes (+- 20 mins). The idea will be to mostly travel to the site and then focus on subject matter from that point. If on the other hand the group encourage frequent stops for rest, questions, or have a late start, then it is forseeable that the estimated time could be increased. Please ensure you have adequately eaten and visited toilet facilities before the trip as no toilets are on the route.

What is the refund policy?

If you wish to cancel you can do so with ease by requesting this via email, at which point an electronic refund to the account of origin will be arranged upon receipt of the email. Note: depending on your bank this can take 3-5 business days. Unfortunately requests for refunds can only be actioned up until midnight on the 26th October. After this time refunds will not be due to those who cancel due to unlikely ability to fill remaining spaces. YOU MAY still sell or gift your ticket(s) to family or friends

What if someone falls ill, there is an emergency, or if somebody feels tired or faint?

If somebody falls ill or wishes to cut short the route they can leave the event at any time and return via the approach route as they would an ordinary individual walker to the backroads or nature trails. If somebody is tired or feeling faint enough to cause concern, but not an emergency, then a majority decision will be made as to how to proceed. It is likely that in this event that the route will be cut short to return homebound, and Calderglen & Calderwood Castle History and its representatives reserve the right to do so in this event.

In the event of an emergency vehicle or helicopter access will be easily achievable to emergency services as they will be given detailed directions to the location. 

Can Children Attend : This event is suitable for responsible children aged 14 and up as long as they are supervised and looked after by a responsible adult guardian (18+). Please note that minors under the age of 18 cannot attend without an adult guardian.

Number Of Attendees - This event is able to accomodate a very small increase in maximum numbers in case of overbooking, but in the event this is greatly exceeded those last to buy will be offered to carry their ticket to a future walk. THIS is a very unlikely scenario as ticket numbers will be monitored until the closing date to help prevent overbooking.

Fuller details will be provided by the disclaimer and tour guide on the day. All decisions by Calderglen & Calderwood Castle History and its representatives on the day are final and this event is subject to change with 72 hours notice.

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Date and Time

Starting at C'Mon Inn Car Park, East Kilbride

Craigneith Castle and Basket Farmlands

East Kilbride, United Kingdom

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