Create Your (Mid)LIFE - a  goal setting workshop for people in Midlife

Create Your (Mid)LIFE - a goal setting workshop for people in Midlife

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This workshop is for you if you are in Midlife and want to know how to prioritise your goals so you can achieve the outcome you want .

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You have something you want to do. Something you want to change. We’re halfway through another year and you haven’t even started. You tell yourself you’re incapable of doing what you say you want to do. You have begun to lose faith. You think it may be too late for you.

Well the good news is that


Life at Midlife can be challenging and with busy lives and conflicting priorities, it sometimes feels like there is never enough time to do all of the things that you want to do, but what would you do if you had a few hours to focus on yourself, your priorities and your future?

Create Your LIFE is a workshop that will help you take the first step to achieve the goals or outcomes you want.

In this workshop you will identify:

  • the vision you have for your LIFE
  • the goals you need to prioritise to realise that vision
  • one action that you can commit to that will take you closer to achieving your desired outcome

Have you been telling yourself the ‘if I had enough’ stories we tell ourselves, you know, the ‘if I had enough money,’ the ‘if I had enough time,’ the ‘if I had enough motivation’ stories we all have that erode our confidence in ourselves and our abilities.

I know this, I lived this.

'If I had enough money, I would go to Brazil and write'

These were words I said over and over for several years until one day it was different. It was as though I were hearing it for the first time. I felt disappointed with myself and sad that I had allowed that thought to become an obstacle.

A year later I went to live in Brazil for 6 months where I learnt to speak Portuguese and wrote a lot of what was to become my first novel.

One thing that may be stopping you is the idea that you must do it on your own. You know you can’t, so you don’t even begin.

Benefits of attending the Create your LIFE workshop is that it’s an interactive workshop where you will be working with others who are experiencing similar challenges

  • increased clarity about what you want so you can begin to make different decisions
  • increased confidence about your abilities so you can take right action
  • higher motivation so you can move from idea to implementation

Are you looking to:

  • Lose weight?
  • Start a business
  • Change your job?
  • Write that book

Are you’re tired of:

  • wondering ‘what if?’
  • watching others do the things you want to do
  • living your life for other people

And do you want to:

  • take charge of your life
  • start to create a different way of living
  • make bold moves. They don’t need to be big, just start from where you are.

Then Create Your LIFE is definitely for you.

It’s also for you if you do not see progress or want to move forward but don't know how.


By the end of this workshop you will have taken the first step to achieving your desired outcome by prioritising the goals you really want to invest your time and energy in. You will get better results and as a consequence increase your confidence in your ability to do what you set out to do and create the LIFE you really want.

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