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#CreativeHE 22-26 May 2017

Facilitated by: Crissi Nerantzi, Sandra Sinfield & Norman Jackson

Over this week we will explore what creativity means in the context of learning, teaching and assessment in higher education. We will focus on the potential for HE of creativity generally - explore the role of play and games - consider the use of story and narrative - discuss learning through making - and reflect on and celebrate our creativity. In the process we hope that you will pose questions - state your quest - and discuss some of the relevant theories, and relate these to your own practice. The conversation happens as we all participate, engage and share - get involved.

The majority of activities are asynchronous and we are only proposing a scaffold for these in the form of the 3Q approach (question, quest, quote) which emerged through putting this iteration together. You will have the opportunity to contextualise and personalise this approach to your need and aspirations and come of with activities that are meaningful for you. The #101creativeideas resources will help you explore activities and ideas shared by practitioners via the #101creativeideas project. These might provide some inspiration to consider in your own practice. It would be wonderful if you would also contribute your own ideas to the collection during the week and afterwards too. See

The Plan for Monday until Friday is:

Day 1- Monday: Creativity in HE

Day 2- Tuesday: Play and games

Day 3- Wednesday: Learning through story

Day 4- Thursday: Learning through making

Day 5- Friday: Celebrating creativity.

Join in for the whole week – or just come along for the sessions that you can use this time round.

To join in with #creativeHE – just ask to join this Google+ group:

LondonMet staff are asked to book via Eventbrite if possible – so that we can let you know about follow up activities once the course is complete.

Suggested readings for the week ahead

1. Abegglen, S, Burns, T & Sinfield, S (2016) Hacking Assessment Practice: Finding Creativity and Power in the Fissures and Cracks of Learning and Teaching in Journal of Learning Development in Higher Education Issue 10, November 2016 (

2. Jackson, N. & Willis, J. (eds) (2016) Exploring creativity in development, achievement and innovation, Creative Academic, Issue 4, April 2016, available at

3. Nerantzi, C. & James, A. (eds.) (2015) Exploring Play in Higher Education, Creative Academic Magazine, Issue 2a, Issue 2b, June 2015, available at

4. CELT Storytelling resources

5. CELT LEGO in HE resources


Using rubbish:

Use #101creativeideas

Share open story on Day 5:


Feel free to use a portfolio to capture your learning during the week and share back with us through the #creativeHE community ( and/or Twitter using the #creativeHE community hashtag.

If you are registered on the MMU unit FLEX 15/30 [Creativity for Learning] or FLEX 15/30, you can use any parts of #creativeHE as triggers for your assessment in your portfolio. Please see the handbook for related information.

Others, might be interested in submitting evidence to claim a participation badge. The #creativeHE community badge is available to you all. Can you find the page through which you can claim a badge?

Feel free to ask any question you might have linked to the week ahead!

We wish you all an enjoyable, stimulating and fruitful time at #creativeHE. Use this as an opportunity to reflect on your practice, experiment, play with ideas and connect with colleagues and students from different parts of this wonderful world n this distributed community.

Let’s open our minds to new (im)possibilities!

Preliminary Activity: Let’s Get Started

Day 1 of #creativeHE will be on Monday 22 May - until then, please use the time to familiarise yourself with the week ahead - and with other people in our community:

Check it out: have a good look around the community where this message is posted. We use this Community for all our #creativeHE conversations so there is plenty of stuff in there already that you may find interesting and relevant.

Say hello: Let’s say you arrive at a party. How would you introduce yourself. Draw a selfie (yes draw it!) - then upload it to the Google+ community - add a question; say a few words about what brought you here - and what you hope to get from it; and/or pop in a quote that has inspired you.

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