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The Reading Room at Alex Design Exchange

Swansea College of Art, UWTSD

Alexandra Road



United Kingdom

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Cross- pollination: Re-valuing Pollinators through Arts and Science Conference

Day 1: Friday 10th November 2017, 10.00am - 5.30pm at the Reading room, Alex Design Exchange , Swansea College of Art, UWTSD SA1 5DU. Registration and coffee: 10.00am in the foyer outside the Reading room. Start 10.30am

Day 2 (optional): Saturday 11th November 2017, 11am - 5pm, Dr Beynons Bug Farm, St Davids, Pembrokeshire SA62 6BX

About the Project:

Cross-pollination: Revaluing Pollinators through Arts and Science is a pioneering project that combines Art with Science to explore new insights into perceptions of the value of bees and other pollinators and use this new knowledge to influence conservation policy decisions. The project has been funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) and the Arts Council of Wales (ACW).

The project is led by the University of Wales Trinity Saint David (UWTSD), in partnership with Aberystwyth University and the National Botanic Garden of Wales (NBGW). The ultimate aim is to contribute towards the protection of our pollinators. Pollinators are facing huge declines across the world due to habitat destruction, pests, diseases, intensification of farming, biodiversity loss and climate change. There is evidence to suggest that the ways in which pollinators are perceived and valued has significant implications for their conservation.

The Cross-pollination project has provided opportunities for experts from different disciplines for example prestige and award-winning artists and scientists from the UK and the USA, along with key stakeholders including Dr Beynon’s Bug Farm, the Bumblebee Conservation Trust and Buglife, to share ideas, discuss values, and develop strategies for inter-disciplinary research and dissemination. The Cross-pollination project brought together key scientists, artists and stakeholders to participate in a series of exploratory arts workshops that explored theories of aesthetics, sensory perception, differences in perspectives and language, and investigated creative interactions and partnerships.

The project is important for a number of reasons: -
• There is a major global pollinator crisis. Although both scientists and artists have researched and produced work in this field, this project is unique in bringing both specialisms together to collaborate
• The collaborations will challenge the artists and scientists from their normal work practice
• The process of the collaboration will be evaluated providing useful guidelines for future arts/science projects, thus making it sustainable
• The arts/science collaboration has ensured extended reach into previously unexplored audiences
• Important links have been made with policy-making organisations/boards concerned with pollinators. Artists are not usually invited onto such boards, the perception being that artists have little to contribute. This project aims to demonstrate the need for this to change.

The AHRC has recently recognised the success to date of the Cross-pollination project by including it in a publication on environmental funded projects, as a case study.

The project has resulted in 16 art works and series exhibited at the National Botanic Garden of Wales during July and August 2017, and touring to Dr Beynon’s Bug Farm, from 30th September 2017, with an overseas exhibition planned at Cornell University, New York State, USA, and a possible lecture programme in China. The exhibition is the result of collaborative working and aims to challenge perceptions, help demonstrate the benefits that pollinators provide and highlight the decline in pollinator populations.

About the Conference

The Cross-pollination project will conclude with a two day conference 10th November 2017 at the Reading Room, Alex Design Exchange, Swansea College of Art, University of Wales Trinity Saint David, and 11th November 2017 at Dr Beynon’s Bug Farm, St Davids, Pembrokeshire followed by a private view of the exhibition and an optional ‘Pollinator Feast’ (there will be a charge of £22.50 for those attending the Feast, payable at the Bug Farm. Numbers are limited to 40 for the Feast).

Day One of the conference held at the Alex Design Exchange, Swansea College of Art, UWTSD, will present and open for discussion the results of this 20 month intensive project, by including speakers who are experts in their field, from across the UK and the USA, many of whom were involved in the project. Themes that will be discussed include: innovations in pollinator research, perception and language, art and science collaborative processes, creativity in research, and the art crit as a research tool; with many individual stories of the practicalities of artists and scientists working together.

The artists involved in the project are – Professor Andrea Liggins, Sarah Tombs, Professor Karen Ingham, Dr Paul Jeff, Professor Catrin Webster, Dr Shelley Doolan, Dr Tyra Oseng Rees, Daniel Trivedy, with supporting artists Carly Wilshere, Myles Mansfield, Dan Butler, Jax Robinson, Dr Laura Jenkins, and Alex Roberts. Guest artists at the exhibition are Peter Chatwin and Pamela Martin.

The scientists involved are – Dr Natasha de Vere and Laura Jones at the National Botanic Garden of Wales; Dr Sarah Beynon of Dr Beynon’s Bug Farm; Professor Simon Potts, Dr Tom Breeze and Duncan Coston at the University of Reading, Centre for Agri-Environmental Research; Dr Heather Whitney and Mike Harrap at the Bee Lab, Bristol University; Andrew Lucas of Natural Resources Wales; Dr Peter Graystock at Cornell University, New York; Sinead Lynch of the Bumble Conservation Trust and Michelle Bales of Buglife.

In addition on the project are Environmental Economist Professor Mike Christie Aberystwyth University; linguist Dr Paul Thompson from the University of Birmingham; creative industry expert Dr Sophie Bennett also from Aberystwyth University and Gill Wright leader of the Bee Line Station Gardens Project at the Heart of Wales Line (Arriva Trains).

Day Two of the conference will travel to Dr Beynon’s Bug Farm, an award winning enterprise in St Davids, Pembrokeshire. The theme for this part of the conference will be focussed on policy-making and the contribution of art/science collaboration to the policy-making process both in the UK and overseas.

After a wide and varied range of speakers, there will be an on-site tour of the exhibition, with views from the artists and scientists.

The Conference will close with the Private View of the exhibition.

In the evening there will be an optional ‘Pollinator Feast’* (we will not be eating pollinators!), cost £22.50 payable at the Bug Farm (places will be limited for the feast so register for the meal by 1st November), with musical entertainment, hosted by Dr Sarah Beynon and partner, award-winning chef Andy Holcroft as seen in the BBC programme The Bug Grub Couple.

A Conference Schedule, together with outline biographies of the speakers with follow shortly. A buffet and refreshments will be provided on both days.

*The menu will be vegetarian and there will be no edible insects on the menu

Cynhadledd Croesbeillio: Adbrisio Pryfed Peillio drwy’r Celfyddydau a Gwyddoniaeth

Diwrnod 1: Dydd Gwener 10fed Tachwedd 2017, 10.00am – 5.30pm yn yr Ystafell Ddarllen, Cyfnewidfa Ddylunio Alex, Coleg Celf Abertawe, Prifysgol Cymru Y Drindod Dewi Sant SA1 5DU

Cofrestru a choffi: 10.00am yn y cyntedd tu allan i’r Ystafell Ddarllen. Dechrau 10.30am

Diwrnod 2 (dewisol): Dydd Sadwrn 11eg Tachwedd 2017, 11am – 5pm, Dr Beynon’s Bug Farm, Tyddewi, Sir Benfro SA62 6BX

Hanes y Prosiect:

Mae Croesbeillio: Adbrisio Pryfed Peillio drwy’r Celfyddydau a Gwyddoniaeth yn brosiect blaengar sy’n cyfuno Celf gyda Gwyddoniaeth i daflu goleuni pellach ar ganfyddiadau o werth gwenyn a phryfed peillio eraill ac i ddefnyddio’r wybodaeth newydd hon i ddylanwadu ar benderfyniadau polisi cadwraeth. Ariennir y prosiect gan Gyngor Ymchwil Y Celfyddydau a’r Dyniaethau (AHRC) a Chyngor Celfyddydau Cymru (ACW).

Arweinir y prosiect gan Brifysgol Cymru Y Drindod Dewi Sant, mewn partneriaeth â Phrifysgol Aberystwyth a Gardd Fotaneg Genedlaethol Cymru (GFGC). Yn y pendraw, y nod yw helpu i amddiffyn ein pryfed peillio. Mae pryfed peillio yn wynebu cwymp enfawr mewn niferoedd ar draws y byd gan bod eu cynefin yn cael ei ddifrodi ac oherwydd plâu, afiechydon, dwysau ffermio, colli bioamrywiaeth a newid yn yr hinsawdd. Mae yna dystiolaeth sy’n awgrymu bod y ffyrdd rydym yn meddwl am ac yn gwerthfawrogi pryfed peillio yn effeithio’n sylweddol ar eu cadwraeth.

Mae’r prosiect croesbeillio wedi darparu cyfleoedd i arbenigwyr o wahanol ddisgyblaethau, er enghraifft artistiaid a gwyddonwyr clodfawr sydd wedi ennill gwobrau o’r DU ac UDA ynghyd â rhanddeiliaid allweddol sy’n cynnwys 'Dr Beynon’s Bug Farm', y 'Bumblebee Conservation Trust' a 'Buglife', i rannu syniadau, trafod gwerthoedd, a datblygu strategaethau ar gyfer ymchwil a lledaeniad rhyngddisgyblaethol. Daeth y prosiect Croesbeillio â gwyddonwyr, artistiaid a rhanddeiliaid allweddol at ei gilydd i gymryd rhan mewn cyfres o weithdai celfyddydau archwiliadol oedd yn archwilio i ddamcaniaethau estheteg, canfyddiad synhwyraidd, gwahaniaethau mewn safbwyntiau ac iaith, ac ymchwiliodd i ryngweithiadau a phartneriaethau creadigol.

Mae’r prosiect yn bwysig am nifer o resymau: -
• Mae yna argyfwng pryfed peillio byd-eang. Er bod gwyddonwyr ac artistiaid wedi ymchwilio i a chynhyrchu gwaith yn y maes hwn, mae’r prosiect hwn yn unigryw wrth ddod â’r ddau arbenigedd at ei gilydd i gydweithio
• Bydd y cydweithio hwn yn herio’r artistiaid a’r gwyddonwyr o’u harferion gwaith arferol
• Bydd proses y cydweithio hwn yn cael ei gwerthuso gan ddarparu canllawiau defnyddiol ar gyfer prosiectau celfyddydau/gwyddoniaeth eraill yn y dyfodol, gan ei wneud yn gynaliadwy
• Mae’r cydweithio celfyddydau/gwyddoniaeth hwn wedi sicrhau bod cynulleidfaoedd ehangach wedi’u cyrraedd nag o’r blaen
• Mae cysylltiadau pwysig wedi cael eu gwneud gyda sefydliadau/byrddau gwneud polisïau sy’n ymwneud â phryfed peillio. Nid yw artistiaid fel arfer yn cael eu gwahodd i’r cyfryw fyrddau, gan fod yna ganfyddiad nad oes gan artistiaid lawer i’w gyfrannu. Nod y prosiect hwn yw dangos bod angen i hyn newid.

Yn ddiweddar, cydnabu’r AHRC lwyddiant y prosiect Croesbeillio hyd yma, drwy ei gynnwys mewn cyhoeddiad ar brosiectau amgylcheddol a ariennir, fel astudiaeth achos.

Mae’r prosiect wedi arwain at 16 darn o waith celf a chyfres a arddangoswyd yng Ngardd Fotaneg Genedlaethol Cymru yn ystod mis Gorffennaf ac Awst 2017, a deithiodd wedyn i Dr Beynon’s Bug Farm o 30ain Medi 2017, a’r bwriad i gynnal arddangosfa dramor ym Mhrifysgol Cornell, Efrog Newydd, UDA, a rhaglen ddarlithio bosibl yn Tsieina. Mae’r arddangosfa wedi codi o ganlyniad i waith cydweithredol a’r nod yw herio canfyddiadau, helpu i ddangos manteision pryfed peillio ac amlygu dirywiad poblogaethau pryfed peillio.

Am y Gynhadledd

Bydd y prosiect Croesbeillio yn dod i ben gyda chynhadledd deuddydd ar 10fed Tachwedd 2017 yn yr Ystafell Ddarllen, Cyfnewidfa Ddylunio Alex, Coleg Celf Abertawe, Prifysgol Cymru Y Drindod Dewi Sant, ac 11eg Tachwedd 2017 yn Dr Beynon’s Bug Farm, Tyddewi, Sir Benfro, wedi’i ddilyn gan olwg breifat ar yr arddangosfa a ‘Gwledd Pryfed Peillio’ dewisol (Bydd tâl o £22.50 yn ddyledus i’r rheiny sy’n mynychu’r Wledd, a fydd yn daladwy yn y Fferm Trychfilod. Dim ond lle i 40 sydd ar gyfer y Wledd).

Bydd Diwrnod Cyntaf y gynhadledd a gynhelir yng Nghyfnewidfa Ddylunio Alex, Coleg Celf Abertawe, Prifysgol Cymru Y Drindod Dewi Sant, yn cyflwyno a chychwyn y drafodaeth am ganlyniadau’r prosiect dwys 20 mis hwn, drwy gynnwys siaradwyr sy’n arbenigwyr yn eu maes, o wahanol rannau’r DU ac UDA, yr oedd llawer ohonynt wedi cymryd rhan yn y prosiect. Ymhlith y themâu a fydd yn cael eu trafod mae: arloesi mewn ymchwil pryfed peillio, canfyddiad ac iaith, prosesau cydweithio celf a gwyddoniaeth, creadigrwydd mewn ymchwil, a’r beirniad celf fel offeryn ymchwil; gyda llawer o straeon unigol am bethau ymarferol sy’n codi wrth i artistiaid a gwyddonwyr weithio gyda’i gilydd.

Yr artistiaid sy’n cymryd rhan yn y prosiect yw– Yr Athro Andrea Liggins, Sarah Tombs, Yr Athro Karen Ingham, Dr Paul Jeff, Yr Athro Catrin Webster, Dr Shelley Doolan, Dr Tyra Oseng Rees, Daniel Trivedy, gyda’r artistiaid cynorthwyol Carly Wilshere, Myles Mansfield, Dan Butler, Jax Robinson, Dr Laura Jenkins, ac Alex Roberts. Yr artistiaid gwadd yn yr arddangosfa yw Peter Chatwin and Pamela Martin.

Y gwyddonwyr sy’n cymryd rhan yw – Dr Natasha de Vere a Laura Jones yng Ngardd Fotaneg Genedlaethol Cymru; Dr Sarah Beynon o Dr Beynon’s Bug Farm; Yr Athro Simon Potts, Dr Tom Breeze a Duncan Coston ym Mhrifysgol Reading, ‘Centre for Agri-Environmental Research’; Dr Heather Whitney a Mike Harrap yn y Lab Gwenyn, Prifysgol Bryste; Andrew Lucas o Gyfoeth Naturiol Cymru; Dr Peter Graystock ym Mhrifysgol Cornell, Efrog Newydd; Sinead Lynch o’r ‘Bumble Conservation Trust’ a Michelle Bales of ‘Buglife’.

Yn cymryd rhan yn y prosiect hefyd mae’r Economydd Amgylcheddol Athro Mike Christie, Prifysgol Aberystwyth; yr ieithydd Dr Paul Thompson o Brifysgol Birmingham; arbenigwr o’r diwydiant creadigol, Dr Sophie Bennet sydd hefyd o Brifysgol Aberystwyth a Gill Wright, arweinydd prosiect ‘Bee Line Station Gardens’ yn rheilffordd Calon Cymru (Trenau Arriva).

Bydd Diwrnod Dau y gynhadledd yn teithio i ‘Dr Beynon’s Bug Farm’, menter sydd wedi ennill gwobrau yn Nhyddewi, Sir Benfro. Bydd thema’r rhan hon o’r gynhadledd yn ffocysu ar wneud polisïau a chyfraniad y cydweithredu rhwng celf/gwyddoniaeth at y broses gwneud polisïau yn y DU a thramor.

Ar ôl clywed gan amrywiaeth eang ac amrywiol o siaradwyr, fe fydd taith o gwmpas safle’r arddangosfa, gyda safbwyntiau’r artistiaid a’r gwyddonwyr.

Daw'r gynhadledd i ben gyda golwg breifat ar yr arddangosfa.

Gyda’r nos, fe fydd yr opsiwn i fynychu ‘Gwledd Pryfed Peillio’ (ni fyddwn yn bwyta pryfed peillio!), am gost o £22.50, a fydd yn cynnwys adloniant cerddorol, wedi’i gynnal gan Dr Sarah Beynon a’i phartner, y cogydd Andy Holcroft sydd wedi ennill gwobrau, ac wedi ymddangos ar raglen y BBC ‘The Bug Grub Couple’.

Bydd amserlen y gynhadledd ynghyd â bywgraffiadau’r siaradwyr yn dilyn yn y man. Bydd bwffe a lluniaeth ar gael ar y ddau ddiwrnod.

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Date and Time


The Reading Room at Alex Design Exchange

Swansea College of Art, UWTSD

Alexandra Road



United Kingdom

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