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Data science and AI for decision makers

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“Stylianos brings great enthusiasm to his workshop – his interest in all things AI shines through.” - Tim Gordon, Chief Executive at the Liberal Democrats

"Stylianos’s bespoke workshop allows for in-depth complicated analytical concepts to be understood in a manageable and easy way. Coving the background of the constant changing world of data science and breaking down the key concepts of data science." - Dominik Byrne, Investor, Entrepreneur, Advisor

Are you a decision maker interested in data science?

Following from a series of successful data science workshops, the Tesseract Academy is proud to present you with another unique event.

Are you thinking to implement data science or AI in your organisation but you are not sure where to start? Have you approached solution providers, and found them too expensive, or with unclear value propositions? This event is designed to help you out.

The aim of this workshop is to deliver to you the value that you would out of a consulting engagement, but within a single day and at a fraction of the price, by distilling years of expertise in a single day. You will be spending a whole day with expert data scientist Dr. Stylianos Kampakis learning everything a decision maker needs to know about data science.

Who is this for?

The event is geared towards non-technical decision makers (CEOs, managers, heads of divisions, startup founders, etc.), who are looking for clarity, and actionable insights, instead of more buzzwords and jargon. The workshop combines teaching, with consultancy work and the goal is to come up with solutions for each individual participant's data-related challenges.

For testimonials from previous participants make sure to check the Tesseract Academy's webpage. You can see some of our previous events here. Parts of the workshop have been presented in front of prestigious organisations like the Vodafone and the US Navy.

What is included?

There are 6 sessions in total, outlined below, which combine teaching with discovery work and advice sessions. The participants can also bring their own challenges into the workshop, which we will discuss and find solutions for.

The event also includes catering (lunch, tea and coffee).

1) Intro to data science and AI: A historical overview and a demystification of jargon

2) Managing data: All the things that go wrong in data collection and management and how to fix them

3) Thinking like a data scientist (without being one): Understand how data scientists solve problems, and under what circumstances and how you can use data science within an organisation.

4) Hiring and managing data scientists: In this session we get into the mind of a data scientist, discuss the different data science tribes, and understand how to hire and manage.

5) Building a data-centric culture: Data science does not stand in a vacuum. It interacts with all parts of a business. This session helps you understand how to best put all the pieces together, in order to maximise performance of your data scientists.

6) Guest Session: Identifying AI Opportunities and Successfully Delivering AI Projects

This session will focus on identifying potential AI opportunities within your business and executing those opportunities to increase your success rate. You will learn about different types of AI projects and their challenges, working with Data Science teams, AI project pitfalls, process and your role as a leader. This will be augmented with examples and case studies from past projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I pay £450 for a workshop? Isn't this too expensive?

The workshop is actually a fraction of the price of what an expert data scientist would charge as a day rate. They say that 80% of the results can be attributed to 20% of the effort. This workshop:

a) Distills the 80% of the things about data science that you need to know.

b) Includes consultancy work, which could under other circumstances cost even more.

Why not hire someone instead?

Before you hire someone you need to make sure that you are ready for data science. This is exactly what is covered in the workshop.

Is the workshop going to help me solve challenge X?

The workshop includes consultancy work and problem solving sessions. So, if you have a specific challenge in mind, bring it over.

Is lunch/coffee being served?

Yes, the workshop includes morning coffee and pastries, lunch and afternoon tea/coffee. Let us know if you have any dietary requirements beforehand.

What is the Sponsor ticket about? Who should buy this ticket?

The sponsor ticket should be bought by companies that want to promote their services. It includes the following:

1) Two tickets for the workshop.

2) A 15' slot during the workshop, where you can talk about your product or service.

3) Permission to hand out promotional material in the workshop, and also advertise during the next newsletter of the Tesseract Academy.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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United Kingdom

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