Day Ticket Saturday 3rd October - Health & WELLth Festival

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The Place, 17 Duke's Rd, London WC1H 9PY

17 Duke's Road



United Kingdom

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This ticket enables you to attend all the workshops and performances on that day apart from the masterclasses (bought separately)

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Day Ticket Saturday 3rd October

Health& WELLth Festival

*Suggested donation of £30 per ticket / pay-what-you-can-afford

* Over 18's only

*Please note that this ticket enables you to attend all the workshops and performances on that day apart from the masterclasses (which need to be bought separately). There is a limit to the number of places that can be allocated to each event. Early arrival on the day will increase your chance to sign up to an event of your choice.

Venue: The Place

Address: 17 Duke's Rd, London WC1H 9PY

Punctuality & Preparation

For studio based workshops and performances please arrive outside the space 5 minutes early to be signed in and ensure a smooth and punctual start. If you do not arrive on time your place may be allocated to someone on the waiting list. Doors will be closed and no entry allowed five minutes passed the start time. Please arrive changed wearing appropriate clothing for the activity and note that no outdoor footwear is allowed in the studios. Female, male, gender neutral and accessible changing rooms with showers are available. Please ensure that you have washed your hands thoroughly as advised by Public Health England. No food or drink is allowed into the studios except for bottled water.

9am – 11pm


Title: Arrival, Welcome and Registration

Facilitators: East 15 Acting School ‘Creative Producers’

Description: The public will be welcomed to the Festival at whatever time they arrive and invited to Register to attend studio based Workshops, Masterclasses and Performances happening this day. Food and drinks are available to purchase in the Café.

9.30am – 10am


Title: ‘Small steps to tackle eco-anxiety’

Facilitators: Will Crawford, introduced by Dr Ian Kenvyn.

Description: A talk that offers practical ways to combat the climate crises and avert the extinction of humanity while at the same time combating eco-anxiety.

10am – 5pm


Title: ‘Hangout Space’

Description: Food & drink, Instruments, Singing, Performances and Chillin’ Out!

Moving Waste’ is an ongoing collaboration between artists Finlay Forbes-Gower and Alice Millen.

The duo aim to explore the abundance of waste discarded in the everyday and their human response and relationship to it. Through movement and play waste is reactivated and the redundant materials and objects are transformed into a new life form. ‘Moving Waste’ uses the human body and found materials in collaboration with one another, creating sculpture and live performance.

Within this particular body of work, the net (made from old vegetable bags) forms the role of an enzyme. Within it’s given surrounding, It holds, regulates and disperses wasted material.

10am – 12pm

Studio 2

Title: ‘'Cross Pollination’ Open Lab

Facilitators: Cross Pollination Group - Marije Nei, Adriana La Selva, Patrick Campbell, Gonzalo Alacón, Andrea Maciel & Alex Boyd.

Description: An open session for embodied practitioners from diverse artistic disciplines including dancers, singers, musicians, circus people, somatic teachers, actors etc. Cross Pollination provides methodologies and processes for enabling collaboration between practices / practitioners often resulting in unexpected results and answers to questions such as ‘What If?’.

10am - 12pm

Studio 7

Title: “Body Tuning and sympathetic vibrations” Masterclass

Facilitators: Edward Shocker, Suki O’Kane and Dylan Bolles (Thingmajigs)

Description: Have you ever rubbed your finger on the rim of a wine glass? Do you remember the surprise and excitement when it made a pure pitch? Join Edward Schocker and Suki O'Kane, members of Thingamajigs, in an interactive workshop on using glass to make music and sounds Discover how our fingertips become sensorial antennas to the pure tones of the glass and how the transmission of these vibrations affect our bodies. We’ll explore why glasses can be used to make incredible sounds and how we can use glass and water to explore natural tuning systems. Together we’ll create our own scale and tuning with a large set of glasses and water.

12.00pm – 1.30pm

Studio 2

Title: ‘Creative Lab Performances’

Facilitators: Intercultural Roots Creative Lab Artists - Mara Vivas, Otavio Avencini, Sharon Parkes, Frieda Shao Shin, Renata Noves, Fernanda Mandaga, Manuela Benini, Lizzy Tan. Facilitated by Drs. Andrea Maciel and Alex Boyd.

Description: Performances from a group of professional artists who have been supported by the Intercultural Roots Health & WELLth ‘Creative Lab’ that has been running since September 2019. Featuring work in progress in response to the question ‘What Moves You?’

1.30pm – 3pm

Studio 2

Title: ‘Creative Practice Performances’

Facilitators: Movement practitioners from MA/MFA Creative Practice run by Trinity Laban, Independent Dance and Siobhan Davies Dance.

Description: Performances from mid-career artists reflecting upon their body of professional experience, engaging in intensive studio-based learning experiences with significant artists and a skilled peer group, and deepening their own practice as performers/makers. The MA/MFA Creative Practice (Dance Professional Practice) course is run by Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance, Independent Dance with Siobhan Davies Dance.

3pm – 5pm

Studio 1

Title: ‘Ecology of the Bodies’ Professional Performances:

"Gifts of Life" East 15 World Theatre Group

Mara Vivas - solo

"Roller Coaster" Julia Testa

"Slow Breathing" Esperança Pêra Motta

SLOW BREATHING is a solo performance that questions, with humor, the perks and downsides of being a 45 years old woman nowadays. Trying to keep up with the advance of times, new forms of relationships, physical patterns, genders, sex apps, feminism, ecology. Being still young, but sensing the changes of age in your body. Glad to have experience and running to scape menopause!

Growing up after women’s liberation but still watching fairy-tails cartoons, dreaming of prince charming while fighting to be independent.

Being all connected really approaches us? Why do we need so many “likes”? Why self-acceptance somehow should be dictated by others? Why couldn’t we just be enough?

Most of all, it’s a testimonial of a woman who misses a time when we could just stop for a moment and breath, be present. Able to look back, learn from our past and decide in which future we fit in.

"Amazon Forest" The Cherry Stone Duo & Andrea Maciel

Andrea Maciel and The Cherry Stone Duo (Will Crawford, Guitar. Emily Hopper, Harp) will be collaborating together to create a piece of embodied movement to original musical compositions. The piece will capture the beauty and depth of our planet whilst showing the devastating destructive effects the human race is having on our planet. Will Crawford’s compositions create visual landscapes of our world from strong spiritual and Taoist influences, Andrea Maciel interprets this in her movement to bring a strong visual performance to the musical soundscape. Andrea, Will and Emily are all fighting to preserve our natural world and through their movement and music they hope to portray a message of hope for the future but with this message comes a dark warning to all that the fight is far from over and a long path lay ahead.

Description: You are invited as an audience to experience professional contemporary performances from these artists. Artistic themes include ‘making the invisible visible’, ‘supporting the sky from falling’, ‘the dissolving body’ and ‘sustainable society’.

3pm - 4pm

Studio 2

Title: ‘Modern Pilates Workshop’

Facilitator: Clare Kenvyn

Description: Modern Pilates is a form of Pilates that is adapted to reflect the needs of people living in the 21stcentury and which is based on up-to-date research. At Clare’s Workshop you will be introduced to developing flexibility in your spine, shoulders and pelvis whilst also developing your muscles to be strong and working correctly. As well as the physical benefits of good posture and form you will also experience relaxation and mental focus.

4- 5pm

Studio 2

Title: Yoga Workshop

Facilitator: To be confirmed

Description: Explore and observe yourself both on and off the mat. With this workshop, you will have an opportunity to listen to your thoughts, observe your inner actions/reactions, as well as notice any tightness and blind spots in your body. This yoga workshop will foster a safe environment to honour what may come up, create space to feel feelings, and encourage movement to sync up with the power of the divine flow. One truth is that everything is always moving and if we keep with this pattern of the Universe, we will flourish and thrive to be our greatest versions of our self!

5pm - 6pm


Facilitators: Manuela Bennini & East 15 World Theatre performance

Title: "Red Dress"

6pm – 7pm


(A chance to purchase some food and Dress-Up for our New York style Yoga Party!)

Andre Pink - TBC

6pm – 9pm

Studio 2

(Dress-Up for our New York style Yoga Party Evening!)

Title: Professional Performances “Transcendental & Caberet’ Facilitators: Fernanda Mandagara, Ilona Domnich, Joaquin Bezerra, Andrea Maciel and Tiago Gabogi

‘Invisible Museum’ by Fernanda Mandagará & Tropical Company

A surreal comedy about the allegoric journey inside the mind of Yolanda, a galley invigilator who accidentally gets locked inside a room with a curator and an artist. Invisible Museum is a female led melancholic surreal comedy, about the life (and thoughts) of Yolanda, a Latin American immigrant, who works as gallery invigilator in a famous museum. Her job is to sit at the corner of the obscure “Emergent Artist’s Room” watching over the visitors to make sure they wouldn’t touch the art pieces. That’s ALL what she’s in charge of. She’s not allowed to interact with anyone or patrol around the rooms. She has to be still. Nevertheless, Yolanda’s mind is free to fly. And so, it will. Lost in her thoughts Yolanda mixes reality and fantasy, bringing to the audience her most secret desires. In the real world, she interacts with Laurelle and Wanda K. The first one the museum’s new curator recently nominated the youngest most successful Art Curator in UK, a true rising star. The second, a conceptual artist from East London, author of the art piece Yolanda looks after. An unknown emergency locks the three of them inside the room, forcing them to endure a very long time together. Reality merges with Yolanda’s dreams and desires (among them her burlesque fantasies) and we enter into a journey throughout her mind. Choreographies pop up as possibilities for relationships, spoken word suddenly seems to be the only way of communication and an increase surreal environment reveals layers of humanity. Invisible Museum is an all-female cast playing a melancholic and funny tale of self-exposure. An allegoric parade revealing the invisibility of lowers social classes, the clash of hierarchies and how pathetic humans and art can be, when truly undressed.

Joaquim Bezerrra / DNA.da is a Performance project analysing the different forms related to the combination of DNA and Ancestral Memories through the Artistic Ritual and the Butoh dance - a research related to time and about those who live or have lived hard moments in their lives. Without trying to be presumptuous, I place myself as part of an experiment in daily biographical life (analysed in interaction and performance, be it interpretive or performance experiences - acquired about the degree of responsibility of living beings). An experience focused on the questions of Mind and Psyche in which the keys are the mental health of the actor and the poetics of this health (for me contained in our genes) for the performative presentation. All this is condensed in the act of extracting words and senses through images and sounds.

‘Voix du Cabaret’ by Ilona Domnich an evening of Chanson by way of Berlin and Bulevard St. Germain! ‘What does it mean to live through death, to lose hope and to find love? Past entwined with the future, fragments, repeated cycles, dreams and love. These immortal songs once made famous by great artists, they are the voices of Cabaret and I bring them through my voice. They ask raw, uncomfortable questions, they heal wounds, they destroy and transform. These are the voices of hope and life itself.’

‘Eve & Adam’ Performance

Andrea Maciel & Tiago Gambogi

Description: This is a short story relevant to all women, and one in particular called Eve, that goes back to primitive times and yet is still relevant for the present. Once upon a time Eve was searching for love on the streets of London and all she found was violence, competition, destruction and BREXIT! Frustrated, she went back in time through a portal to find her real self and from there have a revolutionary meeting with her ex-lover Adam in which they would attempt to resolve their marital conflicts affecting the future destiny of humanity.

7pm – 9pm

Studio 1

(Dress-Up for our New York style Yoga Party!)

Title: ‘Ecstatic Dance’

Facilitators: Vanisha Mistry

Subtitle: An uplifting and energising sober dance experience connecting us to our natural flow through breath, movement and play!

Description: It’s Saturday night and it's time to Dance! During this session we will celebrate the power of our bodies and let ourselves go into a carnival of conscious movement with super vibes from our DJ! Given that alcohol and recreational drug abuse are factors that can affect mental health an ‘Ecstatic Dance’ advocates substance free living, whilst celebrating dance culture and community gathering. We believe dancing is a form of therapy which can help us connect to ourselves and to others. We embrace inclusivity, freedom of expression, openness and positivity. Come and dance with us!

9 - 9.30pm

Outside – Front of the Building

Title: ‘Flags & Dance’ Performance

Facilitators: Otavio, Manuela, Adriana & East 15 'World Performance'

Otavio to lead everyone from Studio 1 & 2 to the Cafe

9.30pm – 11pm


(Dress-Up for our New York style Yoga Party!)

Title ‘Bar + DJ + Dancing’

Description: Our New York style ‘Yoga Party’ continues into the evening with dancing and merry making in the Café. The Bar and Outside seating area is also available until 10pm.

*Suggested donation of £30 per ticket / pay-what-you-can-afford

Health & WELLth is organised and directed by Dr. Andrea Maciel and Dr. Alex Boyd and is part funded by the National Lottery Community Fund through a partnership of six UK registered charities led by Intercultural Roots.

Disabled Access and Facilities

There is a step-free entrance to The Place. All the studios, meeting spaces and facilities are accessible by lift. There are accessible changing rooms with shower, and accessible toilets.

We ask wheelchair users to wipe their wheels before entering the dance studios.

We are also open to access animals, please let us know when booking if you may be bringing one with you.

Photography & Video

Photography and recording of any part of the event, where allowed by the facilitator, should be used for non-commercial, personal purposes only. Photographs, film or other audio-visual material recorded may not be sold, used or published commercially in any way whatsoever unless authorised in writing by Intercultural Roots. The use of photographic equipment, mobile telephones, tablets or other electronic devices, must not inconvenience any other person at the event. Television, live streaming and other film cameras may be in operation at the event, and may include filming for live broadcast and to produce research documentation and promotional or commercial photographs and videos. By attending an Intercultural Roots event, you consent to filming, photography and sound recording of yourself. Intercultural Roots and related third parties may use such films, photographs and/or recordings (including any copies) of your actual or simulated likeness without payment in perpetuity.

Medical Disclaimer

In attending this Intercultural Roots event you attest that, to the best of your knowledge, you suffer from no medical or physical condition or disability that will or might increase the normal risks associated with exercise; and / or your doctor has approved your participation in our activities.

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Date and Time


The Place, 17 Duke's Rd, London WC1H 9PY

17 Duke's Road



United Kingdom

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