Deep Listening Messaging Focus Group

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74 Bonner Road

74 Bonner Road (rear entrance to a decommissioned school)

Bethnal Green


E2 9JU

United Kingdom

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Exploring the language we use and the way we describe the Deep Listening experience.

About this event

Please note this is a private event, the details of this project and what we are sharing about the event are confidential. Please use discretion when sharing this event with friends, and please prioritise sharing the event link only with people who may not normally attend an event like this.

Please do not share the event link or anything relating to the prototype experience on social media channels.

This is a special Messaging Focus Group, it will include an opportunity to experience a Deep Listening session and some time for group discussion exploring the language we use to describe the experience. Participants will be paid £25 cash for their participation.

Sit back

Get comfortable

Close your eyes…

Dreamachine is an immersive experience like no other. Join us on a once-in-a-lifetime journey to explore the extraordinary potential of your own mind. This powerful new kind of collective experience will come from within, conjured entirely by light and music. The colourful world of the Dreamachine will unfold behind your closed eyes - created by your own brain and completely unique to you. The most complex technology required is the brain itself.

What will you see? How will you feel?

Only you will know, because every experience of the Dreamachine will be completely personal. It might feel like a rollercoaster ride, a journey through time and space, or you might even drift into sleep. An opportunity to disconnect from everyday life and reconnect with both yourself, and others, this unique experience will shed light on how differently we see and make sense of the world around us.

‘A spa for the psyche. Aurora borealis of the brain. I had a big smile throughout the entire experience. It was fun, comforting, and fascinating. It’s a reminder of the expansive possibilities of the mind.’

Dreamachine is inspired by an extraordinary 1959 invention by artist Brion Gysin, described as the ‘first artwork to be experienced with your eyes closed’. A seated, multisensory experience, the 21st Century Dreamachine has been created by a team of leading minds in architecture, technology, music, neuroscience, and philosophy, including Turner Prize-winning collective Assemble and Grammy-nominated composer Jon Hopkins.

Like a modern kind of campfire, you’ll share your Dreamachine journey with a group of up to 22 people at a time. After your experience, you’ll be invited to reflect on the experience, what you heard and how you felt - by yourself, or with others.

About the Deep Listening experience

The Deep Listening experience is an immersive 360 degree surround sound audio experience, with a gentle lightscape. It does not contain fast flashing lights and it has been designed to make the experience as accessible as possible to those who may have sensitivities to strobe lighting or high sensory environments. This experience is considered suitable for those with an autism spectrum condition, epilepsy, a learning disability, or a sensitivity to strobe lighting.

For people sensitive to loud music, ear defenders or ear plugs can be provided.