Deliberate Life Recreation - Can You Manifest Everything From Nothing?

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Yoga Life Altrincham Studio

61 Stamford New Rd


WA14 1DP

United Kingdom

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Attract Everything From Nothing?

Is It Really Possible To Attract - Manifest - Everything From Nothing?

First, there’s a true story about a man.

I am that man.

In January 2007 I fell into a full-blown life disaster that led to divorce after 27 years, losing a home I had built with my own hands, relationship breakdowns, detachment from my children, health breakdowns, faith destruction and finally a full-blown bankruptcy that saw almost anything of any value I had – like my car and the large 5-bedroomed converted barn in one acre) – being taken away and sold for pennies. On March 23rd 2010 I was officially at my own ground zero!

Life Was Over?

I left me homeless, broke and in total despair of the future – any future. My life according to most was now to be an endless disaster and talking point of gossip for family and friends (that were left).

I was told I’d never recover, my life was over, just accept everything, take things as they are and so on.

I didn’t want that. I didn’t want the end of my happy life. I wanted more. Then one late night at around 2:30am after a few hours of sitting alone in a dark corner of a graveyard behind my elderly parents house I had a moment, a revelation that was to change everything in my life!

I ran back to my parents slept for a few hours in the 6x8 room, woke early and mapped out my future with a newfound clarity. This was to become my own DELIBERATE RECREATION.

I uncovered powers I never knew I had.

I released energies I didn’t know were in me.

I revealed and harnessed something so strong that within weeks from that moment in the graveyard I was not only working again but I had created more than enough income to get out of my parents house and into a house of my own. On December 17th 2010 I finally moved into my own place despite my hopeless situation. All I had to move into the small house at this time was a roll out sofa – that was it!

Then I bought a used car for cash. Then as time moved forward I met and eventually married a woman that was to become my perfect mate for life.

Today my life is happy, my life is simplified, experience filled and I have everything and more any person could ever need and want.

Life Is Never Over

Yet during my most critical and lower times almost everyone told me my life was over.

So once again…

Is it really possible to attract everything from nothing –NOT A SINGLE THING?

I have exciting news for you and this news could give you exactly what you need right now to get your life back on track.

Looking back over those dark times just a few years later I looked at my life then and look at my life right now.

How did I attract everything from nothing back into my life because that is exactly what happened?

The Secret of Deliberate Life Recreation

I will be honest. I think there is a secret that most don’t know about. They don’t know because we never talk about these things. We never talk about these things because we are trained to accept what we are told. Yet once you question everything you soon realise everything isn’t quite as it appears to be.

This is the secret and art to deliberately recreating your life at any level.

Create Your Own Future...

This September 13th starting in Altrincham to tie in with the launch of my 12th book I am doing a few small talks around the country to share the message with you. It is powerful. It is transforming and what I will speak about will change the lives of some that are there.

Will you be there?

I will share

  • True stories of triumph over disaster
  • The power of attracting and manifesting
  • How to know of you are zoomanic or humanic?
  • Why almost everything you are told will fail you
  • How to unlock your God Code
  • The only way to find certainty in uncertain times
  • How to recover and deliberately recreate a new life
  • What you must do right now to move forward
  • And so much more from a life of huge experiences, thoughts, observations and more.
  • Once you come along you can ask any questions you like.
  • Why should you be there?

I don’t believe we get the real answers to almost anything we should know. Our natural more intuitive forces have been veneered by centuries of human conditioning yet that failed human conditioning has had a disastrous effect on humanity.

Never has there been a greater time to take control of your life, question everything with questions and start the path of deliberately recreating your own life.

That starts here.

Deliberate Life Recreation The Talk

Please join others, and me which will prove to be an enlightening, revealing and powerful talk that hopefully will move you to the very core.

If you do just one thing for yourself this year, take a small amount of time for yourself and listen to what is going to be shared.

  • The presentation will be around 90-minutes in length
  • An administration fee of just £10 is asked to cover the room rental
  • Seats are limited due to the size of the room.
  • Just 25 places. We would advise book now to avoid disappointment.

For more information you can also go to


Book on this page.

Seats are limited due to the size of the room.

Just 25 places. We would advise book now to avoid disappointment.

I look forward to meeting you soon

Tamara Forrest-Smith, on behalf of Alan Forrest Smith

P.S. For more information about Alan Forrest Smith and his books please visit the website

Listen to iTunes Podcasts here


Q: What are my transport/parking options for getting to and from the event?

A: There are a few parking options in Altrincham

The nearest car park: Goose Green Car Park
Address: 5 Denmark St, Altrincham WA14 2FF Denmark St, Altrincham WA14 2FF, Opposite Vue Cinema.

Or http://www.stamfordquarter-shopping.com/find-us/parking.html
This is nearer Altrincham Metro

Altrincham Metro and Altrincham Train Stations are the nearest public transport

Q: How can I contact the organiser with any questions?

A: Please email tamara@alanforrestsmith.com

Q: Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?

A: You can bring a printed ticket, a smartphone ticket or simply let us know your name upon arrival.

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Yoga Life Altrincham Studio

61 Stamford New Rd


WA14 1DP

United Kingdom

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