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Design for Inclusion 5th-9th October 2020 (Virtual)

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For leaders looking for innovative, flexible tools and ways of thinking to enact real change in your organisation.

About this Event

What if there existed a method to give you innovative, flexible tools and ways of thinking to enact real change in your organisation?

It does!

It’s Fearless Futures’ pioneering Design for Inclusion virtual programme for senior leaders and/or D&I practitioners.


9.00am - 1:30pm, Monday - Friday (5th-9th October)

The Design for Inclusion programme is relevant for you if you want to optimise for inclusion by:

  • Re-evaluating and re-designing your internal processes and policies

  • Transforming your leadership practice

  • Enhancing your existing strategy and method

  • Problem-solving across organisational functions

  • Starting afresh with your plans, strategies and methods

  • Designing inclusion into your external outputs and products

At the end of the programme you will have:

  • A deep understanding of the complex and nuanced nature of inequities within your company community, and the implications of these on individuals and organisational culture and outputs

  • Developed your capacity for systems-thinking when it comes to inequities so that you can develop system-level solutions

  • Your own flexible Design for Inclusion framework and toolkit that will support you interpersonally and at the system-level of your efforts for deep inclusion

  • An action plan for your next steps  to enact meaningful progress within your organisation

This programme is for:

  • Anyone, across sectors, who problem solves where people are involved (whether you are in Ops, communications,  a technologist, in UX design, VC, government, sustainability, healthcare, education, advertising, construction, finance etc!)

  • D&I and HR professionals who are stewards of talent programmes, leadership development or organisational effectiveness

  • Designers of products or services who want to prioritise inclusion

  • Members of Diversity and Inclusion Councils

  • Senior leaders of all sectors committed to or with a strategic responsibility for D&I

From any and all sized organisations.

What do people say about this programme?

Qualitative impact:

"As a startup founder, the idea of giving up 3.5 days of my time isn't something I take lightly, but with ambitions to build the world's most inclusive company, I saw this as a valuable investment in myself and my company. I can honestly say it was the most transformational learning experience of my life and career. The Design for Inclusion program was an incredibly complex, emotional and testing experience, but one I believe is utterly fundamental in order to be equipped to build a modern day business. Every founder and VC in London should be taking this program." Carl Martin, Brand Communications Lead at Forward Partners and founder of Ping. You can also read Carl's medium.com blog on his experience too.

"This programme is outstanding and it is worlds away from the nonsense being taught currently. This programme should be for all D&I leaders across the globe! I feel renewed, knowledgeable, focussed, better equipped and challenged. I feel like the road will not be easy, and I don't care, because if it was easy it would have changed by now. Thank you!" Vanessa Johnson-Burgess, Director, Availexe.

“The Design For Inclusion programme is a life changer…and for the better! This programme not only helped me to revaluate all the work I’ve done in organisations to  encourage Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace; the many “World Food Day’s”, celebrations of Black History Month and sheep dipping colleagues through “Unconscious Bias” training workshops; but it’s also provided me with really questioning WHY we need all of these interventions at work and what role our wider society plays. The 3.5 day course opened my eyes to how history and society has created unearned privileges and power for people of certain demographics and how each and every one of us has a role to play in challenging and shifting these power dynamics and creating a just world. The programme will not only help you rethink your Diversity and Inclusion agenda at work and help you create more impactful approaches but also, on a personal level, to rethink the power you have to make a big difference. Do not miss this opportunity to have your eyes opened!” Alice Cox, FSCS.

"I wouldn't trade these days for the world." Anonymous, HyperIsland.

“I highly recommend the Fearless Futures “Design for Inclusion” course.  Over the 3-days I gained a better understanding of my own privilege, the power of social systems, who gets marginalised and how real and relevant this remains today - in society broadly and critically within our organisations.  I consider myself a well-educated and informed individual on the topic of diversity and inclusion, however this workshop challenged my pre-conceived ideas about how to effectively advance the inclusion agenda and deliver real outcomes.  I walked away with new found insights and a deeper understanding of the more fundamental issues that need addressing.  Through the workshop I feel better equipped in my role, to notice and speak to those issues and advocate for the changes that will have real and sustainable impact, not just good intent. I consider this a critical workshop for anyone in a D&I role”. Diversity & Inclusion Practitioner, Investment Banking.

Quantitative impact:

"I have the capabilities to support colleagues to think differently about inequalities"": up by 68%

"Challenging unequal power relations among colleagues": up by 49%

"Engaging in complex analysis around inequities": up by 68%

"Exploring the ways sexism and racism connect": up by 48%

Please click here (opens in a new window) for a more accessible Workshop Information Pack 


Please note that this is not a webinar. Our workshop is experiential and involves active participation and dialogue. If you feel uncomfortable having your camera on, or do not have video capabilities, that is fine - you will need a microphone/audio features or be able to type to ensure a fulsome learning experience.

For further information related to the accessibility of this virtual workshop, please review this document.

Who is this workshop intended for? 

All are welcome, though this programme is aimed at leaders.

How can I convince my manager or workplace to get involved?  

If you're interested in this programme and aren't sure how to approach your workplace or get the conversation rolling to enable you to attend. Not to worry, we have created this letter template (opens in a new window) for you to use.

Why is this workshop spread over 5 days?

As this is a virtual programme, what would be consecutive in person isn’t possible from a participation and engagement perspective when over Zoom. Therefore, this workshop is spread over 4-hour increments across 5 days. We believe investing in senior leadership or those with a strategic responsibility for inclusion is actually the most long-term, resource efficient and high impact way to bring about deep change at the structural and strategic level of operations, as they have the greatest power to mobilise resources and implement new practices. Shorter programmes are a false economy.

How can I contact the organiser with any questions?

Please email events@fearlessfutures.org

What's the refund policy?

Tickets are non-refundable 

I cannot afford to attend. Can you help?

We will do our best. We are sorry to inconvenience you but could you please email events@fearlessfutures.org referencing this and we will respond as quickly as we can. Thank you.

Will there be live captioning?

Live captioning is a feature that can appear on your screens during workshops, with the audio being transcribed live. We commit to securing this however we request that you email us directly 15 days prior as it’s a third party who provides this service and it may take time to set up.

If you have any accessibility requirements please email events@fearlessfutures.org

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