Design Thinking - 2 Hour Workshop (Webinar)
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Design Thinking - 2 Hour Workshop (Webinar)

Design Thinking - 2 Hour Workshop (Webinar)

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Date and Time

The Hoxton Mix

3rd Floor

86 - 90 Paul Street

London, United Kingdom

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Build a culture of creativity, solve complex problems & generate powerful ideas - Webinar. This is an online event.

Whatever you or your team wants to achieve, it is often loaded with problems of all shapes and sizes that require creative thinking to generate solutions. How do you truly Empathise, Define, Ideate, Prototype and Test properly to get results? This webinar gives attendees an overview of our framework to be able to take challenges "head-on", rapidly and with creative confidence.

Who is this for?

Anyone who wants to have (or their team to have) a proven methodology in their management toolkit so they can rapidly recognise (and creatively solve) business problems - especially complex ones - with a high success rate... and generate new ideas for the future. Send your team. Come yourself.  


What will you learn?

Learn how to use Creativity, Innovation, Disruption and Collaboration to build a culture of creativity, solve complex problems & generate powerful ideas. 

This webinar covers:

  • Creativity Vs Innovation
  • How everyone can solve problems and be creative
  • Why complex problems often get left unsolved and what to do about it
  • Building a 'Creative Culture' around you
  • Mapping complex problems
  • Main problem solving framework - Design Thinking (Empathise, Define, Ideate, Prototype, Test)
  • Empathy, Empathy, Empathy - - Getting to the right question to ask is 80% of the challenge
  • Supporting sub methodologies (e.g. 5 Whys, Lean Startup, Agile, Polarity Theory, Chimp vs Human thinking)
  • Enhancing your workspace for creativity
  • Physical and Mental Health factors to maximise creativity and clarity.
  • Daily techniques for honing & toning of your creativity
  • The art of collaboration
  • Becoming a creative 'leader' - How to inspire your team to embrace the creative culture.


The webinar starts promptly at 7pm UK time and finishes at approximately 9pm.

We will email everyone a link 10mins before the start.



This is an online event. Please do not attempt to access the location above.

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We look forward to sharing with you as much as we can squeeze into the 2hours. Please take advantage of the free and early bird pricing as these are expected to go quickly.

Why improving our problem solving skills is so important.

Solving problems and making decisions are fundamental to our working days. We're all doing 'problem solving' all the time. But, we're also under more and more pressure to make the right decisions. You want to invest your time, energy and resources into the right things. You want to be able to come up with great ideas that get the results you need. You want to hire the right suppliers and recruit the right staff. You want to be super confident in your decisions

And... if you manage a team, you need them to be able to contribute creatively too and make faster, clearer decisions.

Everything starts with "a problem"... and then requires creative solutions. For example:

  • We need to get more from our existing budgets... Run a workshop with all your team to initiate possible ideas.
  • We need to hit our sales target... Empathise with your customers better to help solve their problems and win the work.
  • Some of our customers are unhappy.... Ideate around improving customer service.
  • Revenues are down... Generate new ways to increase profits.
  • We have to get a proposal submitted... Empathy, definition and ideation are all needed to make sure it wins the work.
  • We need to cut costs... Brainstorm ideas on how this is done creatively without losing talent or corroding the business.
  • We need a new staff member... Generate mind-maps of the ideal candidate.
  • I can't get what I need from finance... Find ways to communicate better.
  • Another department isn't engaging... Empathise with their needs and initiate a collaboration strategy.

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Date and Time

The Hoxton Mix

3rd Floor

86 - 90 Paul Street

London, United Kingdom

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