Destorialistion IV:What happens when your heritage and stories are erased?

Destorialistion IV:What happens when your heritage and stories are erased?

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History, Fear, Ego, Inhuman appetites, Bigotry and Trauma. All dehumanise and label the human sentient being. Join us as we explore why.

About this event

Destorialisation* describes the effects of removing essential features of person that defines their humanity. Our stories enable another human beings to hear and tell their unique stories. The impact of this removal, is to radically change the cultural /heritage viewpoint of those who have been affected by this process.

We will explore how this process affects the "black" & "white" community, or infact, if there is a community of "black" or "white" people. We have a critical role to play in developing our collective Humanity.

The events will take place on the following dates in 2022:

Introductory event: 17th November 2002,

In this event you will hear previous participants share their experiences of completing this life transforming course.

The Main Experience:

Session 1: 24th November,

Session 2: 1st December

Session 3: 8th December

The content will consists of the following:

(a) The initial presentations "A Right to Story" two workshop sessions to complete the discussion. (24th Nov & 1st Dec)

(b) 1 x Healing Space, to support physical, emotional and spiritual healing. (8th Dec)

They are designed to provide information for physical, emotional and spiritual growth and development.

Participant reflections of the experience:

"I appreciated the framework used to present a very sensitive topic"

"Contributions for all participants was soul lifting"

"The symbols used throughout the presentations and healing sessions were very powerful."

"The whole experience appreciated and honoured our divine presence."

Please Note.....

We encourage you to check, critique issues raised during this experience for your own benefit.

We are aware that new information may cause immediate, physical, mental and spiritual awakenings. We thoroughly research all information presented to the best of our knowledge, and do not knowingly wish to provide information which is unchecked.

The impact of much of this information and knowledge may cause Cognitive Dissonance, which is the mental discomfort (psychological stress) experienced by a person who holds two or more contradictory beliefs, ideas, or values. This discomfort is triggered by a situation in which a person's belief clashes with new evidence perceived by the person.

We have arranged for integrative & breathwork , psychodynamic therapists , and experienced rites-of-passage practitioners to be available for online support during the event. In addition, we build into all Cimarron presentations, aftercare, at the end of the presentation. This support will also, be available after the presentation by appointment only.

(1) Eli Anderson (c) 2022

* Destorialisation = a term & chronogenetic and socio-psychographic process defined by Eli Anderson , Director of StoryAID (c) in 2010, to describe the process of story and narrative erosion.

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