Dhasdæ "The trinity of the self"

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The Albany

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United Kingdom

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Empower yourself by seeking the coherence between body (what we do), soul (what we feel), and spirit (what we think).

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I’m really excited to announce my next workshop Dhasdæ The Trinity of the Self. This workshop will be in London on 16th and 17th November 2019.

Have you ever thought how many times you think of something, feel another and then act in a totally different way?

The coherence among these 3 levels of our being is essential for us to reach our full potential, but yet society, family structures or mental patterns and belief systems prevent us from living and express our fullest self.

Imagine a world where every one was coherent in these 3 levels! And if we decide to go deeper, imagine how your life could be if you were in alignment with your body, soul and spirit.

In this workshop we will work together to align these three levels : body, soul and spirit, which will allow you to go even deeper into your body, mind and soul aspects. You will learn techniques to ground yourself, live in the here and now, connect to your heart and discover your inner wisdom. By empowering yourself, you will manifest your inner self in the soul level and follow the path of self love.


Aligning the three layers of our beeing

It is a weekend retreat in the city, allowing you to spread the practice into two sessions. One on Saturday from 10am to 6pm and one on Sunday from 10am to 3pm.

During these two days, I will guide you to ground yourself and connect with your heart and your highest wisdom ,been able to co create the life you really want .

I will talk about consciousness, self empowerment and living from the heart. I will also share practical exercises that you can integrate in your daily life.

What can I expect?

The workshop will flow in three main stages, from your feet to your crown through the heart, following the natural flow of energy from the earth to allow you to connect to your inner wisdom and to your higher self.

We will focus in the following three stages.

1/ Rooting yourself and living in the here and now

Awareness talks and exercises to integrate into your daily life and prepare you for the next two stages. We will focus on grounding ourselves and learning to live in the present. To help us come back into our bodies, been able to disconnect from the busy mind and allowing to be present within ourself.

(what i call ... the purest act of self love)

2/ The empowerment of the self ,manifesting and co creating your own reality .

We will continue with awareness talks , to be able to understand that our soul and our electromagnetic field has all the information of all our existence .

We will do some exercises that will allow you to access your deepest information within and will help you to change and transform this information in your highest potential!

3/ Empowering the Divine self .

In this last day we will find the purest essence of our heart , this pure light that we are , vibrating in our highest frequency and find the stillness in us to be able to feel the onnes of all that is .

Finishing with the integration of the 3 levels vibrating in a sound healing bath...


I will be offering refunds to anyone who is unable to attend the workshop and lets me know 15 days in advance

*refunds will be made until 1rst of November2019.


I knew that Judit's workshop would introduce me to ideas and experiences that were new to me. I was curious and also open to what the experience might hold. Perhaps the most profound moment for me was during a practice where we sat quietly and connected with our hearts. I had my hands over my sternum and felt very still inside. I had this strong sensation of an opening in the centre of my chest, like a portal, with light and energy flowing through. I felt for the first time my love for myself. I had always done all of the 'love yourself' things like buying flowers for my home, but these acts of 'self love' were not connected to a profound feeling of love for myself. Since the workshop I am practicing connecting with this deeper loving part of myself. I can see some things changing -- some quite profound and some quite light. I am deeply grateful to Judit for sharing herself, her work and offering this space to explore. You helped me open up a place in myself I didn't know existed.

Louise W., London

Thank you for such a magical, powerful day. When you said it would be life-changing, I didn’t believe you(!) But it really was. It was all the brilliant loving wisdom you offer in your massages with an added emphasis on how to bring the teaching into my life in a practical way. I loved the exercises and the way the day built and deepened. The sense of community was wonderful and by the end I felt really bonded with everyone. I have gone away with a feeling of what I want my life to look like in the future. It’s led by the heart and that’s really exciting. Please do another one soon!

Sophie, London

I hope to see you there !

with love !

Judit Yague

Date and Time


The Albany

Douglas Way



United Kingdom

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