Digital Construction Innovation Day

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Northumbria University, Sandyford Building

2 Sandyford Road

Newcastle upon Tyne


United Kingdom

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An ultra-collaborative event aimed at tackling real world challenges in the Construction industry.

About this Event

We’re delighted to announce the return of Digital Construction Innovation Day.

Dynamo, in partnership with Waterstons and Northumbria University, will host the second ultra-collaborative event aimed at tackling real world challenges in the Construction industry. Four themes will shape the day; data, cross-industry innovation, skills and procuring for value.

We’re inviting participants from all sectors, disciplines, organisations and backgrounds (not just construction) to join forces, pool ideas and develop creative solutions to industry wide construction problems, to benefit us all.

The Innovation Day is a great opportunity to meet new people, develop your own skills and expand your professional network through collaboration with SME’s, Universities and other organisations.


Cross-industry innovation - what can Construction learn from other sectors?

In this challenge team we’ll focus on three areas for improvement in Construction: Waste, Quality, and Technology.

Looking at each of these, we’ll draw on the experience of others to define, refine, address and create solutions to aid constructors in improving in these key challenge areas; each of which can have a positive benefit on the others. So, we’ll explore how reducing waste can beneficially impact on quality, how improved quality reduces waste, and how technology can be used to support and monitor progress towards these goals.

** Please note this challenge is full **

Skills - how can we enable organisations to build the right skills so that digital strategies can be effective - and transformative?

This challenge is set around the identification and development of skills when viewed within a digital strategy. The topic is broad and purposefully not overly defined for the challenge as we expect that definition of the issue will form an element of the challenge.

Challenge participants will be exploring the concept of digital in the content company strategies and discussing the skills required to achieve the strategies. This exercise will generate thoughts and provoke ideas from the group to lead into the afternoon session.

This challenge is relevant to those companies where digital is on the agenda for change. Drivers within business are identifying analogue processes which are ideal to be digitised and opportunities to mine data for smarter decision making. This challenge will be relevant to those looking to upskill their existing workforce and identify new skills required.

Data - democratising building data

Set in the context of provisioning better tenant services, this challenge is designed to explore products and useful applications from Building Information Modelling beyond its predominant application as architectural technology. The challenge is designed around a wildcard exploration of what ‘BIM’ could mean in terms of better access to building data for various parties involved with residential estate, both the building users, and also those involved in maintaining them.

Challenge participants will solve a problem / demonstrate a solution that involves the use of BIM data with people who are not experts of BIM. In the morning we will focus on the possible opportunities from wider accessibility of building data. We will map and prioritise the opportunities. For the afternoon session, attendees will agree on a use case that responds to the challenge theme and draws on their respective organisations’ challenges. Attendees will create a service proposition and work on an interactive prototype.

The challenge will be of relevance to anybody interested in the future of BIM and the wider opportunities of building asset data, including Planners in the public sector involved with residential development, Housing Association officers, asset managers and facilities managers for residential estates, staff providing services to tenants and of course building occupants.

Procuring for value - what is value? How do we genuinely look beyond cost and towards outcome?

Our session will use practical examples of regional, national and international building programmes at different scales to bring the Procuring for Value subject area to life. A series of videos and interactive tools will also be used to ensure the session is engaging, thought provoking and fun.

The session will begin with defining Procuring for Value, setting out the principles aligned to it and the opportunity it offers for the North East. Once defined, we’ll examine the challenges faced by the construction sector in adopting new practices which aren’t driven by lowest capital cost but take an outcomes-based approach. The types of areas for discussion will include:

• If clients want to disrupt the status quo, what options do they have?

• To what extent is the sector hampered by habit and culture?

• What tools are required to break the mould?

• What does success look like and how do we measure it?

• How can digital and other sectors interact and drive change?

• Are there any quick wins?

• What are the next steps in driving this agenda?

We will close the session by developing a pitch to showcase our collective thoughts and reflections to a panel of industry experts.

Please choose the theme(s) you’re most passionate about. We will allocate you into a team depending on availability of space, and you will be notified of your team in advance of the day.

Join us

Let’s showcase our abundance of talent and cement our region’s reputation as leaders in digital construction. If you’re passionate about solving problems, building new relationships and want to help drive innovation through collaboration,please come along.

Lunch and refreshments will be provided. Please advise of any special dietary requirements.

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Date and Time


Northumbria University, Sandyford Building

2 Sandyford Road

Newcastle upon Tyne


United Kingdom

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