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City Buildings,

21-23 Old Hall St


L3 9BS

United Kingdom

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Refund Policy

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Ever fancied running your own business?

Would you love to work from a laptop?

Have you got an idea but just don’t know how to get it started?

Want to earn some extra money?

Worried you have no coding knowledge?

Many of us might say yes to these questions because owning your own online business could give you more freedom. Maybe you want to:

  • Work from a laptop so you can work anywhere,
  • Work when it is convient for you
  • Work from the poolside ;-)

We want you to succeed and we will help you deliver your idea. After leaving this short course you will know what you need to do to get your idea off the ground and running. We cover a number of key areas in the course. We explain more about these below. We will take you step by step through a live example of creating a business from scratch. This is a simple guide to staring an online business that anyone can understand and follow.

Course Overview

  • Idea generation
  • Research
  • Domain Registration and hosting
  • Web Design (Wordpress)
  • Ecommerce
  • Alternative monetisation methods
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Implementation & Intergration

**The majority of this course will be covering Web Design (Wordpress), Ecommerce, Alternative monetisation methods, Marketing Strategies**

  1. Idea Generation

You may know what your product or service is already but some may not. We discuss how to decide on the business you want to run and how you would like to run it.

  1. Research

Researching your idea is very important. Research will ultimate tell you if the business is viable or not. We explore the ways you can quickly and efficiently research your idea, the market and, importantly, your customers. Research is very important both at the initial stages of your business for marketing your business also.

  1. Domain Registration & Hosting

It may seem simple to some but this can be tricky. Finding a good domain name and hosting can be daunting to most. We explain everything from start to finish. We show you how to find and purchase domain names and hosting cheaply and how to connect them to your hosting.

  1. Web Design (Wordpress)

This is where most people never explore their dreams of owning their own online business. Most people presume that you need to have coding experience or design experience to make a website but it is simply not the case. There are platforms and software available now that make it really simple to make your website, and most are free.

We will show you how to set up the website and how to edit it and personalise your website ready for the next part...setting up the site for selling your goods or services.

  1. E-commerce

Maybe you want to sell your own hand made products, maybe you want to sell someone else’s products or maybe you want to run a drop shipping website. Whatever service or product you wish to sell we help show you the best way to do it and how to set it up.

You don’t need to invest loads of money for a physical shop or unit and stock these days. Simply creating a small website, listing products and connecting it to a Paypal account and you have just created a shop. No need for stock or bricks and motor.

  1. Alternative monetisation methods

If you do not want to sell products or services with your online business, don’t worry as there are other ways to make money. Other ways to make money include advertisements, affiliate marketing and selling subscriptions.

  1. Marketing Strategies

Marketing a business is really important these days and it is not simply a case of making a Facebook page and leaving it there. Creating a good marketing strategy can make or break your online business so we work hard to make sure you have the right skills and understand the right tools to help get the job done well.

Understand the different types of strategies like inbound marketing and email marketing, email automation, social media marketing, paid marketing via PPC, Adwords, Facebook Ads and more.

We will provide you links and knowledge of free resources to use to help build your business and market it the right way.

  1. Implementation & Integration

By now we have covered a lot of material. Some material you might have known before and, we hope, lots of new stuff learnt. We will recap over some areas and bring everything together to implement the idea.

By now you will be excited and hopefully full of motivation and passion to go and make your idea successful. The course covers everything you need to know you get your business running. We offer more advice in specific areas when need for Marketing and Web Design. If you need further help in these areas we will assist you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who teaches/delivers the Course?

The workshop is delivered by an enthusiastic and creative entrepreneur. Originally a legal professional with a Masters in Law, his true passion is web design and digital marketing. He has built a number of online companies over the years, some with more success than others from drop shipping websites to consultancy websites. His current project is BigAdventureMap.com Check it out.

The remainder of the team are made up of Start Up entrepreneurs, all passionate about web design and digital marketing.

How long is the course?

The course lasts approx 2 hours normally. We stop for a break half way through which gives people time to use the toilet, ask questions, get a drink etc.

While the course covers a lot you may have questions so the team and Nick will be on hand to answer any questions after the course.

What do you need to bring?

All we ask is an open mind ready to learn. Most people bring a note pad and a pen but you are welcome to bring your laptop if you want. The venue does have Wifi, we ensure of this.

We provide notepads and pens should anyone need anything.

Do you need money? (are we trying to sell you anything)

We are not selling you anything in this course. We are showing you how you set up an online company and make money online. To do this you will need to buy a domain name (normally around £10 for a year) and hosting for your website (which starts as low as £2.00 per month). You will get these separately after you learn what you need to do in our course. We can recommend different providers such as GoDaddy and Host Gator.

Do we need to know what your idea is?

Absolutely not! You can share it with us or not. We don’t want to steal your idea, we want to help you implement it. One of the biggest mistakes made is thinking having a good idea is what makes a success. Hard work and implementing an idea makes a success.

Why choose this course?

There are lots of courses and guides out there that are either free with a catch or charge hundreds if not thousands. We simply want to do this because we love it and are passionate about it. For the price of dinner in a restaurant you could learn a new skill and hopefully create a business.

This course is also all about meeting people like minded. Before and after the class we try to allow some networking. This allows the attendees a chance to speak with us and ask questions if needed.

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Date and Time


City Buildings,

21-23 Old Hall St


L3 9BS

United Kingdom

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Refund Policy

Refunds up to 7 days before event

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