disCONNECT HK Exhibition - Historic Tenement Building

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An Urban Art ‘Takeover’ from an 1850s London Victorian Townhouse to a 1950s Hong Kong Historic Tenement Building of art during a pandemic.

About this Event

disCONNECT is an exhibition that responds to the pandemic and explores themes of connection, belonging, isolation and reliance on technology at the time of COVID19. From the rigorous pre-exhibition planning to exhibition realisation, the practice corresponds with worldwide lockdown, quarantine and restrictions throughout the entire period.

Opening during the COVID-19 pandemic, disCONNECT not only adapts to adhere to restrictions imposed by the pandemic, rethinking creative and physical constraints due to the current global crisis, but also prompts reflection on the psychological reactions toward the pandemic as well as the role of technology. In addition to the pandemic itself, the curation of disCONNECT LDN took inspiration from its location, the Victorian home, reimagining the space with site-specific works, some of which repurposed its discarded contents. Only four of the disCONNECT LDN artists live in the United Kingdom and were able to personally install their work on site. Lock-down and travel restrictions posed unique challenges for the normal practise of art creation and installation for the other six overseas artists, in particular, compelling curator Nicole Schoeni and HKwalls' Jason Dembski and Maria Wong to find creative ways to stay faithful to the artists' vision, whilst working on the project remotely from Hong Kong themselves.

With disCONNECT LDN now closed, the exhibition is travelling to Hong Kong and invites four local artists to continue the conversation about art during a pandemic to foster cross-cultural exchanges. Go Hung, Jaffa Lam, Kacey Wong and Wong Ting Fung will create new site-specific artworks including video installation, live painting, mixed-media installation and sculptures for disCONNECT HK responding to the pandemic and disCONNECT LDN.

Locations and Duration:

Tenement Building 2-4/F 16 Pak Sha Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

11 October – 29 November 2020 (Wednesday – Sunday, Noon - 8pm)


Hysan Place 9/F Urban Sky, 500 Hennessy Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

11 – 30 October 2020 (Wednesday – Sunday, Noon - 8pm)


Artists: Adam Neate (UK); Aida Wilde (Iran); Alex Fakso (Italy); David Bray (UK); Go Hung (Hong Kong); Herakut (Germany); Icy and Sot (Iran); Isaac Cordal (Spain); Jaffa Lam (Hong Kong); Kacey Wong (Hong Kong); Mr. Cenz (UK); Vhils (Portugal); Wong Ting Fung (Hong Kong); Zoer (Italy).

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