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Discover a better way of listening to yourself and others.

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*Note for March and April this event will be online and not live event to support team members who are at high risk and to protect our clients until things are resolved regarding corona-virus.

Are you finding it hard to support those that matter to you?

Are you having to listen to things that you find hard to hear? 

In a world where more and more people are being told to talk about how they feel; more and more people are finding themselves listening to things that feel beyond their skill set. 

The age of information also means if we are stuck with a problem there are no end of how to videos and articles available on the internet. 

But not many are teaching us how to listen in a way that works. Even fewer make it clear that there are lots of different kinds of listening. 

It comes down to the purpose of chatting. What is the outcome the speaker and listener want to get from this exchange. 

Sometimes we just want to be heard. No questions, ideas or solutions.

Sometimes we want questions to help draw out new information.

Sometimes we want suggestions and ideas

Other times we want someone else to reassure us, remind us or even do something for us. 

Yet many start talking without really understanding what they need from their listener. 

It is frustrating to speak and not feel heard. 

It is as frustrating to be the listener who is listener as well as you can only to be accused of not listening properly. 

This local group meet to explore and practice all aspects of listening. (We are considering an online group; if this is of interest to you, then get in touch) 

Join us and discover a better way of listening.  

You will learn how to: 

  • Listen at your best 
  • Identify what is holding you back from listening 
  • How to ask good questions
  • How to set yourself and others up to be heard and understood

Professional listeners such as coaches and counselors have what we call supervisors. Someone that listens to us after we have listened to everyone else and someone that helps us work out how we might adapt or change our listening to get better results next time. 

As Managers, parents and entrepreneurs you often have to do a lot of listening, but all too often you don't have the support you need to talk through when your natural way of listening isn't working.

The Listening Skills Practice Group is a space for you to not only improve your listening skills but also a space for you to be listened to.

Each month we will have a different theme to explore, covering all the aspects of listening.


  • What is good listening?
  • How to ask good questions?
  • How to calibrate if your listening is working?
  • How many different kinds of listening are there and how do you know which one is needed? 
  • How to give and receive feeback?
  • When to give feedback?
  • The power of silence
  • How to manage your emotional buttons?
  • How to manage your critic?
  • How to tame your time monsters? 

If you prefer to pay on the door then get in touch

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