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Explore life after the baby arrives, get better prepared and more confident in your new role as a parent (and more!)

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If you’re about to become first-time parents, you’re probably panicking about what will happen when you go into labour… but as lots of mothers will tell you, that’s the easy part! The hard bit is what comes afterwards.

How much have you actually thought about how your life is going to change after the baby arrives? How will it affect your relationship with your partner? Your family? Your friends? How will you cope with your loss of independence and change in social life? Are you worried about Postnatal Depression (PND)? How will you and your partner recognise the signs so you can do something about it?


Ideal for expectant mothers, partners and grandparents-to-be, this informal and interactive webinar will provide you with clear and realistic expectations about life when baby arrives.


- Exploring a range of topics, we will help you to be more prepared, informed and confident.

- Discover key facts and unspoken truths that no-one thinks to tell you about

- Explore first months of parenthood and how to get through them

- Learn about all relevant changes in you, your life and in your relationship after the baby arrives

- Hear real stories from real mums

- Learn useful information about postnatal depression and how to recognise and put proven strategies in place to help combat the baby blues and postnatal depression

- Q&A with a professional midwife and hypnobirthing instructor will offer you a unique space to ask whatever you are concerned about


Ivana Poku, mother of twins and founder of Mumsjourney, which she set up after suffering PND herself, will provide support and information to help others going through the same thing. [part 1, 2]

Stefania Iancu, a sports and fitness expert and qualified nutritionist who also runs the Super Hero Mum podcast, which she set up to help parents improve their mental health and fitness. She will give realistic advice on diet and fitness for new parents to help them cope with their sudden change in lifestyle. [part 2]

Marley Hall BA RM Diphe is a registered midwife and trained hypnobirthing instructor. She runs NowBaby Live, a website that enables expectant mothers to join parentcraft classes from the comfort of their own home. She believes that education is key to improving outcomes and mothers’ experiences of birth and parenthood. With more than 10 years’ midwifery experience, and as a mum of five herself (including twins), she will be happy to answer all your questions during the Q&A sessions as well as informally in the breaks. [part 1]

The workshop will offer a safe and supportive space in which we’ll compare expectations vs reality and explain where those expectations come from. We’ll share our own experiences of parenthood and PND, and we’ll reveal all those unspoken truths that no-one thinks to tell you about.

We will give you the information you need to make you more prepared and confident as parents and, in the process, help reduce the risk of postnatal depression.



Tuesday 9th of July, 7pm-8.30pm


Thursday 11th of July, 12pm-1.30pm

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"I found the workshop very useful, especially the personal talk. I liked that it was an open forum so people could ask questions."

- Beena Patel

"It was really great having personal stories and advice from the midwife. It has made me think about this possible result of pregnancy / motherhood. I feel better for thinking about it now and not being taken by surprise if it does happen to me."

- Laura O’Malley

"I found the advice reassuring, nice to hear real stories – very inspiring talks by Stef and Ivana. The real life experiences I especially enjoyed and found very useful. Now I know what feelings are natural and not to be scared of them."

- Sarah Ward

"This workshop has exceeded my expectations. Very relevant, informative and comprehensive. Thank you so much for your hard work."

- Anastasia Ward

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