Discover the Secret of Change: The Reframing Change Workshop.
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Discover the Secret of Change: The Reframing Change Workshop.

Discover the Secret of Change: The Reframing Change Workshop.

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Would you like to be able to solve problems and achieve changes that stick quickly and easily?

Reframing Change offers an exceptional opportunity to learn and practice new skills in problem solving and change with world-leaders in the field of light touch change. A small group setting makes this an intensive practical workshop. Participants will see possibilities and innovations quite invisible before.

Gain skills that dissolve problems and achieve change outcomes through designing light touch tactics. You will begin to think differently not only about ‘problems’ but also about leadership and influence.

Programme brochure (pdf)

Reframing Change: The Light Touch Approach

Learn a pragmatic, detailed set of influence and light touch change skills based on a research-based science of design and change. You will immediately apply the method to the real-world strategic issues you and other participants have. Valuable changes and progress are realized during the three days. Learn new skills while working on your business.


Participants will learn how to:

identify and design specific tactics to achieve desired strategies

• remove roadblocks to progress

• challenge unhelpful and dangerous assumptions hindering progress

• manage complex and often conflicting situations and information effectively

• change and influence individuals’ perspective and perception

• influence the very powerful ‘informal rules’ of an organisation

• identify solutions to what appear to be long standing intractable problems

• resolve major organisational blocks with minimal downside.

Benefits for your organisation

  • executives and change agents who can implement changes with significantly less disruption and downside

  • major strategic problems resolved during the programme while learning new skills, routinely paying for the programme many times over

  • strategies achieved faster than expected

  • significant, protracted issues get resolved and removed as barriers to progress

  • improvements in innovation and flexibility.

  • If you are familiar with nudge, this design method offers more precise and reliable outcomes.

Issues are Resolved in-flight.

During the programme, participants spend extensive time in practice learning and applying elegant light touch change design techniques to the real world problem they bring. These provide powerful thinking tools for change, influence, leadership, managing the future and problem solving that can be applied to almost any situation.

Reframing Change focuses on how to achieve real-world outcomes rather than theories or models of leaders or organisations. People learn how to think well and look beyond the obvious that everyone else is looking at. This allows them to see opportunities and innovate much faster. This happens in flight during the programme.

It is critical that participants bring a strategy or issue they are responsible for to the programme.

See FAQ for examples.

While many of the issues participants bring are challenging, so far we have not come across any that we have not been able to address in some way. It will be clear very quickly if nothing can be done. In reality people usually end up working on two to three issues during the programme.The programme assumes that people already have a sound knowledge of good leadership and are able to think well. Whether you are a corporate executive, a business owner or an executive in a small, medium or large enterprise, be prepared to have your assumptions challenged. For those with this level of cogitative flexibility all sorts of opportunities and possibilities become available.

Workshop leaders

This offering is an exceptional not-to-missed opportunity with two of the world-leaders in the field of light touch change, Philip Pryor and Angus Jenkinson. The programme is offered by Thinking in the UK/Europe in partnership with Morphthink, an Australian company. For further information see the programme leaflet.

Philip Pryor

Philip is a world authority in light touch change. He is a Thinking Partner, faculty member of the Centre for Thinking Futures, and founder of Morphthink based in Sydney. LinkedIn profile.

Angus Jenkinson

Angus Jenkinson is a Thinking Partner and founder of the Centre for Thinking Futures. His career bio includes: change design, professor, tech entrepreneur, industry transformer and leadership coach.

Thinking website.


Who will benefit?

Do these conditions apply?

  • You need to navigate complex situations designing change that also involves others.

  • The right outcome is not always clear and/nor the path to achieving it.

  • The changes would be valuable.

  • You are interested in learning innovative method.

What have participants said?

At a programme run in Toronto Canada the group included the President of a real estate investment company and the Vice President of a global satellite company. Both clearly sceptical about the promises made and so they bought their most intractable issues to work on.

Their feedback at the end was:

  • “The material and skills were highly effective and way beyond what I thought possible.

  • I walked away with a way forward to a million dollar plus issue that I really did not think was possible”

Several participants from Toyota have described the Reframing Change programme as “the best training programme I have ever been on”.

What should I prepare for and bring to the event?

It is critical that participants bring a strategy or issue they are responsible for to the programme.

Examples from previous sessions have included:

  • unpredictable automotive supply chain management issue

  • designing a national franchise strategy for construction materials for a multinational

  • reorganising a law firm so the managing partner needs to only work four days a week

  • resolving an ongoing war between three major car dealers so they can cooperate rather than get into cut throat tactics

  • dealing with difficult people and changing their behaviour

  • resolution of a major lawsuit (without going to court) in a large family owned business

What topics are covered?

Day One: Influential Leadership

  • The challenge facing leaders today

  • What is effective change – and what it isn’t

  • How influential leaders work in practice

  • How new change agents see the world and achieve their goals

  • Seeing why change fails and blocks begin
  • Change and leadership techniques

  • Driving change by building on strengths and internal motivations rather than coercion

  • Skills practice session.

Day Two: Strategic Intervention

  • Skills to identify the core issues

  • How and where to intervene in a system

  • Managing complexity to identify exactly where action is required

  • Choosing what and where to change and what not to change

  • Shifting perceptions and assumptions.

  • Shifting individual and group’s perspectives and assumptions

  • Designing effective tactics and light touch changes for the perfect nudge.

  • Skills practice session

Day Three: Future Mapping

  • Review and elaboration of key concepts

  • Constraints analysis methods

  • Quality checking of interventions and changes

  • How to shift long term patterns and culture

  • Managing and designing the future

  • Scenario Planning

  • Refining participants’ interventions

  • Skills practice session

What is the Learning Style?

The Reframing Change programme is an intensive, highly interactive workshop with numbers kept low to enable high levels of focused one-on-one coaching. Participants are expected to work on a leadership challenge or strategy that has significant consequences for their business.

An individual follow-up session is offered to monitor progress on the strategy, embed learning and skills, and ensure issues are satisfactorily resolved.

Who is the reduced rate ticket for?

We offer discounts when two or more people book togethre, and special rates for NGOs and members of the Thinking asociate network. We collaborates with several other networks and professional bodies. If you are interested in becoming an associate Thinking Partner, please contact us.

Where can I contact the organiser with any questions?

To discuss your specific needs, please call 0203 637 4658 or email

Is my registration/ticket transferable?


Can I update my registration information?

Of course.

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    Angus Jenkinson


    Thinking Partner

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Dawes Road Hub

Matthew Court

20 Dawes Rd



United Kingdom

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