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Brixton People's Kitchen Cafe

Black Prince Road


SE11 6AA

United Kingdom

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Open Mic Session ‘Where you have to walk The Walk, to talk the talk’ Hosted by multi award winning poet, Michael Groce.

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Find us at Brixton People's Kitchen Cafe, in the heart of Lambeth Walk, a place with great atmosphere, delicious food and more. Just along Black Prince Road, this is the perfect stage for your performance comedy and poetry, spoken word and storytelling

• Note: Acoustic musicians and singers are also more than welcome!

We have 14 slots available MAXIMUM1. 12 slots are booked on the door at the event

  • Slots range 3 mins to 5 mins MINIMUM

2. 2 Pre-sign up slots (Tip Artiste where the audience tips the artist,) can now be booked via email (ONLY from 10 AM the day before each event takes place)

  • Slots range 10 mins to 12 mins MINIMUM


For more info: doingthelambethwalkopenmic@gmail.com

Michael Groce is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Doing the Lambeth Walk Open Mic

Time: May 1, 2020 08:00 PM London

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Meeting ID: 728 7042 8168

Doing The Lambeth Walk 'You have to walk The Walk to talk the talk'

Famously Famous Lambeth Walk

The Lambeth walk where fame is famously steep

Famous people, famous roads and famous streets

Famous landmarks and spaces that’s famously named

Famous theaters’ and venues’ that has famously staged

Famous songs, and dances, that was so, famous of that day

Famous acts and artists’, doing it, in Lambeth's famous way

Famously, you can walk the walk, and famously, talk the talk

On a Friday night, can take the mic ‘Doing the Lambeth Walk


If you’re, passing, Lambeth way

On that evening, on that day

You'll find us all

Doing the Lambeth Walk

So, we make, this Lambeth call

To every each, one and all

Come, join us all

Doing the Lambeth Walk

The Open Mic, free and easy

Atmosphere, nice and easy

All, walks of life, there

We all, share, the space, there

Brixton Peoples, kitchen cafe

Black Prince Road, is where’s it’s at

You’ll find us all

Doing the Lambeth

Doing the Lambeth

Doing the Lambeth Walk

By Michael Groce

Inspired by: LyricFind

Songwriters: Richie McDonald / Steve Diamond

Lambeth Walk lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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Brixton People's Kitchen Cafe

Black Prince Road


SE11 6AA

United Kingdom

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