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Vaccination the question Vaccination the science

About this Event

This is an amazing opportunity to hear Dr Jayne Donegan, a practising GP that we are bringing all the way to South Wales!

I first heard Dr Donegan in 2018 and was blown away by the mountain of knowledge she has, unfortunately the majority of her lectures are held in England, and with a family it is very difficult to get to her. so we have decided to bring her all the way to south wales so that others can also benefit from her.



2.30pm - 4.30pm

Vaccination – The Question – Did vaccines stop people dying from diseases? Do they stop you from getting the disease?

Is there a question?

Isn’t it scientifically proved that vaccination is the single most effective cause of improved health in the 20th and 21st Century?

Extensive investigation of the science behind the hype led Dr Donegan to radically change her views. She believes that every parent should be given the opportunity to see that vaccination: its safety and efficacy, is not a black and white issue, so that they can make fully informed choices about their health.



Journey – how a doctor could change from being a firm supporter of the ‘Universal Childhood Immunisation Program’ to strongly questioning its validity

Why morbidity and mortality from infectious diseases has fallen so drastically over the course of the twentieth century, are our children more healthy?

Natural infections and immunity

Vaccination and artificial immunity

Specific diseases and their vaccines

Extra Questions/ Plenary

Should you vaccinate your child or not? Only you, as a parent, can decide what is best for you and your family

5.30pm - 7.30pm

Vaccination the Science – Does it Stand Up to Scrutiny?

Ticket price will also include hand outs that can be taken home.

Following on from ‘Vaccination – The Question’ and ‘Nursing Children Supportively Through Acute Illness’ this lecture examines the subject of vaccination safety, efficacy and immunity in more detail. We will look at what the science tells us and discuss whether the evidence stands up to scrutiny. With specific reference to MMR and whooping cough vaccine trials, adverse event reporting, meningitis ecology, ‘flu vaccine, and nutrition vs vaccination. If you are a parent researching the subject of vaccination or a practitioner with an interest in the science of immunity and natural health then this lecture is ideal for you. With her medical background and years of research into the subject of vaccination Dr. Jayne Donegan will guide you through the correct way to read medical papers and help you to interpret the science in an interesting and accessible way.


Part One

• Medical papers will be distributed for use during session

• Introduction

• Users’ guide to detecting misleading claims in clinical research reports – ‘Don’t read the conclusions!’

• ‘Placebo’ controlled trials – with MMR vaccine as example for delegates to analyse in group or pair work with feedback and discussion.

• ‘Vaccines are extensively tested’ – MMR vaccine and monkeys

• Facilities for reporting Adverse reactions in Europe – are they fit for purpose?

Part Two

• ‘Placebo’ controlled trials – with the Ad Hoc Pertussis Group studying the Swedish development and testing of the acellular vaccine for delegates to analyse in group or pair work with feedback and discussion.

• What happened when Sweden withdrew the whole cell whooping cough vaccine in the 1980s.

• Acellular pertussis vaccine vs Natural disease.

• Can vaccination against one organism increase susceptibility to infection by another?

• Vaccinating children against ‘flu – does the evidence support this?

• Analysis of a ‘flu vaccine study.

• Nutrition vs Vaccination

• Plenary


That those participating

Achieve an understanding of the validity of claims made in scientific papers

Learn how to spot inconsistencies

Have practical experience of doing this

Appreciate the fact that there is scientific evidence available that supports what

many holistic practitioners believe from their empirical and philosophical practices

Are stimulated to further study in this area


This talk is being held within four miles of Bridgend town centre and conformation of the venue will be disclosed once payment has been accepted. There is a bus that runs from Bridgend to the venue. Should the venue change after booking we will ensure that the new venue is kept as close to the current venue as possible.

This is a non profit event and any money made will be donated to a local child to help towards the cost of speech therapy.

Refunds will only be issued if the event is cancelled (minus the booking fee).

This event is not aimed at children, however they are welcome to come along if the parents feel they would be happy to sit quietly throughout the talk.

Due to the limited space please email if your child needs a seat for the event.

Under 16's are free, if you have a child age 16 - 18 wanting to attend please email for a discount price.

Please note this is not an "anti vaccine" event, this event is being held to get factual information out to members of the public. Any one showing signs of aggression will be asked to leave.


Date and Time





CF31 1BB

United Kingdom

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