Cyber Security Awareness Strategy (CSAS) Workshop Moves to GITEX in Dubai | Visit DSMC Member CompTIA | NB: Time & Venue - ( Zabeel Hall Z-M39 (
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** Cyber Security Awareness Strategy (CSAS) Workshop | DSMC Member Delegation Visit to GITEX

Special Venue: CompTIA @GITEX
Invite | CompTIA @GITEX

DATE: Tuesday, 18 Oct.
TIME: 12:30 - 14:00*
(NOTE: New Time & Venue | GITEX Registration Required Separately | GITEX Registration - Click Here ( )

LOCATION: CompTIA Booth - Zabeel Hall Z-M39 - GITEX

2016 | Session Listing | Cyber Security Awareness Strategy (CSAS)
9 Sessions DATE: Monthly | 3rd Tuesday | 09:00 - 12:00 LOCATION: Armed Forces Officers Club, Abu Dhabi
1. Information Security Systems and Organizational Awareness
2. Legal and Ethical Practices in Information Security
3. Information Security and Organizational Change
4. Design, Development and Evaluation of Security Controls
5. Security Policies, Standards and Procedures
6. Forensic evaluation and Incident response Management
7. Cyber Security Common Domains
8. Managed Security Services
9. 20 Critical Security Controls & NERC-CIP

Session Duration: 2.5 Hours
Frequency: Monthly | Per Calendar Year
Delivery: Field Expert with Group Session including Q&A
Format: Presentation Material & Hand-Outs
CSAS Workshop | 2016:
January | Tuesday, 19 Jan.
February | Tuesday, 16 Feb.
March | Moved to April | @ISNR
April | Tuesday, 19 April
May | Tuesday, 17 May
June | Tuesday, 14 June
July | Break - Eid
August | Break - Summer
September | Tuesday, 20 Sept.
October | Tuesday, 18 Oct.
November | Tuesday, 15 Nov.
December | Break - Winter
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