Dungeons & Dragons - Candlekeep Mysteries!

Dungeons & Dragons - Candlekeep Mysteries!

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Dungeons & Dragons 5e: Candlekeep Mysteries - Presented by Ystradgynlais Library

About this event

This online event is suitable for all who are interested. :-)

Our current adventure in the series is Level 6, called 'Book of Cylinders'

Fifteen years ago, the Book of Cylinders fell into the hands of the archivists and librarians of Candlekeep as part of a collection of works recovered from a ruined keep in Tethyr, far to the south. It describes a conflict between a settlement of grippli (froglike humanoids distantly related to bullywugs) and an invading force of yuan-ti. The explorers who found the Book of Cylinders and bore it safely to Candlekeep claimed it wasn’t a historical account, but a warning of dire events yet to unfold.

We will be able to provide everything needed to play, so bringing a character is optional!

We will be playing an adventure provided in this fantastic series of separate stories set in the Forgotten Realms library itself, known as Candlekeep.

Each adventure in this anthology embraces one of the following narrative conceits:

The characters discover a book in the library that contains a mystery. Getting to the bottom of this mystery requires embarking on an adventure!

The characters come to Candlekeep on a quest for information, perhaps to solve a crisis elsewhere in the world. During their research, they uncover a book and the mystery it contains, which leads to adventure.

These short adventures work best with players who like mysteries and discovering their secrets. That said, each adventure contains opportunities for exploration, role-playing, and combat, to appeal to players of all persuasions.

Your DM: Dimensional Maniac

Any queries, feel free to email Ystrad.Library@Powys.gov.uk

Dungeons & Dragons - Candlekeep Mysteries! image
Dungeons & Dragons - Candlekeep Mysteries! image
Dungeons & Dragons - Candlekeep Mysteries! image
Dungeons & Dragons - Candlekeep Mysteries! image

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