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Easter Break Retreat to Glastonbury - Himesh Gohil and Steve Nobel

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You're invited to spend the Easter Weekend immersing in magic and flow with Steve Ahnael Nobel and Himesh Gohil and explore, energise and sink into the deep Avalon magic.

This is a four day retreat running over the Easter Weekend (Friday 14th April to Monday 17th April 2017). All experiences listed below will be provided for as part of the experience. Travel, food and accommodation are not included as part of the retreat and all participants will be provided with information on some of the travel and accommodation options that are available.

20 centuries ago Jesus the Christ anchored a new frequency of love on the planet. Today we are in the predicted period of awakening where Christ Consciousness is returning. In this time, the energy is manifesting as a mass awakening rather than through one individual spiritual master. This retreat is an opportunity to explore the higher octaves of consciousness that are available to us now. We will call in these frequencies in the landscape of Glastonbury with its deep pagan and Christian heritage. Using meditation and simple ritual we will connect with the highest frequencies of ascension light otherwise known as the Cosmic Christ Consciousness.


Over the course of the four days, we will be running a number of conscious activities to connect you to the land, use the power of the area to help you in attuning to the Christ Consciousness, use guided meditation and channelled healing to assist you in dissolving blocks you have to your inner Divinity/Christ light and taking you to some of the magical portals of energy surrounding the town of Glastonbury.

A full retreat itinerary will be sent to you on request.

On this retreat you will have the opportunity to experience

  • Healing meditations where we will connect you to the Cosmic Energies and assist you in your spiritual growth with this vibration

  • Outdoor connections allowing you to get in touch with sacred nature spots

  • Social connections, you will have the opportunity to connect with and grow with like minded souls

  • Free time to explore a town full of vibrant energy and experiences

  • Free time to soak in the beautiful nature surrounding the area

Please read below for retreat details. If you would like a full briefing pack or have any enquiries, email your request to enquiries@lcspirituality.org.uk and we will send you a briefing pack and answer any questions you have.


Deep in the Somerset countryside, surrounded by peaceful nature, green fields of abundance and far away from any major cities, the small town of Glastonbury stands holding it's own unique vibration. Many spiritual travellers come to this land to soak in and energise in the heart centred energies of the place and some stay to never return, enchanted by the love and magic of the place.

Sitting in the Vale of Avalon, Glastonbury holds the energies of the fable of King Arthur and magical stories of that realm. There is the magic of those times blessing the area and many that travel here have felt is and are returned to past life memories of Avalon.

Internationally known as the Heart Chakra of the Planet, Glastonbury is a place where you can connect to and energise your heart Chakra. Many that travel here find closed hearts start to open or find that their heart centres vibrate that much higher and cleaner.

There certainly is a special energy in the land that helps foster new and special connections for us all. We have a special line up of energy and activations for you all to experience the Glastonbury love for yourselves


An ancient tower called the Tor sits atop of a distinct hill creating a marker to be seen in all the surrounding lands. There are many mysterious theories about the Tor and the hill it sits upon but what we do know is sitting on top of the intersection of a number of Ley Lines creating a special energy portal which can be distinctly felt by those that are sensitive to it.

We will visit this site spending some time connecting to the relic and the land around performing meditations and directing energies for a powerful energetic experience


These magical gardens at the foot of the Tor, are a place for silent meditation and reflection. This is a site with a history full of holy significance and many stories connect it to the Holy Grail of Christ and Mary Magdalene. A natural spring runs under these lands and you can drink from this spring as well as sit and meditate by the Well which are both revered to have healing properties. The water reddish in colour is highly oxidised and believed to have a strong feminine balance.

We will visit the Gardens and give you free time to connect and meditate in these healing area.


A vibrant town centre not like any typical high street you've seen. Much like the magical area around, the high street is full of shops selling crystals, wands, essences, books, shamanic instruments and anything else the spiritual explorer is looking for. With lots of conscious food shops (as well as naughty ones) pubs, the Goddess Temple and Glastonbury Abbey there's lots of do and enjoy in the town centre. Dressing up is not uncommon in this town so don't be surprised to meet Angels, Witches, Faeries and Wizards on your travels.

You will have free time to explore the town, shop, eat or connect with some more of the spiritual sites around the town.


• The retreat will start at 2pm on Friday 14th April at our venue in the town centre

• On each day there will be a mixture of indoor meditation/guidance/healing work, outdoor connections and free time to explore.

• Travel can be either by car, train and taxi or coach. We will provide transport options on request.

• Accommodation can be at one of many B&B's or hotels around the area. Please book early to get the accommodation you require before it get's booked up

• The retreat closes at 2pm on Monday 17th April

This is a non-residential retreat running over four days. You will need to arrange your own transportation and accommodation.

There are two daily coach services which run from London to Glastonbury, regular train services to Castle Carey which is a 20 minute drive from the town or own transport by car is a good option. Car pooling is recommended and will be discussed in the information pack when you book.

Plenty of accommodation is available in Glastonbury town and the surrounding area, we recommend booking your retreat place and accommodation as soon as possible to ensure a better choice of accommodation to suit your requirements and budget. All retreat activities will be in the town centre of Glastonbury.


Four days of spiritual guidance, healing and integration the price of £400.

A £100 non refundable deposit will secure your place with the balance due on 29th March 2017

A full payment of £400 will secure and confirm your place.

To secure your place, you can book online using the ticket links above

Please note once you have paid, no refunds are offered. Our refund and cancellation policy is linked here; LCS Retreat Refund and Cancellation Policy



Himesh has developed a structured and grounded spiritual practice which he has a passion to share with the community. He loves talking about how to develop powerful spiritual structures and helping other find their own unique gifts.

Himesh specialises in clearing energetic blocks, emotional trauma and mental obstacles in an all round energetic cleansing therapy. He’s a master of energy flow and intuitively directs energy with a skill developed from a study of both Eastern and Western spiritual practices.

Himesh is a senior manager at the London College of Spirituality orchestrating content, structure and energy for the service and enlightenment of mankind.


Steve is an author of five published non-fiction books, his latest being Starseeds (Free EBook). He is a coach and a book mentor. He was director of the not-for-profit organisation Alternatives (based in St. James's Church, Piccadilly, London W1) for 13 years and in that time helped organise around 1300 author events.

He has been exploring personal development, and spiritual awakening for around 25 years. He has also interviewed over 300 spiritual authors/teachers for a number of podcast platforms. He is the founder of Conscious Media which hosts free audio interviews and meditations to assist in the ascension process. He has over 15 years experience in public speaking, workshops and he has run retreats around the UK, in Europe and also in North America. He is a regular facilitator with LCS. He is the creator of the Soul Matrix Healing method. He is a father, a grandfather and a regular visitor to Glastonbury.

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