Edinburgh 4 Week Foundations of Mindfulness - Thursday Evening Class
Edinburgh 4 Week Foundations of Mindfulness - Thursday Evening Class

Edinburgh 4 Week Foundations of Mindfulness - Thursday Evening Class

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OMH Therapies (Rooms)

1a Randolph Crescent

Edinburgh, United Kingdom

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Starting in Edinburgh West End on Thursday 29th September and running for 4 Tuesdays until 20th October 2016!!!

Four 50 minute classes, starting at 6:10pm every Tuesday for four weeks. Classes are seated (no cushions or sitting on the floor).

This course is practical, non-religious and suitable for absolute beginners or those that have tried a meditation/mindfulness practice in the past.

"We now have evidence that engaging in pure mental training can induce changes not just in the function of the brain, but in the brain's structure itself,"

Richard Davidson, a neuroscientist at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

"Our results suggest that long-term meditators have white-matter fibers that are either more numerous, more dense or more insulated throughout the brain," Luders said. "We also found that the normal age-related decline of white-matter tissue is considerably reduced in active meditation practitioners."

Eileen Luders, a visiting assistant professor at the UCLA Laboratory of Neuro Imaging

Meditation & Mindfulness research shows that this practice can:

  • Reduce stress, anxiety & overwhelm

  • Enhance learning & memory

  • Increase focus productivity 

  • Help you sleep better

  • Improve immunity

  • Gift you with greater coping skills

  • Reduce workplace conflicts

  • Improve communication & relationships

  • Enhance emotional intelligence

and more...

Mindfulness is a mental state achieved by focusing one's awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one's feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations, used as a therapeutic technique.

Google, Apple, Nike and Harvard now run mindfulness programmes and sessions for staff during work hours. 

About this course

We offer a simple yet highly effective way to reduce the stress, anxiety & overwhelm in your life. 

**Booking Essential!**

Non-denominational. No navel contemplating or weird postures.

We sit in chairs. Nourishing experienced trainer. Small class size 25 people max. FUN.

Four week course includes:

  • Four 50 minute classes every Tuesday for four weeks

  • Weekly emails (articles, instruction and motivation).

  • City Centre Venue (Edinburgh).

  • Daily Mindfulness (nine track) Downloadable Album (MP3 Audio Files).

  • Downloadable Workbook for the course.

  • Safe space to connect, learn & grow. 

What's on each week?


What Mindfulness is and what it isn't. Truths & myths covered.

What happens in your brain & body when you are stressed, anxious & overwhelmed.

How your life & work can benefit from beginning mindfulness.

Practical guided mindful meditation to conclude session.


​What happens when we overthink.

Why we suffer needlessly.

Dealing effectively with inner mind chatter (negative thinking) & what we can do to live fully.

Training our brain to benefit our lives.

Practical guided mindful meditation to conclude session.


Practical guided mindful meditation to begin session.

Models of Mindfulness & how they can be easily adopted into your life.

​Learning what our emotions are & how we can deal with them effectively.

Practical guided mindful meditation to conclude session.


Self-belief & self-esteem practices.

Gaining confidence in mindfulness & life.

Living mindfully day to day.

​Learning forgiveness.

Practical guided mindful meditation to conclude session.

Refund policy and money back guarantee

Should you attend all 4 sessions and are not completely satisfied then you will be entitled to a 50% refund.

How long is each weekly session?

Each class is 50 minutes long.

Who is it suitable for?

This course is for you if you:

  • Feel a sense of frustration most days of your week.

  • Feel disconnected from your life.

  • Feel stressed &/or anxious

  • Get easily frustrated.

  • Feel unfocused.

  • Are always using the phrase "I'm far too busy," & "I don't have time."

  • Wish that there was something you could do to stop all of the above.

  • You have never tried meditation and/or mindfulness before.

  • You have tried meditation and/or mindfulness before but not kept up a regular practice.

  • You are over 18.

What others have said about Mindfulness Sessions with this trainer.

"I first met Yvonne when she was taking an introductory Mindfulness course. I found her easygoing and approachable, so jumped at the chance to continue working with Yvonne in her 'Monday Mindfulness' programme. 

Monday Mindfulness ended up being with a bunch of other busy working women. Yvonne's down to earth attitude and sense of humour made it a safe place to relax and share quite personal stories. I found I would really look forward to Monday evenings! 

I would highly recommend Mindfulness with Yvonne as a coach. She is relaxed, warm, friendly, and has a very genuine interest in helping people attain their best. Thanks!" 

Ellen.D, Wellington, NZ

"Yvonne makes mindfulness relevant to everyday life. When I started the introduction to mindfulness course I wasn't really sure what to expect but I immediately found Yvonne so easy to understand and relate to, and she has a wicked sense of humour!  

She explained mindfulness in a way that really made sense to me. I found myself nodding lots, laughing out loud and leaving the weekly class feeling much more relaxed and present. I had been through a bit of health related trauma and wanted to calm all the anxiety and negative thoughts in my head so I could be present and think more clearly. 

Mindfulness has definitely started to that for me and now I feel Yvonne has sparked an interest that I want to keep learning more about."

Krystle, Wellington

"I was intrigued to try meditation, having had trouble sleeping for some time. I realised I needed to chill out a bit, and Yvonne's weekly meditation class was an opportunity to relax, take time out for myself, and reflect on the pressures of everyday life. Yvonne has a lovely calm aura about her. She provides fantastic, thoughtful advice on different methods to improve your lifestyle and ‘deal’ with the thoughts that are distracting you. 

Something I've taken away from the course is the ability to concentrate on myself 'in the moment', to disguise any underlying worries or thoughts in my head. I even passed this advice onto family members – when taking my stressed out father for a bushwalk we concentrated on observing the environment around us to take his mind off worries. By immersing in the moment he even noticed a cliff behind the bush line that he’d never seen in the 20 years he’d been a regular on that track!

Yvonne has taught me that self love and being kind to yourself is the key to happiness – and I would happily recommend to anyone some of her clever techniques to help with this!"

S. Wellington

For more testimonials please visit the website www.mindfuel.me.uk/testimonials

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OMH Therapies (Rooms)

1a Randolph Crescent

Edinburgh, United Kingdom

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