EIT Digital Summer School Kickoff March 5th to 6th, 2020

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EIT House

7 Rue Guimard

1000 Bruxelles


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March 5th to 6th, 2020 (noon to noon)

Brussels EIT House, Rue Guimard 7, 4th floor, 1040, Brussels, Belgium

The EIT Digital Academy Summer School days is the kick-off for the 2020 summer schools. We will scrutinize the practical steps for implementing successful summer schools and we will point out the novelties for 2020 and beyond.


- Summer School Local Organizers of 2020 (‘LO’)

- Summer School I&E coordinators (‘IEC’)

- EIT Digital Innovation Leaders (‘IL’)

- EIT Digital Node Directors and CLC managers involved in the summer schools


1) Face-to-face training and practices-sharing workshop for Summer Schools organizers

2) Face-to-face training-the-trainers and practices sharing for Summer Schools I&E coordinators

3) Summer Schools community building, strategic alignment for 2020


Thursday March 5th, 2020

12:00 – Walk-In Lunch

12:45 – Welcome – Timo Nyberg

13:00 – Evaluation and feedback from 2019 summer schools: Erik Jansen

13:30 – Personal introductions, experiences and questions, moderator: Akos Wetters

14:30 – Practices sharing on key topics – Breakout session (#1)

15:30 – Focus Areas, SIA and company contacts: Petri Liuha (tbc)

16:30 – Objectives 2020 and 2021, local engagement and impact: Timo Nyberg

17:00 – Networking session

19:00 – Diner

Friday March 6th, 2020

09:00 – Wrap-up

09:30 – Summer Schools I&E guidelines (#2) (LO/IL/IEC) Frederic Renouard

10:00* – Summer Schools I&E Methods and Techniques (#3) (IEC)

10:00* – Summer Schools Organizational Guidelines (#4) (LO/IL)

11:00 – Summer schools local and global visibility - campaign case (tbc)

11:30 – Closing session (PLENARY)

12:00 – End

*parallel sessions

(*1) Key topics for practices sharing in breakout sessions: (to be checked for priority)

- Summer School Community of Practice and Groups of Competences

- Program chair, role play between AL, LO, I&E coordinator

- Cases and case providers

- Teams building and teams handling

- Project work sequence and dynamics

- Hypothesis testing, data collection

- Tools and techniques: creativity, ice-breaking

- Tools and techniques: design-thinking

- Tools and techniques: alternative BM tools

- Tools and techniques: entrepreneurial finance

- Tools and techniques: values and sustainability

- Tools and techniques: communication, collaboration, leadership

- Jury, assessment, grading

- Dealing with press

(*2) Summer Schools I&E guidelines (30 minutes’ presentation + 30 minutes’ discussion):

(according to the I&E guidelines chapters)

A. Scope and aim of the Summer School for I&E education

B. Organization and key roles

C. Milestones and key dates

D. Points of attention

E. Before the Summer School starts

1. Getting projects cases

F. Summer School sequence

I. Follow-up opportunities for best project

J. Reporting on the Summer School

(*3) Summer Schools I&E Methods and Techniques (30 minutes pres + 30 minutes discussion):

(according to the I&E guidelines chapters)

1. Intended Learning Outcomes

2. Teaching methods, assessment

3. Positioning with regard to the first year EIT Digital Master School I&E Education

E. Before the Summer School starts

2. Participants online pre-assignment (‘Starter Kit’)

F. Summer School sequence

Alternative BM tools

‘Day 1’ example/blue-print

G. Building and handling the teams

H. Assessment and Grading

1. Pitching of the business proposal

2. Written report

3. Grading principles

4. Grading delivery

Recommendation and best practices (three slides)

(*4) Summer Schools Organizational Guidelines (20 minutes pres + 40 minutes’ discussion):

1. Organizational tasks breakdown and budget rules

2. Balance technical contents and project work

3. Company engagement, case preparation

4. Recruiting external participants

5. Objectives 2020; sustainability

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Date and Time


EIT House

7 Rue Guimard

1000 Bruxelles


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