Elastic Therapeutic Taping in Head, Neck & Orofacial disorders Course

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The Pace Centre - Family Services

156 Wendover Road

Weston Turville

HP22 5TE

United Kingdom

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This 2-day course has been designed for speech language therapists, occupational therapists & specialised health professionals

to demonstrate how elastic therapeutic taping can be used as sole treatment modality or together with and complementing other therapeutic interventions.


Esther is a dental nurse, paediatric and sports physiotherapist, TMJ therapist, SEAS scoliosis therapist. Certified in: NDT-Bobath, Vojta, Sensory-Motor Therapy, OMT, Early Intervention & NDT-Mueller pre-logopedia.

Esther is the internationally recognised expert in ETT she is consultant, developer, researcher, author and worldwide instructor.

Esther has published the taping manual

Elastic Therapeutic Taping in Paediatrics 2013

To find out more about Esther go to facebook:



The course aim is to familiarise the participants with Elastic Therapeutic (Kinesio/Kinesiology) Taping. Current literature, the existing and new hypotheses are presented and critically appraised. At the end of the course participants will have knowledge of the background, the applications and the evidence. They will be proficient in creating and applying specific tape applications.

Theory lectures using power point and discussion. Clinic practice: using the tape on each other using case examples, pictures and videos.

Tape can be used in the following conditions:

- Neurological dysfunction, injury (CNS & PNS)

- Musculoskeletal problems (upper limb, rib cage, head & neck)

- Feeding and drinking difficulties

- Voice disorders

- Breath support

- Blood & lymph flow dysfunction

- Pulmonary & colon dysfunction

- Pain, swelling, trauma

The possibilities and impossibilities of using tape on young children and adults are discussed in detail. Videos and photos of various cases will be presented on both days.

Part I

Theoretical background, principles, material, shapes and techniques. Introduction to various treatment models. Indications and contra-indications. Anatomy & physiology skin, fascia and dermatomes.

Part II

Clinic: muscle and ligament technique in upper limb, cervical spine & trunk for orthopaedic & neurological disorders, pain and post-traumatic symptoms.

Mini-tapes and taping haematomas and scars

Part III

Pros and cons taping young children & elderly patients.

Clinic: lymph technique in cervical spine, face and neck.

Taping diaphragm & respiratory muscles using various techniques.

Taping possibilities constipation

Influence colour tape.

Part IV

Specific Application:

Cross patches (TMJ dysfunction, arthritis, scars).

S-tape, T –tapes, OO-tape, Lip-tape, Dysphagia tapes.

Dermatome and cutaneous nerve tapes.

Opportunity to contribute questions regarding your own cases.


The online certificate will be sent to participants that have been actively involved and attended the whole course.

Online groups: check open FB page called Elastic Therapeutic Taping in Head, Neck and Orofacial Disorders and join the Facebook group called Elastic Therapeutic Taping if you are interested in the background and theory.

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Date and Time


The Pace Centre - Family Services

156 Wendover Road

Weston Turville

HP22 5TE

United Kingdom

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