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Embodying Integrity: Thriving with the Four Powers of Integrity

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Forest Row Community Centre

Hartfield Road

Forest Row

RH18 5DZ

United Kingdom

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What is it?

This is a series of classes for those who want to master being fully alive, connected, and of service. Integrity, or wholeness-in-connection, is the root of wellbeing, the source of “being lucky”, and the foundation of high quality relationships. Of course there is no such thing as “perfect integrity”; this is a place of practice for those who want to continue learning and developing.

CLASS 1: Introduction to the Four Powers of Integrity; the One Problem in Life and How to Solve It

CLASS 2: Embodying the Power of Appreciative Awareness

CLASS 3: Embodying the Power of Authentic Communication

CLASS 4: Embodying the Power of Creative Responsibility

CLASS 5: Embodying the Power of Impeccable Completion

CLASS 6: Playing with Transformation: Peer Coaching using the Four Powers

What will we do in class?

Our exploration will include movement, breathing, guided awareness, coaching conversations, play in pairs or small groups, and whatever improvisational exercises come up from the needs or inspirations of the group. Mostly we will be indoors, but sometimes we may go outside.

When will we meet?

That's up to you. Sessions will be 90 minutes. Would you rather do 1:30pm or 7pm? If we have enough registrations, I will run two sessions a week (afternoon and evening); otherwise, I will hold only one.

Who are you and why are you teaching this stuff?

Well, really I am offering this because I find that my practice of integrity is more effective when I am doing it with a community of committed learning partners! But.. quick bio.. I trained with shamans in the American Southwest in the late 1990s and picked up my coaching and teaching qualifications through an apprenticeship with Drs. Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks. I've also taught chi gung and taekwon-do, and trained with some of the core Integral Theory folks. But my biggest learning in integrity has come from my practice in relationship with my wife; my practice with colleagues has offered a lot of learning too. The framework of The Four Powers of Integrity, and the practices around it, are my synthesis of my last twenty years of living and learning, and that's what I'll be sharing with you as a framework for our exploration together.

What are the Four Powers of Integrity?

The Four Powers are skills that happy successful people use every day as they go about learning, relating, creating, and getting things done. They are the foundation skills for effective leadership and for guiding transformation (either as a coach or counselor of some kind or as a group facilitator). You could use these mastery statements to get a sense of them:

Appreciative Awareness: “I consistently pay attention to myself and others in a way that creates positive change.”

Authentic Communication: “I fully reveal the truth of my thoughts, feelings, actions and intentions, and I fully receive the truth of others’ thoughts, feelings, actions, and intentions.”

Creative Responsibility: “I take ownership of every situation in my life by acknowledging my role in creating my experience and by playfully inventing ways I can create what I most want.”

Impeccable Completion: “By doing what I love, keeping or consciously changing all my agreements, and wrapping up anything which feels incomplete, I care for myself and others.”

Why is there a free ticket option?

If you aren't sure you want to take the whole course, you are welcome to come for the first one, and then (if there is still space) decide to pay for the full course. Of course, I also offer a 100% money back guarantee -- if you sign up and then you decide the course is not for you, I'll give your money back. But please do only buy a ticket if you feel clear that this is the right direction for you to explore! If you want to save a few pounds by paying me directly by BACS, rather than going through Eventbrite, please contact me.

What's the refund policy?

I offer a 100% money back guarantee on the current session and any remaining sessions in the course. If this course is not right for you, I do not want you sticking around because you've already paid! But of course I will also listen with open ears to whatever concerns you might have, and would do my best to resolve any issues I can while staying within my own integrity! If for some reason I ask you to leave the course, I will also give you back money for the current and any future sessions.

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Forest Row Community Centre

Hartfield Road

Forest Row

RH18 5DZ

United Kingdom

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