Empathy Café: Empathy for each other in this time of crisis

Empathy Café: Empathy for each other in this time of crisis

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The Climate Hub

67 New George Street



United Kingdom

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A meeting where individuals share their journeys. We cheer them along the way, laugh with them, cry, and feel connected at the core.

About this event

We organize regular regenerative cultures sessions where we use a particular form of active listening called Empathy Circle. During the session, each person has an opportunity to speak and be heard a few times. The method is simple and easy to learn.

In this, we create time and space for those feelings and thoughts that often get pushed aside in the busy working week.

By nurturing emphathic listening we would like to look beyond the surface of what bothers us in everyday life, to slowly reveal what it is that we are actually longing for.

You may watch a 9 min video (https://bit.ly/HowToEmpathyCircle) or read our leaflet (https://bit.ly/EmpathyCirclesProcess).

This can also be used for team building excises and to restore connections that can sometimes become strained due to isolating working practices.

Facilitated by Dean Bowles

--- HOW TO JOIN ---

Come to The Climate Hub for 7pm on Thursday.

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