Empowering Women's Circles - 8 week Journey of Self Love

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Are you longing for a place where you can feel safe, seen and heard? A place to belong? Where you can feel loved, supported and celebrated?

About this Event

Do you have a yearning for deeper, more authentic and meaningful relationships? A place where you can share anything and all of you without feeling judged and shamed. Would you like more consistency in connecting with others where trust, safety, love, openness, intimacy and support are some of the core values?

How could your life change if you were able to have more self-awareness, create more balance and learn greater communication skills to deepen and strengthening all your relationships?

The connection found with a group of women creates a safety and depth that only women can provide. Join us as we journey together and receive ongoing love, support, inspiration and empowerment!

What you'll receive:

• 7 group sessions

• 1 private session with 2-3 exploration partners

• 8 weeks of ongoing connection, love and support

• 2 x 20 min check ins with Maria

• 1 hour private session with me (Original price £55-£150)

• Bonus material (Tools, Exercises, Daily)

• Being part of a growing community of Empowered Women

How you can empower yourself:

This journey requires that you give yourself 20 min/day or a minimum of 2 hours a week to receive space for you. This is a time for you to explore the daily inspiration sent in a WhatsApp group, go deeper into each archetype, learning more about yourself and transforming your life.

What you’ll experience:

A new found love and appreciation for yourself through re-connecting with your body one part at a time over the 8 weeks. Inviting in more presence, pleasure and deeper more meaningful relationships.

Week 1 (9th of March) 'The Arrival'

This is our first gathering where you'll have a chance to 'land', get to know the other participants a bit more to create a safer, deeper and more potent space for us. You'll be able to have more time with your exploration/explorations partners too. We'll be meeting with less structure and more flow to ease into our continued journey together.

Week 2 (16th of March) ‘Feet’

Our feet carry us forward in life, they create freedom of movement, grounds and connects us to mother earth and holds the foundation of which our body is held to stand on. If you are a ‘thinker’ or ‘creative’ it is really important to practice being grounded as otherwise it can lead to exhaustion, anxiousness, disconnection and even sickness. We often forget about our feet and how important they are to us so bringing our focus here, will give us some needed love and attention. It may help you manifest more of what you wish to receive in life as we’ll be reflecting on where we currently are, our direction and what steps to take. We will practise giving love to our feet, whilst also working on goals and our dreams.

Week 3 (23rd of March) ‘Bum’

We walk through life caring less about our bums unless we’re interested in highlighting this part of our body to receive attention from men, whilst being aware of sitting on comfortable surfaces. We’ll have different feelings about our bums at different times of our lives. It can bring us physical sensations of comfort, discomfort, pleasure, emotional safety and nourishment. It can also be an area that we feel insecure or shameful about. We will practice being aware of and bringing more comfort to this area, whilst exploring feelings of insecurity and shame.

Week 4 (w/c 29th of March) ‘Hands’

Our hands are where we’re able to physically feel our way through our lives, create from and express ourselves. They carry such a big role day to day in how we experience our reality. How often do you give love and attention to this part? Our hands deserve a big portion of love and nourishment. Our hands have many spiritual meanings and one of them with both our hands is the representation of balance, Yin and Yang. We will practice nurturing our hands, reflecting on and creating more balance in our lives, whilst looking at how we express ourselves creatively.

Week 5 (6th of April) ‘Stomach’

Our stomach’s are literally at the centre of our bodies. Internally what we eat and drink can greatly affect our lives physically and emotionally. “We are what we eat” What we ingest can either be our medicine or what makes us ill, both physically and mentally. This part of our body is where we often feel our inner strength or weakness. By paying attention to this area we can create the strength needed to move forward in life with more certainty. We will practice exercises to strengthen this area, create relaxation and also reflecting on what we eat physically and mentally to support ourselves more.

Week 6 (13th of April) ‘Back’

Having a strong back can help us physically feeling supported and therefore also emotionally. Someone’s posture can sometimes give us a clue into where they’re at in life. Putting our attention on how we can support ourselves first and simultaneously looking at where we may need support from others will be our focus here. How do you support yourself? Who is supporting you (has your back?) Do you know how to and are you willing to receive? We’ll be doing a 30 min yoga session to learn how we can strengthen this area of our bodies, whilst also bringing in more flexibility in our spines. We will practice physical strength exercises and stretching, whilst looking at how we can support ourselves and strengthening our support network.

Week 7 (20th of April) ‘Breasts’

These parts of our bodies are the main area that outwardly represents our femininity. For some it can physically and emotionally feel like a burden if they are too big, so they come in the way whilst exercising. Also emotionally they may complicate things romantically during the first part of our life’s as there can be an obsession with large breasts until we find a healthy relationship with them. Likewise small breasts can create insecurity in us, depending on beauty ideals and support around us. So breasts are greatly a part of our sexual expression as women and also nourishment to our babies in motherhood if we choose to breast feed. We will practise enhancing our relationship with this potent part of us, learn to nourish ourselves better and look at how we can express ourselves with more confidence sexually, grounded through our heart centre.

Week 8 (27th of April) ‘Head’

What an important part this is for us! Our mind can play tricks on us and we can loose ourselves there too, unless we keep a balanced mind, surround ourselves with a close network of family and friends that can help us to stay humble so our ego doesn’t expand to unhealthy heights. When we are able to navigate our minds well and utilise our third eye, our intuition, in combination with our hearts and gut feeling we are really able to step into our power. We will practice re-balancing our minds, cultivating our intuition, also giving our head some physical love and attention.

What will we be doing?

We will be connecting with, giving love, nourishment, attention to different body areas each week and in this way deepening our relationship with ourselves, grounding and learning to love ourselves to greater heights of feeling and being. As we’re improving our relationship with ourselves and fall in love with our bodies and selves, we are able to deepen other relationships in our lives. As we feel better it’s possible to attract new opportunities, as we feel more certain and confident in ourselves more certainty is able to manifest, as we become more clear about our direction we’re able to create a more pleasurable and abundant life.

Some of the modalities include – Guided Meditation, Sound Healing, Transformational Movement (Dance), Family Constellations, Ancestral Healing, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Authentic Relating and other yummy treats.


***Early Bird price!*** £140 if purchased by midnight 28th of February (5 tickets available)

• £240 (£30/week low income)

• £280 (£35/week medium income)

• £320 (£40/week high income)

If you don't wish to have the private session with me here are what is needed as contribution:

• £160 (£20/week low income)

• £200 (£25/week medium income)

• £240 (£30 high income)

This can be paid in instalments, a part payment now and the rest when you are able to afford it. I'm also open to a part payment and exchanges of services. (Limited space for this option!)

The dates are Tuesday 9th, 16th, 23rd and w/c 29th of March. 6th, 13th, 20th and 27th of April. (Instead of meeting on 30th of March with the whole group you'll connect with your exploration partner on a day that you decide.)

***A minimum of 6 women required for our journey to begin. Therefore the dates may change. We need you to devote yourself to at least 6 sessions to preserve the feeling of safety and intimacy. Also for you to receive as much as possible from our time together.***

What has been shared about previous women's circles:

“Maria is holding such a beautiful space, in which you just feel immensely supported and taken care of. You are free to share your thoughts, emotions and anything you want to express, just your whole being, without any judgements, but received with pure love. I deeply thank you for that beautiful experience and your courage to hold space for people so they can express their inner truth and also be vulnerable and open. Thank you and Namaste.”

– Maximiliane Anna Doll

“I have spent various times over the past 6 months with Maria at events and in person after meeting her over a year ago at a most interesting meditation class. There’s something fully encompassing about the way Maria holds her meetings and the whole experience is something I would recommend to anyone with an open mind. The circles are a lovely way to meet new people and experience unique emotions. The 1:1 sessions are a fantastic way to explore inside yourself and prioritise what you need to be the best possible you. Thank you for everything Maria.”

– Cheryl Brint

"I met Maria in the context of an Authentic Relating event in a huge circle of people and was immediately drawn to her strong and grounded yet - I just can't find a better word - angelic presence. She is a very special person with a wealth of knowledge about creating connection both to ourselves and others and the profound wisdom of the heart that the world now needs more than ever. I look forward to being and growing in more spaces facilitated by her. Thank you for being here for us, Maria."

– Stefanie Ettman

"I met Maria at The Lodge Space in London many months ago. I immediately felt connected to her. She has a beautiful presence and her energy is so peaceful and joyful.

I was going through a challenging time when I went to my first Empowering Women's Circles in person.

It was so transformative. I cannot express with words how powerful, fulfilling and connecting it is to be surrounded by women in a non-judgmental space.

Each journey and exercise I've taken has allowed me to move further and to grow. I believe every woman should try it at least once.

Maria has helped me in so many ways, through her I found my inner guide and how to trust my intuition. She creates a safe space and makes sure everyone is heard and seen. The last journey through a private circle was awesome.

Maria is so dedicated to our group and to her work. She has inspired me deeply, and I know my life wouldn't be the same if our paths didn't cross. Maria is a loving friend to me now and I'm so grateful for her commitment and pure heart.

I recommend these circles to anyone looking for connection, friendship and support."

– Maiara Rodrigues

Facilitated by

Maria is a mother, holistic therapist, women's empowerment coach and workshop facilitator. She has a passion for awakening women’s ability to heal and to become their full selves.

Maria enjoys assisting people through life cha(lla)nges, creating loving, safe spaces to invite their true selves connecting deeper within and with others. In group contexts she opens up the opportunity for everyone to be heard and seen through authentic sharing which creates more intimacy, trust and deeper more long-lasting connections. As people find more meaningful relationships, they are able to be supported on their journeys which is key to mental health, inner and outer transformation.

Maria has 11 years experience helping others privately and in groups. She is qualified in Swedish Full Body Massage, Angelic Reiki, Life Coaching, EFT & Matrix Re-imprinting, Theta Healing, Sound Healing, Authentic Relating and Systemic Constellations/Ancestral Healing

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