ENABLING SELF-ORGANISATION • How To Liberate Your Team's Potential •
€400 – €1,000
ENABLING SELF-ORGANISATION • How To Liberate Your Team's Potential •

ENABLING SELF-ORGANISATION • How To Liberate Your Team's Potential •

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MicroTOOL GmbH

Voltastrasse 5

13355 Berlin


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How can I take ownership of my team's results while letting go of controlling micro-management?

Self-organisation is central to agile and scrum teams, as well as liberated and “teal” organisations generally. It's simple in theory and (surprisingly?) hard in practice, as it is emergent: true self-organisation is a property that arises in dynamic systems when certain conditions and constraints play together in “just the right way"… and each system has its own unique combination for “just right”.

"Great inspiration and new points of view on the known topic" Timofey, participant

Self-organisation is happening all the time. The question is: how effectively is it happening in your world?

Facilitating effective self-organisation is not simply a matter of applying an algorithm, or mandating new operating procedures, or having good intentions. It is a demanding ongoing developmental process which takes maturity, courage, and dedication over time.

So what does your team need to self-organise more effectively, and what gets in the way?

That's the focus of this intensive 2 day workshop, designed and facilitated by Adam Pearson and Olaf Lewitz.

Is This You?

  • You are a lead/er in a progressive and transforming organisation.

  • You're exploring self-organisation, but it isn't delivering what you or your bosses expected.

  • You sense the potential is there, but you're not sure how to move forwards without micromanaging.

"a good grounding in the dynamics needed to enable self-organisation in groups" (name withheld by request)

This 2 day experiential training is designed to prepare you as a facilitative leader in self-organisation.

We will explore:

  • The fundamental shift of mindset needed to lead in new self-organisation environments.

  • The fundamental principles which allow you to design and facilitate self-org in your unique circumstances

  • How awareness of context is critical to alignment in thinking and action, and how you can make context management a part of your team culture.

  • Embracing trust in uncertainty

  • The dynamics of power, authority, and control in individuals and teams

  • The conditions needed to achieve what we really want: making customers happy with awesome services and products delivered sustainably by thriving teams.

You will learn:

  • The power of heuristics in navigating complexity

  • Why the most important team to lead is you

  • Why self-organisation takes heart, head, and hands doing good things for good reasons in good ways

  • The 2 driving forces, 3 languages, and 4 master skills of self-organisation

  • The hidden dynamics and tensions that drive self-organisation

  • The history and future of leadership in complex systems

  • How to customise support for each team member individually

  • A leadership navigation tool you can always rely on

Your takeaway:

  • Confidence in your ability to lead a self-organising team

  • A robust map for navigating self-organisation

  • A summary workbook and communication plan for sharing the basic principles with your team

"I learned a lot. I liked the abstract level of content, which makes it easier to apply to things." Dario

Don't push the river - let it flow!


  • This workshop will be facilitated in English.

  • All ticket prices include MwSt. @ 19%

  • A full cooked lunch will be provided, according to your dietary preferences, together with refreshments and snacks through the day.

  • A pre-workshop questionnaire will be sent to you after booking. This will help us to tailor your experience to your particular needs.

  • If you are dissatisfied with the value you receive from this workshop, we offer a full money-back guarantee!

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Date and Time


MicroTOOL GmbH

Voltastrasse 5

13355 Berlin


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