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A meeting of self-connection & connection to others.

About this event

Hosted by Francesco Coni

- every 2 weeks ie: on SUNDAYS

- at two different alternating Times (just click on "Select a Date" to view which dates begin at which time)

- ONLINE on Zoom

- whatsapp 07765164873 for any queries


What is an Encounter Group?

An Encounter Group is essentially a field where you can grow, experiment and practice being authentic. It is based on person-centred values and provides a space to meet one another in more profound and personal ways than is possible in most social relationships.

Encounter Groups have a way of surprising, transforming and mixing things up. The shared intention of honesty invites a caring, genuine and intimate exchange. How you use the circle is up to you. You may find yourself for the first time standing up for yourself, speaking your truth – or expressing your vulnerability and owning some unfulfilled needs.

We invite you to pay attention to the things that are touched in you as you participate or witness others in their interaction. More than anything, Encounter Groups are a fertile ground for self-discovery. Even in your silence, you will learn much about who you are and where you wish to go in your life.

You don’t need to bring any specific issues along. The happenings in the group will naturally bring up anything you might not be quite at peace with and the invitation is always to be honest about what is going on for you. It is here where you can start meeting not just the others, but yourself!

The unfolding of the action, whatever that is on the day, is something that you can develop a deep relationship with and so everything that happens can become highly significant to your personal journey.

We as facilitators do not aim to engage you in talking therapy. Instead, we hold the space and support the group in finding its most real expression and connection.

What are the ‘rules’?

We agree on staying in the circle for the duration of the session.

Aren’t Encounter Groups very confrontational?

There is no agenda of confrontation. You may witness more boldness among participants than you would in a conventional context and we invite you to stay in touch with whatever that brings up for you, e.g. shyness, anxiety or anger. You are always free to share when you experience something in the group as challenging. It can be very liberating to own how you feel and it may trigger an important process in the group and for yourself.

Is this therapy?

No. It is a Self-Exploration workshop.


Neither the facilitator nor the group are there to sort out anybody’s specific life problems - after all, 'encounter group' does not mean 'group therapy'. It could sometimes feel daunting to stand up for oneself but can be most empowering. Nonetheless participants are always welcome to share with the group when they are struggling with something that is occurring for them in the present moment.

Do you have any helpful guidelines?

There is no agenda

as to what is supposed to happen.

In fact, the space may be used by people in any way they like.

This freedom creates an ambience of permission and exploration.

The invitation however is to focus on what is happening RIGHT NOW. Rather than reflecting on and discussing the past, the invitation is to see what impulses and feelings are arising in this very moment.

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