Energy Healing: personal Reiki treatment

Energy Healing: personal Reiki treatment

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Give your self a moment of deep peace and relaxation as you effortlessly receive Reiki, the universal healing energy in the comfort of home

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Reiki is a Japanese relaxation technique with many healing benefits. A healing session is usually experienced as deeply soothing and relaxing. Reiki is natural, universal energy which is channeled for the highest good of the receiver on all levels; physical, mental, emotional, energetic and even spiritual. The client doesn’t need to do anything particular meanwhile receiving Reiki. The energy is always good energy by nature which helps to move energy in your system to release energetic blockages, stagnation and debris to allow life force to flow through to support the innate self-healing.

As client you may ask to receive healing for specific purposes and set an intention for the treatmetn. It can be for events from the past, happenings in the future, or for current struggles, hardships, knots and pains in the present moment. The treatment is holistic and works in benefit for any imbalances that stems from root level. Many people connect to a deeper source of wisdom within, thus you might find answers hidden in other realms of consciousness than your everyday thinking mind.

Wear comfortable and warm enough clothes during the session. Reiki is most comfortbaly received meanhile lying down on a yoga mat on the floor, or even in your bed. You can choose to sit in a meditation pose too if you can uphold it for half an hour.

The treatment itself usually takes around 30-40 minutes, and afterwards we share our expereince verbally with each other.


  • Single session: 30 £
  • 3-pack of sessions: Totally 75 £ (Ord. price 90 £)
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Personally, I practice Self-Reiki on a daily basis. I also receive treatments from other Reiki practitioners regularly in the continuation of my journey of personal discoveries. Both these strengthen the Reiki connection that enables me to keep channeling energy for others.

Welcome to book a treatment, or a pack of treatments, either to yourself or someone you love and care for 💜

With healing and peaceful vibes x


Spiritbird Yogi

For questions, welcome to connect via email:

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