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Bombay Chamber of Commerce

Mumbai, MH


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delivered by Dr. Debashish Sengupta

By 2025, millennials also known as the Generation Y, born between 1980 and 1996, will make up roughly 75% of the world’s workforce. By 2028, the last of the boomers will be reaching retirement age, Millennials will make up roughly three-quarters of the work force by this time and the oldest millennial, will be still quite young at just 47, will be entering leadership position. Are organizations ready for this burgeoning new generation that is entering the workforce in large numbers? Do they have leadership style and organizational design to engage them? Facts suggest on the contrary, most companies are struggling to keep the millennial workers happy and engaged. The 2016 millennial survey by Deloitte on India has alarming news for companies. By 2020, majority of the millennial or Gen Y workers are likely to change their companies. The survey also points to the fact that this lack of loyalty may be a sign of neglect that millennials might be facing in their organisation.


The training workshop based program focuses on a comprehensive understanding of what millennial engagement entails. The key takeaway for participants would be a thorough understanding of the practice of engagement, and the ability to leverage organizational design and leadership style for engaging millennials at workplace. The program will focus on mapping the association between millennial employee engagement across functions and the pursuit of business strategy. In doing so, participants will work as teams in engineering leadership styles and organizational design, and employ it to realize strategic objectives. Millennial engagement is a function of understanding of this cohort. Understanding how their behaviours are different and more importantly why they behave differently, why their mind-sets are different, goes a long way in charting an appropriate leadership style that better suits in leading millennials. The sessions will also explore how engagement within a firm can be scripted as a default initiative via an engagement enabling design. Structure, reward systems, and culture issues entrenched within organizational design will be studied. The challenge of engagement measurement is universal. Thus understanding value from the perspective of employee as a proposition will also be explored as part of the program.

Moreover, focus will also be on identifying millennial employee pain-points to craft episodic engagement initiatives that deliver.


On completion of this program, participants should be able to:

  • Comprehensively understand the practice of Engagement. Develop a thorough understanding about millennials, their behaviours and mind-sets.
  • Underlying complexities behind their behaviour will also be unravelled.
  • Develop a deep empathy about the lives of millennials and therefore better understand millennial workforce.
  • Understand and appreciate the relationship between the leadership, organizational design and engagement.
  • Appreciate how current leadership style and organizational design is a misfit for engaging new generation employees.
  • Appreciate how the leadership style and Design elements can be engineered to impact millennial engagement.


  • Understanding the Practice of engagement.
  • Millennial employees and Engagement Challenges.
  • Developing Deep Empathy about Millennial Employees.
  • Leadership Style for Millennial Engagement.
  • Organizational Design for Millennial Engagement.
  • Elements of Design Practice.


Training will be conducted through the use of collaborative methods, mostly in workshop mode. These will include:

  • Case studies.
  • Group Discussion
  • Lecture
  • Breakout sessions


The program is best suited for:

  • Senior leadership.
  • Middle and Senior level managers from all functional backgrounds.
  • HR leaders and HR professionals.


I. Understanding the Practice of engagement

  • What exactly is Employee Engagement – thrashing out the myths.
  • The Power of Engagement
  • Boosting engagement as an organizational practice

II. Millennial employees and Engagement Challenges

  • Who are Millennials?
  • Why is engaging Millennials significant?
  • Why do they behave differently?

III. Developing Deep Empathy about Millennial Employees

  • Exploring Millennial Wellness Elements
  • The sum total of Millennial Happiness

IV. Leadership Style for Millennial Engagement

  • Why traditional model/methods failed to engage millennials?
  • The New model of Millennial Engagement.
  • Cognitive Engagement elements for Gen Y
  • Affective Engagement Elements for Gen Y · Exploring role of leaders and managers.

V. Organizational Design for Engagement

  • Designing Talent Market Place to leverage on talent.
  • Designing Role based assessments.
  • Design of new Performance management system
  • Eliminating unproductive complexity.
  • Modifying performance metrics and reviews.


Dr. Debashish Sengupta is a dual Ph.D. He completed his Ph.D. in Management from Central University of Nicaragua (UCN), Nicaragua and Universidad Azteca, Mexico, accredited by ASIC, U.K. He also holds a Certificate in ‘Social Psychology’ from Wesleyan University, US, Certificate in ‘Leadership Development’ from Japan Management Association Management Centre. Dr. Debashish Sengupta is the co-author of the Crossword Bestseller and KPMG cited book, ‘Employee Engagement’. He has authored 5 other acclaimed books. He is currently authoring a book on millennial engagement titled ‘Life of Y – Engaging Millennials at Workplace and Marketplace’ being published by Sage Response.

His research papers have featured in leading international journals. He is a featured Judge at Engage International ( ) a U.K.based Global Engagement consulting firm; for the Lotus Award – given every year to companies with best engagement practices. Recently he was featured globally as the ‘author of the week’ by PM World Journal, USA to honour his research contributions. He occasionally writes for reputed business media publications. His strategic and practical insights guide leaders of large and small organizations worldwide, through his teaching, writing, and direct consultation to major corporations and governments.

Dr. Sengupta is a prolific speaker at various business forums. He is Professor of HR & Strategy at Alliance School of Business and Program Director of Alliance Ascent College, Alliance University, India. He is also Visiting Professor at GCBS, Royal University of Bhutan. Besides this he has taught in various international exchange programs, students from across US, Europe and Far East.

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Bombay Chamber of Commerce

Mumbai, MH


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