Sales Ended Education Day for ELT Teachers Autumn 2017 in Osaka

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NIC International College 大阪校


大阪市北区, 大阪府 530-0003


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プレゼンター: Deborah Grow氏 (English Garden/Kimbo)、 Daniel Teuber氏 (Perceptia Press)、 Brad Perks氏 (Perceptia Press)、 Stephen (Steve) Hampshire氏 (Perceptia Press)、 John Spiri氏 (Global Stories Press)、 Paul Goldberg氏 (XLearning Systems)、 Leon Butchers氏 (AGO)、 Ian Bosiak氏 (e-future)、 Hans Janssen氏 (Thinking World)、 Eric Kane氏 (ELF Learning)、 Kenny King氏 (Maple Leaf Publishing)、 Mark Kulek氏 (MSC Press)、 James Hara氏 (ABC Pop Phonics)、 Koichiro Kaetsu氏 (インタートランス)、 Malcolm Harding氏 (West Japan Cambridge Centre)、 Hiroko Sekiguchi氏(

会場:大阪府大阪市北区堂島2-1-7 NIC International College 大阪校


10:00 開場

10:30 1st プレゼンテーション開始

16:15 最終プレゼンテーション開始

17:00 閉会


New Information!!! 当日のスケジュールはこちら



※英会話スクールの皆様お誘い合わせのうえ、奮ってご参加下さい!! is happy to invite you to a day of practical presentations by authors and publishers. Entry is free! Come to talk with, learn from and share ideas with some of Japan's favourite authors of English learners’ textbooks!

Gain teaching tips, valuable inspiration, and have a look through the presenters' educational materials designed to motivate learners of all ages!

A must for all those teaching English as a foreign language!

Reserve in advance to get a mini gift pack!!

Presenters: Deborah Grow (English Garden/Kimbo), Daniel Teuber (Perceptia Press), Brad Perks (Perceptia Press), Stephen (Steve) Hampshire (Perceptia Press), John Spiri (Global Stories Press), Paul Goldberg (XLearning Systems), Leon Butchers (AGO), Ian Bosiak (e-future), Hans Janssen (Thinking World), Eric Kane (ELF Learning), Kenny King (Maple Leaf Publishing), Mark Kulek (MSC Press), James Hara (ABC Pop Phonics), Koichiro Kaetsu (インタートランス), Malcolm Harding (West Japan Cambridge Centre), Hiroko Sekiguchi (

Venue: Osaka, Osaka-city, Kita-ku, Dojima 2-1-7, NIC International College

Date/Time: 2017/11/26(Sun)

10:00 Doors open

10:30 First Presentation

16:15 Last Presentation

17:00 Doors Close

Cost: Free

New Information!!! Click here about the Schedule on the day!

You are welcome to our event without registering. If you register, you will have a special registration desk at the event where you can pick up an event bag with a pen, clear folder and a post-it booklet courtesy of publishers.

※Group registration is not possible. Please register as an individual.

※This event will be beneficial to all teachers in your school, please spread the word!

Date and Time


NIC International College 大阪校


大阪市北区, 大阪府 530-0003


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