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Enterprise Agility Masterclass with Simon Powers | London - November

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Adventures with Agile

Central London

United Kingdom

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What people say about this class:

"Excellent, thought provoking, fascinating class" - Andrew McIntyre - Agile Coach

"Challenging and thought provoking, this course has provided me a view of the path for my future growth and has furnished me with tools to make it a reality" - Tim Robinson - Agile Coach

"Very useful for those aiming to achieve organisational transformation. Amalgamates the different approaches available in the industry currently." Geetha Ramachandran - Senior Scrum Master

"If you've got agile experience, understand all of the basics well and have struggled with agile bubbles, changing mindsets or understanding why a change in one place worked and it didn't in another. Or if you are any type of agile leader! Then this is definitely the course for you. You can expect to meet a brilliant cohort of people, learn lots of tools and techniques, have at least one big leap for mankind on your personal journey, and finish three days wondering how so much went into three days. This training is the top of the jigsaw puzzle that you didn't realise you needed in order to understand the wider picture. " - Sarah Toogood - Scrum Master

"Really enjoyed the course. The content was exactly what I needed at this point in time. Very thought provoking." - Geoff Goddard, Agile Coach

"Eye opening! I'm only just at the start of the journey with Agile Transformation. The course will be the foundation of my success with that" - Martyn Thompson - Delivery Manager

About the Enterprise Agility Masterclass

Are you tasked with helping organisations transition to agile? Do you want to learn how to engage leadership in conversations about culture? Are you wanting the skill set to coach and mentor at the exec level? Would you like to understand the principles and patterns for organisation design and how this relates to agile?

This course will teach you how to navigate the difficult parts in agile transformation, which of course are people and their behaviours. Simon Powers, founder of Adventures with Agile, will cover both people and process challenges while using real world case studies and examples on how to really make agile transformation work.

By attending this course, you will increase your skills and knowledge that will enable you to mentor and coach others, work at scale across multiple teams, influence and help managers, leaders, and other areas outside of delivery teams.

This class can be taken with the Coaching for Enterprise Agility course to combine Organisational Change Process, Human Change Process, and Organisational Level Coaching, Communication and Education techniques with the structure, process, leadership and cultural perspectives that this class provides.


  1. Protocols for Team Emotional Intelligence (TEI)
  2. Who are you? – A look at identity
  3. Complexity and systems thinking – going beyond Cynefin
  4. Organisational culture and structure
  5. Engaging leadership in conversation about culture
  6. Executive coaching, mentoring, facilitating for leadership development
  7. Executive teams
  8. Enterprise Agility
  9. Business agility
  10. Principles and patterns for organisation design
  11. Lean
  12. Process and Process improvement
  13. Agile frameworks for scaling
  14. Measuring performance and governance
  15. Technical craftsmanship
  16. Sustainability in health of an agile enterprise

The content we will share with you underpins the consultancy work we do with our large clients adopting agile on a large scale.

This course is ideal for Agile practitioners who want to increase their scope of influence and to become more effective at changing behaviours and implementing processes. It is based upon the experience of running multiple agile adoptions and on the work of those who have trained and spoken at AWA events over the last few years.

The Enterprise Agility Masterclass includes learnings from:

  • Don Reinertsen

  • Lyssa Adkins

  • Craig Larman

  • Scott Ambler

  • Sharon Bowman

  • Michael Sahota

  • Dave Snowden

  • David Anderson

  • Many more…


For attendees to:

  • Demonstrate the skills needed to fulfil an Agile Coaching Role
  • Be able to solve real business problems with both large scale agile processes and the corresponding behavioral changes needed
  • Coach, mentor, and train others on agile and lean beyond the context of a delivery team
  • Influence and help managers and leaders
  • Shift your own consciousness up a level and learn how to help others do the same
  • See agenda for full learning outcomes.

Who Should Attend:

  • Scrum Masters.
  • Anyone who wants to succeed as an Agile Coach.
  • Anyone who wants to get a deep understanding of Agile transformation.
  • Anyone who wants to understand the deep psychological changes that are occuring across the world.


You will get more out of this course if you have a basic understanding and experience of team based coaching such as a Scrum Master role, or you have some management experience across multiple teams but now want to learn about agile at scale.

What You Will Receive:

  • Course manual and notebook
  • Content that underpins AWA Consultancy that will help you understand the why and how organisations change
  • Improved skills and knowledge that will enable you to mentor and coach others
  • Skills so that you can work at scale across multiple teams
  • An understanding on how to influence and help managers, leaders, and other areas outside of delivery teams.
  • Access to monthly coaching sessions for all EAM alumni
  • Access to Slack channel community for all EAM alumni
  • Tasty breakfast and lunch, and teas/coffees/water
  • Membership to Adventures with Agile community for organisational change and agile.

Recommending pre-reading:

We will be sending out pre-course reading ahead of the class. In the meantime we recommend reading the following articles:

Your Trainer

Simon is the Founder of Adventures with Agile. Simon helps his clients to be agile through his holistic and incremental approach so that they can achieve their business objectives. By working alongside the exec and their reports on behaviour and process changes, Simon provides solutions to solve complex problems with large numbers of people.

Simon’s focus is on exec coaching, mentoring, and training. He also regularly speaks at business conferences on organisational change strategy, and lucky enough to have trained with some of the best agile and lean thought leaders in the world.

He is winner of multiple agile awards, and has written several articles, which have shaped they way people think about agile and organisational change.

Simon is a Large Scale Scrum (LeSS) Practitioner, a Black Belt Disciplined Agile Coach, ICAgile Certified Professional Coach (Institute of Coaching), Certified Agile Leader, SAFe Program Consultant, Certified Training from the BACK of the Room Trainer, Certified Scrum Professional, and is working towards his post-graduate Professional Coaching qualification with Chester University and Barefoot Coaching.

We're endorsed by the Scrum Alliance

By attending this course you will be eligible to earn up to 15 Category C SEU Points.

Speak to the training organisers - Adventures with Agile

To speak to the organisers of this course for further details:

  • Call: 0203 369 1125
  • Email: training@adventureswithagile.com

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Adventures with Agile

Central London

United Kingdom

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