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The Foundery

18 Plaça Reial

08002 Barcelona


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Do you have great ideas? Do you need help launching them? Imagine feeling like a Superhero when sharing your ideas!

This 3-session Storytelling Workshop Series,

'Communicate Your Ideas With Confidence' (details below)

will help you communicate your ideas more clearly and deliver them with confidence.

Join your Storytelling Guide, Holly Blondin, for a

FREE Trial Class

Wednesday 10 JANUARY 2018

12:00 - 13:00 @ The Foundery Barcelona

Enjoy a CREATIVE hour during your busy day and meet likeminded people. Holly will introduce some of her interactive learning techniques used in the storytelling workshop series, where everyone will have the chance to participate and begin making their superhero transformation.

------- Below are details for the complete Workshop Series beginnig 17 January 2018. Limited space. 20% Early Bird Discount for registration before 20 December 2017. Those pre-registered are encouraged to also attend and enjoy the FREE demonstration class. -------

Communicate Your Ideas With Confidence

Storytelling Workshop Series in Barcelona

3-sessions: Wednesdays 19.30h - 21.30h

17, 24, 31 January 2018

17 January @ The Foundery

Session 1: Develop a Clear & Concise Message
Use creative writing tools to draft a 1-minute "elevator pitch" for business, or tell a meaningful story for social impact.

24 January @ The Foundery

Session 2: Build Stage Confidence
Learn basic theatre & movement techniques to help manage "stage fright" and adrenaline.

31 January @ The Foundery

Session 3: Present, Practice, Critique
Practice makes perfect. Present your polished 1-minute story or pitch to the class for practice & share feedback.

Price: 120 € (includes all 3 sessions)

Register now!

20% Early Bird Discount when you register by Wednesday 20 December.

Limited space - 15 people. Small group size offers more presentation practice opportunities for each student.

Why Storytelling?

Business Innovation - Ideas, Leadership, Productivity

  • Communicate a clear company vision, and deliver your fresh ideas and research to others so they can understand and engage in your projects
  • Build confidence to speak comfortably in professional networking situations, team meetings, or important interviews
  • Entrepreneurs prepare for investment opportunities by developing a winning '1-minute elevator pitch' to present to investors and shareholders

Social Innovation - Lead people to change

  • Inform people on important global & local issues
  • Share what you are passionate about with others, and help them to better understand your ideas. Inspire people to join you in taking action!

Personal Growth - Build confidence and talk comfortably in social situations

  • Share more of yourself and your experiences to grow deeper relationships, and build stronger communities
  • Have fun telling stories!

Learn about your Storytelling Guide Holly Blondin - visit

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The Foundery

18 Plaça Reial

08002 Barcelona


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