Environment Links UK biennial meeting 2021

Environment Links UK biennial meeting 2021

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The levers for change: 2021 UK Environment Links networking with 4 online sessions: nature, ocean recovery, inclusive access, green skills

About this event

Across the UK, four Environment Link networks operate, one in each of the UK countries. Once every other year, all four Links offer all our members the opportunity to come together to discuss and explore key issues at a UK level. The aim of these meetings is to identify opportunities and challenges in each of the countries and at a UK level, to share lessons and solutions and to increase our knowledge of how each country operates within the environmental sector.

In 2021, this meeting has been transferred online as a result of the ongoing pandemic. This year, we are holding four separate 2 hour sessions, each themed and hosted by one of the Links. Each session explores a key theme: nature, ocean recovery, inclusive access, green skills. Our aims are to identify the levers for change each Link can pull to build progress.

We encourage all Link members, across all four UK countries, to register for the sessions in which they have an interest. This can be as few as one or as many as four.

We look forward to welcoming some inspiring and challenging speakers and seeing all our members there to help us pull the levers for change!


31 August 1130 - 1330: Session 1: Setting our seas on a path to recovery

Our seas are one of the UK’s greatest assets and yet, under pressure like never before. They provide vital ecosystem services, including food provision, protection from storms, nutrient cycling and mitigation of climate change impacts, but ongoing destruction of marine habitats and ecosystems impair their ability to provide these life-sustaining benefits.

Transformative change in how we use, manage, connect to, and ultimately protect and recover our ocean is urgently needed. To ensure that nature thrives, and the ecosystem service provided by the marine environment are available to future generations, our Administrations and Governments must commit to delivering ocean recovery.

For the opening session of Environment Links UK biennial meeting 2021, ScotLINK invites you to reflect on the actions needed to set our part of the global Ocean on a path to recovery! We will also showcase the inspiring stories of communities who work to protect and enhance Scotland’s marine environment.

Get ready to be inspired!

2 September 1130 - 1330: Session 2: Nature

COP-15 of the Convention on Biological Diversity will take place in China in early 2022. The outcome will guide global conservation efforts for a decade, and early indications had shown high ambition for halting nature’s decline and creating a nature-positive economy. Recently, however, ambition has wavered. What should we hope for from the negotiations in terms of targets, area-based protection and the crucial accountability mechanism? And how can the four countries of the UK contribute, collectively and through individual country-level leadership?

Join us for a look ahead at the negotiations and how the four Links can play a part.

7 September 1130 - 1330: Session 3: Could all jobs be Green Jobs?

The public profile of ‘green jobs’ is on the rise. Over the last year, members of Link organisations have worked hard to position ourselves as employers of good quality green jobs; the agents of a green recovery. However, recent reports, such as Westminster’s Green Jobs Taskforce, have placed emphasis on green skills and greening of the workforce as a whole.

In this online interactive event, we will consider the merits of broadening our vision for green jobs to include a much greater share of the 35 million employees. Where are the opportunities to involve all workers in positive steps towards recovery of nature and building climate resilience? Which professions could do with green skills injection from Link organisations? How do Link organisations help all of government gain a rounded view of what green jobs are, and what they can do?

Led by NI Environment Link and the Ecosystems Knowledge Network

9 September 1130 - 1330: Session 4: Delivering inclusive access to nature

A showcase of inclusive access projects from around the UK and an opportunity to learn more about the barriers faced by different communities when accessing nature and the countryside, how organisations have removed these barriers and made it easier for people to access nature.

Join us to hear more about inclusive access projects being delivered by the RSPB, Llais y Goedwig, Ramblers, Plantlife, Keep Wales Tidy and UK Youth for Nature.

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