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Marks Farm


cm7 3rw

United Kingdom

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Gong Bath Meditation with Nicky Moore.

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🌈 What is a gong bath?

Gong meditation could be thought of as just another fad activity but it is not. Gongs have been used as shamanic healing tools, celebratory instruments and a method of communication for thousands of years, and are undoubtedly part of the tradition that is sound healing, which uses techniques such as chanting, drums and Tibetan bowls to name few.

A gong bath is a form of sound healing meditation as a modern healing technique. It is referred to as a bath due to participants being immersed in the vibrations of the instruments during a session. No knowledge or experience is required and it can be viewed as a form of meditation accessible to everyone, rather than a chore or another item on your to-do list.

You will lay down comfortably under a blanket, potentially a yoga mat. The gongs are then gradually introduced and the vibrations of the gongs are absorbed throughout the entire body, which can help shift stagnant energies. Gong baths are often described as having transformational effects on body, mind, and spirit. The best way to understand is to experience it.

What are the benefits of a gong bath?

When something within us is out of tune it can cause disease to arise in our bodies. Factors such as stress, anger, trauma and environment in our daily lives may negatively impact us which can then manifest on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. The vibrations produced in a gong bath help to “tune” your body and therefore aid in restoring harmony and resonance throughout.

Another process that takes place is entrainment – the synchronisation of our fluctuating brainwaves with the stable frequency of the gong, which our brains acclimate to and unify with. This can also help create overall harmony within our bodies.

The sound of a gong helps the brain reach deep relaxation – specifically the delta and theta brain wave states, which are the slowest brain waves in humans. We tend to reach these states during daydreaming or deep sleep, and they are known to aid relaxation, creativity and natural healing. Your brain will find it challenging to follow the sounds of the gong, so you will likely enter a deep meditative state at least once during the session.

Gong baths are highly rejuvenating for the body and bring about an overall sense of relaxation, which can reduce stress as well as help develop a better ability to cope with stress, help move emotional blockages from trauma, and even stimulate altered states of consciousness. They may also encourage greater overall stillness and contentment.

🌈Sound healing can alleviate or cure many conditions such as:

– Anxiety disorder

– Stress

– Pain


– Mood swings or negative emotions

– Depression

– Psychological and behavioural disorders

It can also help manifest emotional and physical healing:

– Relaxation

– Improved memory and concentration

– Improved sleep

– Clarity and balance

– A healthier immune system

– Enhanced creativity

– Overall heightened awareness – of self and the environment

What should I expect during a gong bath?

Each person’s experience is, of course, unique but it’s possible for gong bathers to have a range of experiences from visions, to epiphanies, to creative solutions, and even psychedelic-like journeys. As gong baths are a mode of meditation through which the mind can become quiet, you may find that inspiration, new ideas, or breakthroughs come to you. You might like to have a journal with you to write down these thoughts afterwards.

You may experience a range of emotions and reactions such as laughing, crying, feeling scared or angry, and anything in between. Many people feel a sense of bliss and peace after a gong bath.

On a physical level, you might experience vibration in the body due to the intense and powerful sound-waves and vibrations produced during gong baths. Some people encounter this energetic clearing in the form of shaking or twitching in the body, usually through the hands and feet.

This is powerful and should be experienced.

I am pleased to invite Nicky Moore along for this session with her gongs. The session can be booked below and will take place once monthly.

Master of Gongs - Nicky Moore and her Paiste gongs.

Nicky is a Reiki pracioner and began her reiki journey 20 years ago. Nicky holds virtual and physical gong baths in her current role.

**Please do not attend if you are pregnant, suffer epilepsy, menieres or tinnitus. Implants of any sort. If you are unsure please get in touch**

Please bring. Drinking water, yoga mat or blanket, warm socks, pillow, blanket, eye mask.

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Date and time



Marks Farm


cm7 3rw

United Kingdom

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Organiser Essex Spiritual Center - Sharon Psychic Medium

Organiser of Essex Physical Event - Gong Bath Meditation

Although I am Essex based I work Internationally as a Spiritual Teacher and Medium, bringing spiritualism to many International clients and students. Everyone is welcome and everyone can be a part of Spiritual growth. I believe our gifts move with the times and changing circumstances and I am honoured to be a part of this and bring spiritualism to new levels. How I work with my gifts and how gifts develop over our journeys. Being a Medium I can communicate with the past life this is my gift and I use it to heal and help. This ability is known as mediumship. A mediums primary objective is to give proof of the survival of the human personality after physical death. Psychic gifts allow me to use extrasensory perception to identify information hidden from the normal senses, particularly involving telepathy or clairvoyance, or who performs acts that are apparently inexplicable by natural laws. The word "psychic" is also used as an adjective to describe such abilities. There is nothing more rewarding than bringing messages of love, thanks and support from those loved ones who are no longer with us. As a public demonstrating medium I have worked audiences and venues. I have supported local spiritual churches and spiritual centres and I am very happy to support charity and fundraising events so please do message me to make enquiries. If you are looking to develop as a medium in this area I have a unique online platform circle to attune and gain confidence.Whilst conducting a reading i share with you emotions, sadness, love and happiness. If you cry I cry, if a loved one cries we all cry. It is natural and sometimes truly gives healing and an element to any reading of reality.Being an Empath I can psychically tune in to the emotional experience of a person, place or animal. It is always a privilege to connect to loved ones who have passed over.

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