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United Kingdom

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Refund Policy

Refunds up to 7 days before event

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"You always have dreams but this workshop really made you think about breaking it down into achievable steps to actually move towards them." Laura

Following the success of the first two workshops, we are running another one!

However, as we want to spend as much time as possible working with the participants to develop their personal property business plan...so, we are making this event an exclusive VIPs only mastermind workshop.

See the highlights video here: https://www.realworldpropertytraining.com/rwpt-hosted-its-first-ever-workshop/

What is it?

The RWPT Property Business Mastermind Workshop is all about action. If you’ve ever been unsure of how to move forward with your property investing, not 100% confident of the best direction to take, or just want honest and realistic, external input into your plans, then this is your opportunity to gain complete clarity about your future action steps.

We focus on THREE CORE STRATEGIES that we have over 30 years’ experience in operating in the real world, so we can help with the wider perspective, as well as the detailed nitty gritty.

The aim of the Workshop is for you to leave with a clear goal for the next 12 months. Integral to that is a fast start for the first 100 days, including a personalised 360° Property Business Plan, and a detailed list of actions you need to hit the ground running.

Who is it for?

The exclusive VIP-Only 360° Property Business Mastermind Workshop is for you if you’re tired of not taking action and just want to get on with the next (or first) purchase. Or if you face a crossroads and need something of a turnaround.

If you fall into any of these groups, then the RWPT 360° Property Business Workshop will be perfect for you:

New – you may be new to property investing but are overwhelmed at the number of investment options out there

Frustrated – you have been talking about investing for over 6 months but still not “found the right one” or pulled the trigger

Confused – you have changed your mind a number of times on what is the best strategy to follow and what type of house to look for

Eager – you realise now that if you’d started when you first thought of it, you’d be so much further along

Accelerate – you are thinking of changing direction, networking with or even partnering with other more experienced investors to get ahead next year

How it works?

This is a small group (max 12 people) mastermind workshop format lead by two experienced property developers and coaches. There will be learning sessions delivered by Richard & Damien. Then break-out sessions with your peers, along with some quiet time to focus on your own personal plans. Finally, a personal live coaching session in each of the three main strategy areas:BTS - Buy to Sell (Trading properties)BTL - Buy to Let (Single let, HMO)JVP - Joint Venture Partnership (finding JV partners or JV funding for deals)

How to participate?

VIP Participant

"You've been great inspiration and teachers for me. I will definitely keep you posted on my progress. I have already implemented your plan, so I know what are the actions I need to take daily to reach my goals. Thanks once more. It wouldn't be possible without you." Valter

  • Prep work to be ready to hit the ground running on the day
  • Action-focused workshop for great value focused on results
  • Breakout groups iwith your peers for added support & networking
  • Live personalised coaching from one of the coaches
  • Exclusive - limited to a maximum of 10 places only
  • Intimate mastermind lunch with other VIPs and us!


  • Live coaching video (value £25)
  • Personal check-in after the event from one of us (value £200)
  • 3-month subscription-free Deal Tips Service (value £141)

Value of bonuses alone is £366


We provide some workshop pre-work to help get maximum traction on the day.We only have 10 VIP positions and so you will be invited to fill out our application to ensure we get the best fit for the workshop overall.

During the Event

Knowledge Sharing Sessions

We will share our full 360° Property Business Plan & 100-Day Fast Start Action Plan Templates, explaining each step for a common understanding. Every participant will have a workshop handbook to complete their personalised 360° Property Business Plan & 100-Day Fast Start Action Plan.

Break-out Groups

We will then breakout into smaller groups with your peers. This will enable collaborative action-planning and networking within a common interest group. We will get everyone in each group participating to start with and each VIP participant will also be coached by the workshop leaders to establish exactly where you are currently and where you want to be. All participants will get to get clarity on any areas of uncertainty they may have from the workshop leaders at the same time.

Focused Work Session

From experience we know people don't always manage to get their thoughts written down in a group environment, so we've allocated additional some time for people to focus on committing to paper their personal 360° Property Business Plan. We don't want you to leave the event without a completed plan!

Private Mastermind Lunch

We will break away for lunch for around 60 minutes to give you the opportunity to chat one on one with Richard and Damien and your fellow VIPs in a private, relaxed setting.Here you can run your future plans past the experts on the day, or get any specific burning questions answered and also network with other committed action-takers.This alone is worth the cost of the ticket!

Personal Coaching

Here we will work with you one-to-one going through your personal completed 360° Property Business Plan. Once we have a completed 360° Property Business Plan Templates, we’ll come back together to recap and share the short-term action steps required to achieve your longer-term goals.Once the formal workshop has come to a close, there will be an optional chance for networking with the other attendees and the workshop leaders during a sociable 'Happy Hour', before heading home full of ideas and excitement.

After the Event

We will follow up with you after your first 30 days to check on your progress as an added form of accountability.

Extremely useful. All about action!! Having been on several 'property events', nothing has made me focus on MY personal goals. But also adding realism, in a non-judgemental way & motivating me so I leave here today with exact action points, time-frames & targets. Thank you very much for a fun & insightful day.” Ankur

Risk-free Money Back Gauarantee

Everything required in the workshop will be provided for you, even down to a nifty notepad and pen.You will leave with your personalised version of the RWPT 360° Property Business Plan for the next year, including how to get started in your first 100 days… we’ll lay bare our 30 + years of collective experience and give you everything we know.If for any reason you aren’t happy with the day, just speak to one of the team and we’ll happily refund you the full cost of the course, plus the cost of your reasonable travel (provided you haven’t flown in from Brazil…)We are not hard sales people, we just believe in honest, sustainable and practical advice that can be the difference between success and failure in property.If you don’t feel that our values are fully aligned during the day, we don’t think it’s fair that it costs you anything. No hard feelings.

How can I contact the organiser with any questions?

Contact email: support@rwpt.info

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United Kingdom

Refund Policy

Refunds up to 7 days before event

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