Expert In Demand - London

Expert In Demand - London

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£595 – £995

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Radisson Blue Heathrow

140 Bath Road



United Kingdom

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Attract High-Value Clients in 90 Days without cold pitching or becoming a social media influencer

About this event

Do you want to have queue of clients wanting to work with you?

Are you frustrated by complex marketing strategies and want to find a simple and scalable way to sell your services?

Become the Go-to Expert for your target clients.

Learn the high-status ways to market and sell your services without needing a big crowd or resorting to cold outreach.

❌ You don't need paid ads

❌ You don't need complex funnels

❌ You don't need thousands of followers

❌ You don't need cold outreach

❌ You don't need automation

❌ You don't need a huge marketing budget

✔️ You need to become the Expert In Demand.

What does Expert In Demand Cover?

Expert In Demand is an intensive masterclass for subject matter experts who want to leverage their expertise as a marketing tool to get clients.

You will be equipped with the tools to attract high-value clients and avoid the low-status marketing and sales tactics, like cold pitching or sending sales pitches by email.

Experts don't hunt for work, they are sought out.

In addition to the full day of workshops, you get access to the digital library to help you implement the 90-day action plan.


You'll get the tools and training to enable you to:

  • Position yourself on social as the go-to expert for your target clients.
  • Leverage your expertise to show clients you can add value to their world.
  • Build an audience of fans who will amplify your voice and help you sell.
  • Marketing your services and programmes without ever cold pitching people.
  • Know how to create content which will consistently get you high-value clients.
  • Have a plan to onboard new clients every month like clockwork.
  • The Exact process to make this work in 90-days.

"We got our first sale for £2.5k following the changes we made"

- David

"My contacts have nearly doubled, my posts now reach thousands of views easily. It only takes a few minutes each day to post, and I can be sure the message just keeps flying with my target audience. I am seen and heard. People now contact me proactively, request connections and calls/meetings, turning the “selling chore” into daily highlights"

- Stefan

"The team at MAVERRiK have been excellent in supporting myself and my colleagues in understanding how we can maximise the benefits of social media. Working with MAVERRiK we have increased our client base significantly and transformed how we work."

- Anthony

Fantastic organisation which really helped my team to use LinkedIn much more effectively. As a direct result of the training, our sales & profits have rocketed. Thanks Dean & the team!

- Kris

"Dean clearly knows how to reach people via digital marketing, as well as train others in the same. His methods are both relatable and effective. I've already used the preliminary techniques that he shared to help build visibility for my own fledgling enterprise, and hope to work with him in the future as the organization grows"

- Dennis

What is an Expert In Demand?

There are five levels of authority. Many people think they need to have a large following and be recognised as an influencer or thought leader to get a queue of clients.

Level 1 - Commodity Trader - These people find buyers by promotion or cold outreach - No social authority is needed. They have to sell and promote daily. Downside: It's low status. Downside: You have to play the numbers game, which is low status

Level 2 - Sociality Seller - These people leverage the power of their relationships. Their revenue is contingent on them having a big circle and maintaining those relationships. Downside: Your network is your net worth. You have to consistently build strong relationships to win clients.

Level 3 - The Expert In Demand - These people leverage a relatively small audience and focus their messaging to elevate their personal and business brand and create their own demand. This individual can maintain key relationships whilst using their content to pre-sell and build new relationships. Downside: You have to nail your message and have a clear strategy to build Expert-Status. - That's how we help you.

Level 4 - The Thought Leader - This individual has to achieve widespread acknowledgement of their subject matter expertise and has built a respected following. This requires a level of content production, pr and audience building. It takes years to build and requires long term commitment. Downside: It takes considerable time to become high-status.

Level 5 - The Influencer - This is the pinnacle of social authority. Gaining a huge following who will take action based on your posts and content. This requires a significant investment to achieve and is out of reach for many. Downside: You need to achieve celebrity status.

The sweet spot for most subject matter experts is to be the Expert In Demand. You can achieve this in a short period of 90 days with a small audience (less than 500).

For most coaches, consultants and subject matter experts selling their expertise, know-how and skills, you can grow revenue to £1million per year by simply pursuing that Expert-Status.

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