Explaining Dajjal The False Messiah - A Whole Day Seminar In Birmingham

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South Birmingham

United Kingdom

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Please read everything below before purchasing your tickets:

This All-Day teaching seminar in Birmingham on the topic: Explaining Dajjāl the False Messiah is, perhaps, the first of its kind ever to be organized in the modern age. The topic of the seminar must be recognized as one of absolutely supreme importance since Prophet Muhammad (صلي الله عليه و سلم) warned that the Fitnah of Dājjal would be the greatest that mankind would experience from the time of the advent of Adam (عليه السلام) until the Last Day.

- For safety reasons the location will not be given until 2 days before the seminar, a private email with the exact location will be sent to everyone who has purhcased tickets and registered via Eventbrite.

Below is the breakdown of the day, please read:

- 11:00am - 12:30pm - Registration: Please arrive early so you can get seated in time for the seminar to start. Please also register & book your tickers via Eventbrite where a total fee of £5.98 is required, £5 for the entry fee as well as a £0.98 fee which Eventbrite charges to book it through them & it is required to book it through Eventbrite to make sure everything is done safely & properly & please also note we are only charging the entry fee of £5 to cover the costs of booking the hall & the PA system. The money left over from ticket sales will go towards sponsoring the Sheikh & please remember to show your ticket on arrival either by printing it out or by downloading it on your phone as tickets must be shown at the door in order to gain entry to the hall. Please also note once you have purchased your ticket/tickets no refund will be given because the £5 you are paying is a donation towards the hiring of the Hall & PA System & any remaining money will go towards sponsoring the Sheikh,

- Session 1 (12.30pm to 2pm): From Jesus the True Messiah to Dajjāl the False Messiah.

Why did Allah Most High promise to the Israelite people that He would send them a Prophet who would be known as the Messiah? Who is the Messiah? Why is he known as the ‘Messiah’? This session offers Islam’s unique eschatological answers which explain the advent of the Messiah, his departure from this world, and his subsequent return to the world in Ākhir al-Zamān. It is an explanation that will surprise the Judeo-Christian world.

What is the explanation of someone known as the false Messiah? Who is is Dajjāl and what is his mission? Where is he at this time? This session ends with an explanation of the Hadīth of Tamīm al-Dāri.

2pm to 2.30pm: Break for Salāt al-Asr, coffee, etc.

- Session 2 (2.30pm to 4pm): Dajjāl’s Modus operandi (i.e., his footprints).

How will Dajjāl seek to achieve his mission of impersonating the true Messiah?

  • His epistemological attack (i.e., his one eye) and Iqbal’s magnificent response.

  • The sun rises from the West with Modern Western Civilization. Dajjāl's three days – Pax Britannica, Pax Americana, Pax Judaica.

  • His feminist attack and consequent sexual revolution.

4pm to 4.30pm: Break for Salāt al-Maghrib, coffee, etc.

- Session 3 (4.30pm to 6pm): Dajjāl’s Mountain of Bread.

This exciting session explains the link between ‘money’ and the ‘shadow’, mentioned in the Qur’ān, which would come upon the world in three parts or stages. The session identifies the three stages of the shadow in the context of economic and monetary history of the modern western civilization, and explains Dajjāl’s use of money as his most formidable instrument for achieving his goal of ruling the world from Jerusalem. The session warns of the gravest danger of all which would emerge in one world currency which would replace today’s paper, plastic and electronic money (and crypto-currencies).

6pm to 7pm: Break for Salāt al-Isha, Dinner, etc. Rest period for speaker

- Session 4 (7pm to 8.30pm): An Islamic View of the End of History.

This final session is devoted to describing and explaining the time-line of events with which will culminate with the appearance of Dajjāl the false Messiah in person. He would attempt to rule the world from Jerusalem while making the (false) claim to be the true Messiah. This session explains the Malhama or Armageddon, the Conquest of Constantinople, an Islamic Alliance with such Christians who would be closest to Muslims in love and affection, the appearance of Dajjāl, and subsequent advent of Imām al-Mahdi and the return of the true Messiah, Jesus the son of the Virgin Mary. It describes the destruction of Dajjāl, as well as of Gog and Magog, and the subsequent return of the Khilāfah State in Jerusalem as the Ruling State in the World, and with the true Messiah ruling the world, and the simultaneous restoration of the Khilāfah State in Makkah with Imām al-Mahdi ruling with justice.

- Refreshments will be provided free of charge, but dinner will be on sale

- Both Muslims & Non Muslims Are Welcome

- Security will be present

- Car park available

- Books will also be on sale so please bring efficient funds

- Opportunity to get books signed & photographs taken at the end

- We have seats for 500 people so its first come basis so please buy your tickets as soon as possible to avoid any disappointment

- Both Brothers & Sisters are welcome (separate section for Sisters & Families)

- Please try not to bring any kids under the age of 10

- Regularly check on this event page for any changes. You can now purchase your tickets & please share this event with your friends and family.

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Date and Time


South Birmingham

United Kingdom

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