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Exquisitely Courageously You

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Old Laurentian Rugby Football Club

Fenley Field

Limetree Avenue


CV22 7QT

United Kingdom

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“The man who does not value himself, cannot value anything or anyone.” – Ana Rand

What does the word “Exquisitely” conjure in your mind? Do you believe you are unique? That you are beautiful, wonderful, lovely and delightful? Or do negative words come to mind? How about the word “Courageously” do you believe that within you is someone who is bold, fearless, enthusiastic, honest, gutsy and respectable? How many times have you tried to copy or follow the latest trend or fad, only to fall flat? Or said to yourself “if only I were like him or her, or if I had …”? What would you say if you were told that you are a miracle? That you beat the odds to be born in the first place? That you are unique and there are no carbon copies of you? You are one of a kind. You are powerful and strong with everything you need within to create a joyful, successful life from inside and not from outside of YOU!

Exquisitely Courageously You is a brand new 1-day event created to help delegates wake up the power of being themselves, unfiltered, authentic and unique, as well as helping you to create your own personal and unique toolkit of resilience and confidence to be just YOU.

Throughout this 1-day event and workshops the team will be assisting delegates to reconnect to the core of who they really are through:

  • Mind-set Mastery
  • Decluttering psychological junk which unconsciously holds you back
  • Uncovering lies, untruths and myths which unconsciously sabotage and impede our path to success
  • What self-love and self-care really are
  • Delve for treasures deep within
  • Power of harnessing intangibles qualities of kindness, gentleness, love, forgiveness and many more
  • Teaching effective techniques you can use at home to help release internal blocks that are subconsciously blocking your progress, and impeding your life in general
  • Insights and tips from our team who know the power of being themselves and have implemented powerful strategies of self-care and self-love which led them to experience extraordinary, profound lasting change.
  • Panel Q&A session – Ask the Experts

At this event you will also have the choice of attending 1 of the 3 coaching workshops being facilitated by our experts. These group coaching workshops have been designed specifically to enable you to take home and immediately use effective techniques to begin the process of the transformation of YOU and stepping into your own unique and authentic power.

Workshops are (when booking your ticket please select the workshop you wish to attend):

Workshop 1Self-Love Techniques/Visualation – Angela Gordon/Karen Baughan

Workshop 2The Journey of You (JOY) – Sharon Goeman

Workshop 3Discover More About Yourself - Deb Hawken

We are proud to announce the The ECY Event Team:

Meet The Team

Each are experts in their own field and come with real life experiences helping delegates craft and master their own personal plan of transformation.


Deb Hawken

Author, Mindset Coach, and professional speaker Deb Hawken, works to help people discover their authentic self, live their own truth, and love who they are unconditionally. She uses a combination of the spiritual thinking that saved her sanity, if not her life, and her training in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), counselling and life coaching. She is also a Law of Attraction Practitioner and an Infinite Possibilities Trainer. Deb has been speaking to audiences for over 20 years now.

One of Deb’s favourite sayings is “One must have chaos in oneself in order to give birth to a dancing star” (Nietzsche), which is how she became known as Deb Dancing star. Although Deb doesn’t believe that you must have chaos inside in order to become a magical human being, if you are feeling out of control you might as well use that information to help you to heal. She knows, she had the chaos and she used her problems to save her sanity; she also knows that your negativity is your greatest teacher.

Deb is married to a New Zealander, lives in Worcestershire, and is ‘mum’ to four cats of varying degrees of naughtiness. Her cat Charlie is the real star of her newsletter when he shares is ‘wisdomness’ with the world. You can find her book “Who am I, Where am I, What is this Place?” on Amazon, but if you see her at an event she’s sure to have a few copies secreted about her person.

At this event Deb is going to help you to find your authentic self, to step outside the structures that define us – race, colour, gender, weight, and so on – and become exquisitely, uniquely, fearlessly, proudly, you!

Sharon Goeman

Sharon R M Goeman is a Dutch mother of 2 boys and a true believer in miracles. She is originally from the Caribbean Island of Curacao, and lives and works in the Netherlands.

Half of Sharon’s career which spans 32 years, was spent as a Fraud Detection and Prevention Analyst, an expert investigator and counsellor in the field of identity theft. This job gave her an in-depth view into the personal lives of the victims and perpetrators of identity theft. Sharon saw a need for counselling and became a qualified Life-Coach. The traumas she was confronted with, made her question her own identify and at the age of 45 she embarked on a journey of personal discovery. Upon becoming unemployed at the age of 50, Sharon seized the opportunity to start living her true potential. As a Life Coach she became the developer of Mira-Mi and within a year a partner in an Employment and Development Agency for people over the age of 50. As such Sharon is also the facilitator of Match 50.

Sharon is a professional public and motivational speaker and a member of Allround Speakers in the Netherlands. She is the creator of The JOY-challenge, The Triple A development plan, and the Mira-Mi six step programme Journey of You. This programme is a product derived from Sharon’s own personal development and achievements. She is an avid believer that it is never too late to achieve what you believe.

At this event Sharon will be sharing some of the Mira-Mi 6-Step Programme Journey of You exploring the path to your inner strength.

Karen Baughan

NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP) Master Practitioner Coach and owner of Mind Unlimited, Karen Baughan, uses a variety of different techniques to help people deal with their negative emotions, such as fear, anger, and hurt. We all have active unconscious minds, and Karen helps people to be more aware of the limiting effect of their unconscious mind and stop it affecting the present, and therefore future.

Since studying and training in NLP, Karen has completely changed her life, moving from someone who had no confidence, low self-esteem, and was so stressed that she worried until her stomach was tied in knots, to a strong, confident woman. She was so terrified of mice that anything that even looked like a mouse, such as a dead leaf or ball of dust, would paralyse her with fear. Now she can even enter her garden shed on her own, something she could never have done before. She tried to deal with her fears and phobias through comfort eating, and not only has she overcome her eating disorder, she has also lost over 3 stone in weight.

Through doing the work she now teaches Karen has rebuilt her confidence to the point that she’s now a professional public speaker, as well as one of the Regional Directors of Business Networking Group, Chutney and Chat Bromsgrove. Until she became too busy she also facilitated and hosted Network Mummies events for the Redditch, Bromsgrove and Wythal areas; all things she could never have contemplated 3 years ago.

Married to her soul-mate and ‘rock’, John, they have 2 grown up boys that they adore, and a granddaughter who keeps them on their toes with her unique view of life, which she shares in the most adorable way. Like her grandmother, she creates a lot of smiles and happiness wherever she goes.

Karen's role at this event will be sharing her inspirational story, as well as teaching NLP techniques she uses daily to take care of herself, and will offer you stress-reduction and coping techniques which you will be able to use yourself at home.

More on the Power of Being Yourself

Sometimes definitions create limitations, restricting our capabilities and quest to live a fulfilled, joyous life. Defining yourself leads to criticism and judgement about who you are which in turn diminishes your true potential.

Today the societal trend is one of being manipulated, to consume as much as possible, to have the newest and latest of everything, designer brands, and in general far too much in its entirety. The message is if we do not have these things, or are not seen in certain places and hanging with A or Z we are subtly made to believe that there is something wrong with us. All too often we try to blend in, in the hope life will be more peaceful and easier. Yet inwardly we feel like we are suffocating or drowning. It can be frightening to stand out from the crowd and be happy with yourself.

Statistically this trend is now being abandoned for a less superficial life and the need to just be. It has been proven that a fundamental component of success is one’s ability to be yourself. When we practice extreme self-care, we begin an inward journey which naturally impacts our outside world. Everything we need is within us and when we learn to love and accept ourselves just as we are, we begin to see miraculous change happen and experience feelings of joy, love and peace.

Come along and join us at this value packed event where you will learn so much about being YOU and begin the journey of being free to be YOU!

How would your life be different if…You stopped allowing other people to dilute or poison your day with their words or opinions? Let today be the day…You stand strong in the truth of your beauty and journey through your day without attachment to the validation of others Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free

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Date and Time


Old Laurentian Rugby Football Club

Fenley Field

Limetree Avenue


CV22 7QT

United Kingdom

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